Thursday, June 30, 2005

Writer's block!

Looks like I have this Writer's block goin on with me. Am not able to work on my novel since am not getting a good plot...and well a lotta other things are also occupying my mind rite now and it has now officially constituted the writer's block for me. (if ppl agree am a writer..then ys i have a writer's block.) Just read in the papers today about the freedom tower that they are gonna build where the WTC's used to be. It is supposed to be 1776 ft. tall and does that no. ring a bell??? no/ yes , was this year, 1776 on july 4 that the american's got their independence and well what a time to announce it when july 4 th is around the corner?? rite now am reading a book called "After the world trade center" and the way the book has been written poses some intriguing questions. it is basically an art and design book, trying to get a perspective on the aftermath of the WTC's. well even my first novel is based on the events of 9/11.

Now this is strange gas prices are goin up in the US and well it means increase in fee, textbooks and almost everything. its high enuf u pay for one increase and well it triggers a chain reaction in increasing prices!

I watched a lotta indian movies these last few days...
Anniyan-Stinker! for all the hype given to the movie, it was a mess. it was a rip off frm tell me your dreams in the first place and then to add to it, it was made on the lines of gentleman and mostly indian. vikram's acting in one scene where he becomes on and off the character of anniyan and ambi in front of prakash raj is really good. I think that is the only best part abut the movie. the way he goes after sada the heroine when she says she has to bribe the authorities is so typical and cliche.

Parineeta and Paheli..well i didnt stay up to watch these movies but looks like parineeta is ws too slow and well it put me to sleep....but it is one movie worth watching i guess.
but neways i didnt direct or make these movies so..i dont have the right to judge them but still i have the right to voice my opinion. and thas all am doin here. you on the other hand might have a totally different view abut the movie.

Roddick is a force to reckon with. Now this guy is gettin serious and trying to go places. I just hope for a final showdown betwn roddick and federer...and rain is playing a spoil sport. this happens every year at the wimbledon. lets just wait and watch! after all that is all we can do!
finché poi

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yet another mundane post!

Just on monday there was a minor earthquake 15 miles of where I thas not far. It measured 3.0 on the richter scale and well already I live in a tornado prone region and now to this, earthquake is an icing on the cake. chek this link out to learn more.

Wow totally makes u rethink life doesnt it? rethinking or not..i am pretty is gettin more interesting and adventurous everyday. the weekend was uneventful. was taking a break frm taking a break. the wimbledon..well..the williams's sisters seem to have lost their touch..yet venus is still hanging on...but lets c wat happ when venus and sharapova take on each other. davenport and mauresmo meet up for a semi final lets c wat happ there too....and federer ousts ferrero..roddick has silently sneaked into the q finals..he is one good player..yet still a novice i think. seems like hewitt has stormed his way into the q finals...dunno what will be the outcome of this side of tennis...the men's side..its gettin interesting everyday...David Nalbandian is still out there.
in the doubles..i miss the woodies..they were really a good pair..even the williams sisters were a good force to reckon with...and well the paes/bhupathi combo in men's doubles was good too..but a pity..they..didnt work out...ok i know am filling up too much tennis news on my blog and it looks like u r watching some sports channel..well ..i cant help it.
men's singles am puttin my money on federer..and in the women's on the defending champ sharapova...

the ashes is comin up . looks like rite now england is the happening place.

ok now i think i wont rite more...a bit of other things am preoccupied sort out all of that..and then get back

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Continuing on Dreamz...

They say that your future depends on your wat r u waiting for..goto sleep rite now...but let me put this question u have it in you to live your dream? how far can you go to live them? but the question posed by my friend was this as you chase ur dream and realize it..u lose interest in it and well u go ahead and then there is another dream u go after..but wat is that we really want? the ultimate goal in life is to happy. now u r talking...i will now tell you my dream dream in life is to be happy. thas not too much to ask is it? life is as such very complicated and u always try to simplify it..or as my friend says..try to pack it and keep it compact!! as we grow up we tend to get more demanding and want everything in life. i read this somewhere...u cant have everything in life..where wud u put it? now thas a very nice rhetorical question u can ponder for hours together on.
yet the only thing we want in life is to be happy. we try to go abut achieving this by all our own different ways...

Its just being blissfully happy
when u open a box of ferrero rocher..
when u drink a double chocolate chip frappucino at starbucks...
when u cuddle up on the couch and watch ur fav movie....
when u smell the fragrance of sand as the first few drops of rain hit the earth....
when u unexpectedly see a rainbow in the sky...
when u sleep like a log on the weekends...and basically do nothing else...
when a friend invites u for dinner ..the day u totally run outta things to cook....
when ur UPS or FEDEX or USPS parcel arrives the very next day u order ...
when on a monday u suddenly realize u can sleep late...since its the long weekend...
when u spend time with people u like, ur family and friends...
when u get a testimonial..good one at orkut....
when someone reads ur blog and comments!

think abut what u want! what really makes u happy.?..Dreams will follow you..wherever u are...

