Monday, October 29, 2007

Still Falling...

I know, I are already bored with fall colors...but believe me New England is fabulous in fall. This leaf was standing up thanks to the wind..posing an interesting picture. The Heublein trail is not really that long, but it takes up a lot of your time because of the occasional stops for clix. Here is the whole set

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall in Mass

, originally uploaded by digijinx.

Though its very late...Mass is still peaking with fall colors and the red,yellow,orange leaves everywhere makes it so beautiful. Some of my recent clix have been from local roads and backyards. Its been a busy fall. Link to the whole set

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Harvard, originally uploaded by digijinx.

A friend of my mine had visited me a while ago and I had been to Harvard,MIT..Boston et all with her. This was probably the first time I have set foot on the campus. Harvard is all old style architecture...while MIT stands tall with its multi-storeyed buildings. I personally liked Harvard a lot for its authentic looks and I bet the campus would look lovely in Fall. Its right outside he Harvard square station on the Red line to the campus. Once you get in ...John Harvard welcomes you sitting on his pedestal. Its quite a huge campus and we didn't explore it all..but spent a considerable amount of time there.

Ofcourse here is the link to the whole set of photos

The next thing that always interests me about Harvard is you get to play chess for a small amount @Harvard square. I met this Russian who was waiting to play chess there and you know how that is...Never play chess with a Russian...unless you want to lose. Anyway jokes apart, he also teaches this game and he was very friendly and posed for a few shots.

Next stop was MIT. The campus is a short walk from the Kendall/MIT station. Took a couple of pictures here and there. I really did not spend a lot of time on this campus. The walk to the campus is really nice though with a lot of flags in the median...(hmm..I wonder why they have it)

On that note...I bid adieu...will post more travelogues soon.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Whale watching yet again

The water spout from the humpback whale..can you see the colors on the spray?, originally uploaded by digijinx.

Whale watching yet again in Province town,MA. The cape was amazingly warm for end of September and we also visited Marconi point. In case you are wondering...Marconi was the inventor of radio and telegraph.
Here is the link to the set of photos

The Marconi beach was so beautiful and I didnt feel like going back..but I had to. The whales were logging, (resting) and moving around as usual. We again spotted two mother and calf pairs. The humpback whales are migrating to the Carribean for the winter and they breed there and come back. I learnt a little about baleen whales (they are the toothless ones) in this trip.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Maine Mania..Magic..yet again

It was one awesome trip yet again and I had the best time in one of Nature's most treasured corners, Maine. Trying something different in this post with more pictures. Of course in case you don't want to read through the post...
here is the link to the whole set of photos

Here is the link to the post from my visit to Maine last year (2006 FALL)...there are some pictures here too...

I went up to Moosehead lake yes..again...and made a couple of stops on the way to click some shots....beautiful colors...wild flowers...workhorses..
wild flowers...fall colors in the background

There was this one beautiful house with awesome colors and this flower here was shot right opp to that. There are pictures of the house et all in flickr as usual. The horses were in a nice setting and they were very majestic and royal. They were workhorses..and they were well..not working..Two's company...

Our first stop was Houston Brook falls and we almost missed it. The pleasant ridge plantation was a good landmark and we hiked through the woods to catch a glimpse of the Houston Brook falls and it finally reaches the Wyman lake...You can catch a clear view of Wyman lake from the falls. Its absolutely beautiful

Houston Brook Falls

Moosehead lake did not disappoint me so much even though I went a week ahead of peak foliage season. I completed all the scenic drives and it was funny because we were trying to spot a Moose and ended up seeing a lot of deers. The drive to Kokadjo from Greenville was really scenic. I enjoyed clicking pix of the Blair mountain from a distance at the First roach pond

First Roach pond,Kokadjo..heaven falls right here

The last scenic drive Greenville-Monson-Willimantic Loop was the most adventurous of was spectacular with the wilson stream flowing and little cascades. People were camping right on the cliff! I wish I had done that! sigh!!
The view as we entered this loop was breathtaking with the Borestone and Barren mountains at a distance.

Fall colors at Wilson Stream..a cascade

We also spotted deers on this drive and it was really a very narrow lane..allowing us very little freedom to make constant pit stops. We still managed to do so..and I clicked this deer.

In the wild...he was terrified I believe seeing us

I was disappointed since I could not do the floatplane ride and I was so looking to click from the was too windy on the Saturday that I went...and I just had to take it.

Day2 was spent entirely at the Acadia National Park. Its on Mount Desert island and it is a national kewl can that be??

We started off with the intention of visiting the otter cliffs and the Bass Harbor head lighthouse..but ended up doing a lot more. We did the whole loop at the Acadia National Park. The Park loop is the most travelled one of all in this Park. There were some beautiful bridges. You could see people hiking, biking and exploring this beautiful park.

Park Loop road...view of ottercliff at a distance

There were lots of viewing spots with good parking space for a glimpse of fall colors as we drove up the Cadillac mountain to the summit point. It is named so because of Mr.Antoine Cadillac...who owned these islands once and also well was the one who founded Detroit..and yes..his name lives on with GM's luxury cars..Cadillac. Interestingly it is the highest point in the Atlantic coast(1530 ft) On our way up the Cadillac mountain we spotted a stubborn seagull. It had a good spot and wasn't budging from matter what.

view from cadillac mountain ..the eagle lake

We also went to the otter cliffs. Otter cove point..the other sidepeople were up there..painting the cliffs. Otter cove point was absolutely beautiful

Otter cove point, Park Loop road

Finally it was time for us to windup and head towards the BassHarbor head light house and I was disappointed with the view at first as I directly went close to the lighthouse. I had seen pix of this lighthouse with rocks and the sea..and I could not get any of that shot. Then I when I came out..I saw a sign leading to the Bass Harbor head lighthouse..trail..I took that and voila..I had my shot. it was absolutely amazing.

Bass Harbor Head light house

All good things had to come to an end so did this one. I had a blast clicking pix.