Monday, November 22, 2010


भरी महफ़िल में भी तुम्हारी आहट सुन लेती हूँ,
साँसों में भी है तुम्हारी मेहेक|
ख्यालों में तुम्हारे उलझे ,यादों में तुम्हारे
दिल है ज़रा सी बेहेक||

"Bhari mehfil mein bhi tumhaari aahat sun lethi hoon,
Saanson mein ab tak hai tumhaari mehek,
Khayaalon mein tumhaare uljhe,Yaadon mein tumhaare,
dil hai zara si behek"

Friday, September 24, 2010

Got published!!

Got published on

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Monday, September 13, 2010

live it up!

Look ahead, don’t look back
Don’t dwell too much in the past.
Live it up as life’s too short,
It will pass you by, real fast.

Friday, September 10, 2010

If only part 6

well, if you are here you need to read these first.

Viv was taken aback when he saw Aditi walking towards him.

“What on earth are you doing here?” he asked her, as he gave her a big bear hug. “Gosh it’s been ages!” she could see the genuine joy in his face.

“Well, I am here with Gaurav. He is here on business and I just flew in yesterday and DJ told me you would be here today at this time. I was worried that I might not find you; c’mon this place is like a big maze. But I figured you’d be here!” she winked at him. “Ok, I walked around a bit and finally found you here. There…you got me!” she threw her hands up in fake exasperation.

“That’s really wonderful AD. Let’s go get some dinner if you don’t have plans already and catch up” he wondered and they started walking back.

Roshni was not happy at all. She thought she had gotten over him, “It’s been six years!! GET A LIFE, Roshni”, she kept telling herself. As she walked into her house completely unaware that she was drenched and was dripping from head to toe. She was totally lost in thoughts as she dropped the keys on the counter and opened the fridge to get a drink. She just sat at the table trying to gather herself. She then realized that she was totally soaking wet, and went in to change.

This was so unlike her. She always thought she would never lose it. But that day had to come as well. As she rummaged through her closet to find her comfy PJs ,a shoe box fell out of the top shelf.

“Freaking hell” she screamed annoyingly. She did not want the whole thing tumbling down. “I don’t have time for this drama”, she muttered as she picked up the box and checked to make sure nothing else was falling down. Some of the stuff from the box had scattered on the floor and as she picked them up she realized they were photos from times beyond. She was sure she had tossed them out, “how did they get back here?” She cleaned up the mess and put it back in the closet and plopped on her bed. She turned the TV on to see if she could be distracted from her thoughts. They were playing “When Harry Met Sally” and it didn’t help her cause.

Her mind kept going back to the box. She gave up and brought the box down. She found old pictures from high school, from college, trinkets and trifles…all filled with his scent and memories. She was holding her favorite picture of Viv, shot at the beach in Mangalore as he was walking towards her to grab his camera. He had a wicked smile on his face and he just looked his best.

She did not want to do this, but she figured it was time to face the monsters. She had been fighting this too long. After they broke up she took back all pictures of them together, her pictures, his pictures and all the gifts they had exchanged. She said she was going to burn them or shred them to pieces.

“I don’t want any memory of yours haunting me”, she remembered the words she had screamed at Viv. It still made sense and she was wondering why she sitting here today looking at all the things again! It was like someone had hit the rewind button in her life.

She pulled out a little red gift box from inside and opened it. In it was a beautiful shell pendant. He had picked that out for her from the beach and had actually taken the time to paint her name on it. It sounded so corny, just thinking about it now. “Geez! What was wrong with me?” she wondered as she looked into the box for more stuff that would make her look even more stupid. She was laughing out loud when she read one of the greeting cards.

“How did this all make so much sense back then?” she wondered when the phone rang, which made her jump.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Look ahead

You sweat, rant and fret for no reason
It's funny how things then just work out
When things take a turn for the worst
Know that, life turns around, without a doubt!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Come back!

"I have been sad and morose
I have wished that you held me close
I have been waiting, long enough
I have wiped my tears and acted tough
It is time you walk through that door,
And take me back to times before!"

Thursday, August 05, 2010

"Dard bhara seena, nam hai yeh aankhen,
Badi khush hai zindagi, labon se ha(n)see churake"


"Ek hi thi mulaaqat, dil par hua badaa asar,
Ud gaye hosh aur rooh chura li teri nazar"

Friday, July 30, 2010


"Labon se chupi raaz,
Zaalim Aankhon ne khol di,
Ishaaron Ishaaron mein,
Dil ki saari unkahi baatein bol di!"

Friday, July 23, 2010

India 2010

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From crowded streets to colorful sights,
from auto rides to beach walks,
from masala kadalai to water fights,
from meeting cousins to non stop talks.

It was one helluva trip. I will write more in the coming weeks.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

lyman conservatory

lyman conservatory
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An amazing treat to the eyes in this winter wonderland. The Lyman Conservatory came as a surprise with all the beautiful colors and the variety of flora it offered.