Friday, June 24, 2005

Dreamy or confused?

I am in a soup..I am clearly confused...Life is a total mess...I am sure everyone of u wud have had these spells...Just the other day I had put up an oxymoronic status on my IM..clearly confused..really there was nthing to was just a rhetorical status..but ppl got concerned and they were asking me wat was wrong..was really sweet of ' finally i had to pull that status off..coz ppl started thinking i was nuts...and smething was terribly wrong with me...but hell i have to feels amazing to b pampered once in a while like this by family and friends..and in that not braggin here or exaggerating...its just that my niche is well.."cliche"..period. Its nice to be in this mess gives me time to search my soul..gather my thoughts...and well cry my heart out...and then i go abut doin smething tat is totally crazy..and that totally clears my mind..and i unwind...and for the most part of it...i write to unwind..which is wat that keeps me ticking.

Just a month back a friend of mine was talking abut us all sharin our dreams..our hopes...and he had taken such efforts to email in his..and well no one replied to that email..and well he was pretty pissed off!! now outta the extempore..totally creative..impromptu and funny mail pops up frm an otherwise silent, read only mail no reply was totally outta the box..i would like to post what he wrote..but well its a copyrights i need to clear that first frm him...

i always used to imagine a world where ppl would walk upside down...with their hands i in buses and trains u wont have these seats...there will just be bars frm which ppl will b hanging like bats..talking abut bats..i watched batman begins like last is an ok movie..but the batman not upto the standards..and i didnt realize till the following monday that katie holmes(tom cruise's fiance) stars in the movie..wudnt have made a diff to me though..still..ok ok am rambling..gettin back to the future world..dont u think it wud b bizzare to find ppl hanging frm rooftops and bus tops??? i for one think its funny...but look at all the space u wud save? with the population ever growing...well we need to make space..and this i believe is an ideal solution..and well we wud rid ourselves of the mind wud do all the controlling part..we wud all have esp powers...and well communicate thru telepathy..something like the tom cruise movie ...wat was that?..well i know u know leave it at that....

oh yes u wud always have an option of walking with ur feet...and the mode of transportation wud b just a ropeway..u wud belt urself..and pull and drag urself..with the rate of pollution engulfing the atmo..this wud b another kewl solution...oh my am on a roll today..ok i wont stop here..theres more to come...

i remember watching a tv series on the future world..and they wud have these kewl water man!! i wud definitely have one of those in my own house..k continuing with the future..ok u wud ask how wud they travel across the seas with ropeways?? duh!! they wudnt..they wud still fly airplanes for that.....ppl wud b obsessed with space by the end of this century!! kids wud be smarter..well that is bound to happen coz well they r gettin smarter everyday..

They wud have all these space satellites like in the movie enemy of the state...and well ys ur privacy is outta the window...and well gone is "ur space" every move of urs is tracked and recorded...and well u decide its not worth living on this planet and u shift to some other...say mars...coz by then people wud have migrated to mars..and all the rebels will b on the moon. so well u have a choice to live with the rebels or the aliens...and there will b a couple of new robin hoods and the evil captain hooks and a few peter pans...there will a lotta robots at work and well life will b an automized routine...of course with the water bed and the beautiful gardens.. dont forget the cute labrador..beige... u take it frm here...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The wimbledon!! and the fiasco at Ipolis!!

For those die-hard F-1 fans..indianapolis was a disaster...i was initially plannin to go there to watch the race..since its really closeby and just a 3-4 hrs drive..and my friend too was plannin to come down for it...Thank god..i didnt go ..since it wud have been a waste of my time and most of all my savings down the drain..Wat a pity jus 6 cars raced...and well narain karthikeyan came in 4th i think..with schumi taking the top honors at the podium...what a shame that he had to win his first race of the this!! lets not even go there..i dont wanna talk abut it..period

the wimbledon is gettin interesting..i had some of my money on hardene....again..didnt work out this time..she crashed out...but the men's section is gettin interesting..phillipoussis...ousted...safin and federer most likely for a semi-final showdown..tim henman is also creeping in slowly..the brits wud love it if a brit takes the honors in the men's section...wat happened to kafelnikov? rusedski? where did these ppl go? am backin sharapova..and clijsters..the thing is this..clijsters doesnt have the motivation to get there..she doesnt seem to be the go getter kind...the era of the williams sisters..will that rise out of the ashes? wats wrong with them..they were dominating and making mincemeat outta everyone just a year back..suddenly where did all their tennis go??

Of course..none to beat the GREAT PETE!! and BELOVED BECKER....Pistol Pete is something at wimbledon..its as if he was a completely different person on grass...the guy was amazing at doubts abut that...

i still remember that final between becker and sampras..i was a die hard fan of becker's acrobatics on court..he was one of the players who used to serve an ace in the second wonder he was boom..boom becker...

i also remember the drop shots of agassi...he has u must admit..quite lost his touch now...he is one very talented player..who is racing against the clock..he needs to get a title under his belt..he is the underdog at the wimbledon this time...the battles between agassi and sampras were always very interesting to watch...and very entertaining too..

