Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Another mundane blog-

Jus was playing around with my niece and was tryin to find the lines to the rhyme london bridge is falling down and came across an interesting piece of history!

neways enuf of history, jus on my previous post someone had left a comment and it was anonymous, am assuming its my stupid cousin ith. lets c and i dunno y he called tat a date! must ask him y!! but it was really funny to read what he wrote.

with the thing abut google vs COPA goin on did u know that the domain name was sold for an amazing 14 million dollars?? that has byfar been the highest ever i guess!! ironic i shud say.

the day was pretty lousy. wanted to get so much work done, but well cudnt. neways i had to go out for lunch and had an interesting conversation with my friend.
it was something like this , why is that people all over the US and everyother place i know crazy abut chinese and many oriental foods??but its mostly chinese, u dont see ppl excited when they say japanese or korean..but if its chinese there is a big ear to ear grin on the face, especially on the face of my six year old niece.and adding to the original chinese food, there is the american chinese, indo chinese, and so many country name-chinese restaurants open why do ppl love chinese food??

  • is it because its cheaper?
  • is it because its exotic and tastier?
  • is it because its chinese and its mysterious?
  • is it because the waitress is all dressed up and pretty?(i knw some who goto chinese coz the waitress is pretty and they even tip her for a lunch buffet!)
  • is it because of the noodles and the impossible to eat chop sticks?
  • is it because there is one on every nook and corner of ur street?
  • is it because it comes in that cute little box packed??
  • is it because u get to open a fortune cookie at the end of every meal?(even if u take out chinese food, u still get the cookie!)
  • ... i cant think of any more. if u can let me know why.
will post again later

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rack your brains

take this mensa test and rack your brains.
pretty challenging this one

Saturday, January 21, 2006

chek these out

underwater hotel? Hydropolis

is the future too predictable?? read this to find out why?

refine ur google search with these ultimate google commands

have fun ensoii ur weekend

Monday, January 16, 2006

Snowing again!!

Old man winter was back last sunday with a was horribly freezingly mindbogglingly cold on sunday. and there was enuf snow to make u skid and break a leg.
Read smthin interesting on digg

* they are gonna make pacemakers go wireless- now how weird can science and technology get??

* algae cud help us reduce global never clean ur pools and fish tanks . jokes apart this was discovered by an MIT prof. really kewl stuff.

* and a gal who named a planet. well i think they dont name planets anymore coz they call them all nos. i think they shud do that with storms too in the atlantic. they shud call it Katrina jr. and then go Katrina I and so on..instead of cookin up names for each one. wat happens if they run out of names?? and the greek alphabets and what the heck all the alphabets??

* and a gal who was jus two years old and called to do jury duty! america is funny!!

* some cars have cameras that prevent u frm bumping into others- another crazy thing.

*some best google videos they are quite funny! i shud say.

*u can virtually roam the streets of new york!not literally though. but newyork is best discovered on foot. i learnt that after i rode the city on a bus last summer.

and if u feel bored reading all of this try this. its supposed to be a mental workout. and its kewl.