Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thnx givin break...

Well..I have started my thnx givin break already. Looking forward to meeting my naughty niece. she is all excited tat am comin..looking fwd to my break. i donno if i will take a break frm bloggin...but am sure i will shoot a lotta pics of my niece..will try to post.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Some pics..

These were some pics I took at the Mall yday. The sky was really really amazing..I jus cudnt stop myself

Friday, November 11, 2005


Chester is a small city or shoud i say town...which is an hour's drive frm where i live. Its the birth town of Popeye...the sailor man!! its a really cute city. We have a lotta funny named cities too around carbondale......we have ANNA, HERRIN, ENERGY!((YEAH! ITS A CITY ON THE WAY TO HERRIN)YEAH...we have energy ,illinios.......ok now back to chester...Popeye is frm chester, whether u agree or not!! The creator of Popeye, Elzie Segar is frm the city of Chester and also he based most of his characters in his comic strip based on the folks of that town. read this particular article frm the website

Popeye, according to tradition, was inspired by Chesterite Frank "Rocky" Feigel. Louis Segar, a relative of Elzie, once described Rocky as "a raw-boned Polish boy, a real scrapper and protector of children." Rocky was employed at a local tavern, worked at odd jobs, smoked a pipe and seemed to occasionally love a good fight. It was his muscular physique that earned him his nickname. Rocky died in 1947 two days after being moved from his home to a nursing home. His grave is in St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery in Chester and is marked with a tombstone that tells of his being the inspiration for the cartoon character.

Olive Oyl, Popeye’s sweetie, was also patterned after a Chesterite, Mrs. Dara Paskel, many local people believe. Mrs. Paskel wore her hair in a bun, walked with a slight hop, and wore high topped black shoes.

Wimpy came from the likeness of Segar’s first employer, Mr. Schuchert. Windy Bill, as he was affectionately called, was known for the tales he often told to entertain his friends and for his love of hamburgers from Wiebusch’s saloon.

Swee’ Pea, Popeye’s adopted little kid, is believed to have been inspired by his children, Marie and Tom.

Popeye’s vital statistics are: Weight, 158 lbs.; height, 5 foot 6 inches; hair, red; neck, 8 inches; chest, 30 inches normal, 60 inches expanded; thigh, 7 inches; calf, 20 inches; spinach capacity, 36 tons.

Popeye always was a fighter. In 1936, he figured he had been shot 120 times and stabbed 922 times. He will not say how he lost his right eye, only that it was in "the mos’ arful battle of me whole life." And Popeye does not have a last name. He’s just Popeye. As he says, "I yam what I yam."

As soon as you enter, the city..there's a board that reads....Welcome to Chester....the town of Popeye....They have a 6 ft. Statue of Popeye by the Mississippi River, believe me its a beautiful view. The bridge just after the statue is kewl...we also visited the site of the Fort Kaskaskia...the view of the mississippi is also beautiful frm there. the drive upto this fort is enticing.
to read more on, a google search...well i know i knw...u dont have the time...look it up at wikipedia...many interesting things there. Am also lookin forward to visiting Metropolis..the Superman city...that too is in Illinois and is an hour's drive frm here. wow..i live close to sooper what does tht make me..ok..lets not get into that...

chk out more fotos at flickr

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bike stealing!!

People do wat all to steal bikes and the owners do wat all not to let them.
my friend recently lost his bike seat. someone jus flicked it. i dont understand how they do it...i mean how can they jus ride the bike with jus the seat?? very intelligent. i wanna see how they do that?? i too wanna get smart u know...
there are also ppl, who jus take their seats along with them, so that there will b no stealin of bikes. Bad bad seat for you???!!! what is it with just the wheel? am assumin some one stole the rest of the bike and sold it for parts. wat do ya think??? and there are some bikes which nobody wants to take...neways thas another story....i dont wanna get into that...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Feed fix...FINALLY!!!

Till yday i didnt know that something called feed...rss feed..existed...i didnt know what it meant...well thanks to one of my friend..i knew about its existence...jus a week back i found out about news readers...and tried to get my own friend said my feed was not validated...when he cheked it online..and well i got into knowing wat feed burner is...and when i tried to activate my didnt started well chiding me in all its computer techy stuff....and i have been tryin frm yday to fix it...and sought help frm the feedback of feedburner...and amazingly even though it was teh weekend..i gotta reply frm them...kudos guys at feedburner..and well the CEO of feedburner...Dick Costolo...replied to my query..i was pretty shocked...the CEO...replying...hmmm..thaas interesting...aint it?

did a lot of work republishing all my regular format...when u try to get a feed..u will understand..dont use MS word...on ur blogs..if u wanna get an RSS feed...believe me..its not worth it to repub. all ur blogs..but I FINALLY DID IT!! I FINALLY GOT MY FEED...U CAN FIND IT IN THE SIDE BAR OF THIS BLOG..BELOW MY BLOG LINKS...!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Just finished watching Naina. I read the movie reviews and it said that its a mix of "the eye" and "the sixth sense" and well i thought the movie would be some good. But i beg to differ, coz the movie thoroughly disappointed me. I really expected more from the movie. may b its my fault that i expected too much outta the movie. I can understand that Naina is able to see the future and see dead people, but how does she talk to people in coma? if someone could plz explain this to me, i would be obliged. The whole way the movie is made is so artificial. They try to give you scares. but honestly it makes me laugh.
Even if they were inspired frm the sixth sense, u can no way make a comparison between them. Sixth sense is in a totally different league.
i know i shud b fair and not compare the two movies, but well when u know its a ripoff...u naturally tend to. Urmila, yes has acted well. she stands out and rite now these kinda roles is hte only kinda roles she portrays. they have the BGM of the grudge playing....the movie is good till she decided to goto india. after that it becomes the total indian masala movie with the usual melodrama. for a minute i was wondering if that gal khemi, was able to foresee the earthquake in bhuj and they linked that to this...but no..the director and the storywriter thought otherwise!!

All in all I would give the movie 2 outta 5. Its not worth watching even once.but hey u may also beg to differ and nothing wrong with that. u can watch it like me, if u liked the review and then...well its upto u....

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fall colors

of late i have been goin crazy shooting a lotta pics with my digicam. this is one of my best shots ever i gonna shoot a lot more today..on campus. this was shot at Giant City State park on saturday. Come to think of it I have been goin to see Fall colors in beautiful places and last week when i was at Little Grand canyon my friend calls me up and i tell her am in the middle of the forest. and she goes askin me if am home or really in a forest..coz she says its the same difference...

This leaf makes me wanna post a poem but rite now am all tied i dont have the time to think..will post it tomm. will post more pics of Giant City State park by this weekend..

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Music in the middle of the forest

lil grand canyon
Originally uploaded by sspriya.
this was a strange lookin block of wood.kinda reminded me of a mridangam. in the middle of the forest...and to add to its tunes..u have the birds chirping, the gentle fall breeze blowing..and the soft rustle of leaves as i this is music to my ears.