Graf, Seles, Navratilova..great players...i always used to enjoy watching steffi one has a powerful forehand like the game..she also had a golden slam..4 grandslams..and the olympic gold in a single year...its a pity that martina hingis is not playing nemore..she was a very talented..potential player..she had good groundstrokes..and a good forehand..

I remember watchin steffi graf play monica seles..with a wide open mouth....the wimbledon is always the coveted it because of the conventional royal heritage of England..or is it something else?? the US open is also comin soon at the Flushing meadows..lets c who takes the crown at surprises or is it gonna b the same???

How to name it?

Ok! my weekend was doubt about that..or shud i say it ws thrilling and adventurous...yup..six flags was amazing and the best part was i was there with my was one helluva trip..the batmania...especially was wonderful. yesterday june 21st was the summer solstice and well i learned a fact or two abut it when i googled. and well i always knew abut St.Petersburg, Russia where the sun sets at around 2 thats not a place where u can find vampires and werewolves!! naa..jus kidding...officially summer has started!! it is gettin hot out there...thank god for airconditioners!! i seriously wonder how ppl in vegas and cali..beat the heat??

went for moonlight boating yday nite with my friends that i read my own blogs and review them i find that am spendin a lotta time with my friends...wat shud i do abut it?
Read a couple of teen fashion magazines..and well learned quite a lot abut the summer trendalert...and had some interesting conversations with my friends at work abut fashion and whats in and whats out...dont try to wear high pointed heels with shorts..u only make an unfashion statement with flats with full length jeans...try to b u..but trendy..which only makes it even more difficult...this stupid laptop doesnt work messenger..which is also good one way coz i can stay invisible..let me try that today..

movies: watched bunty aur babli...pathetic was funny at some places..but overall i wud give the movie a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. for all the hype given to that did not live upto the expectations. they say parineeta is good..i dunno i have to watch it to really comment abut it. watched a spanish movie called valentin..was cute alrite.

read abut china's bootleggin trade frm the USA! they are making a fortune outta it! am rite now listening to songs frm silsilay! they are good and rite now on top of my charts...

i was talkin abut breakups and my previous blog and it generated mixed responses frm all my friends. am against this fancy love..i dont think its my style...but am a die hard thats ironic aint it? well thas the truth. it is true that ur best friend would make a great companion for life..cmon who else wud know u better? but then again...if it doesnt work out..what happens then? how do u deal with it? that isthe question am posing. i personally think if both are mature enuf they can deal with it..put it behind them and keep the friendship not sayin u need to behave as if nothing has happened ys..but u dealt with ths some progress...then again it is a vicious circle.
will pen more on this tomorrow...this is enuf for today
C'est la vie....
and we have to live with it.

Friday, June 17, 2005

just somthing i clicked.

chek this out.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Break ups!

there's a new line for break up is.."Its not you..its me...Am not good enuf for deserve better than this" this line is used by the instigator to make the breakee feel whatever happens..whenever a relationship heads towards the break up person really feels bad abut it...It hurts! period.

the break up being mutual is another thing to argue abut..but I think if both the guy and the gal lose interest in the relationship(which often we see so many breakups..) it is better to part ways healthily...and u can be friends or enemies after that..u can always decide upon that..but remember its a small a little civility and politeness when u run into each other around the corner....wudnt hurt u. This is as good as it gets..coz everyone wud dream of a mutual break up..coz there is no awkwardness hanging in the air...

If its a one sided relationship is better to move on. If u wanna feel miserable and waste your life..hey..thas ur choice..dont blame the other person who has made it clear that she/he doesnt see the relationship goin newhere and has put an end to it.

Being friends after the break up is clearly awkward sometimes..k..most of the time....but if u were already good friends and then u take the relationship to the next everyone says...a good friend makes a good companion for fine day...u break up with this lose everything... a damn good friend and a wonderful companion..whom now u loathe to the extent that u wud rather see them burn to death in the deep corners of hell!!!now thas another topic to debate ....some people say that...u cannot be friends with ur friend again once u have taken the relationship to the next level..this love that blossoms...It is usually a spur of the moment thing and then later on when u do break up..u regret it...or well if it really works..nothing can get better than that! People say ur ego is hurt..thas y...u dont wanna really be friends with the instigator again...did u ever think tht u place so much trust in the other person and when they do this to u..i think its more than the ego ths hurt..did u ever think abut that?

I personally feel that in ur teens this love thing is nothing but jus plain infatuation..and well when u do grow up and then get outta these crushes and infatuations...its true love most of the time..but well being human..we tend to go wayward sometimes and we start to lose interest...also there is the pressure of the family...(the background, the race,the religion of the gal/guy is very important!). Mostly when u start working..and start seein some bucks..u tend to think abut ur future..which is very natural..and then there is this gal/guy at work who shows some genuine interest in you..u two spend a lotta time together..and then...well one fine day..u decide to spend ur life together...sounds like a fairy tale doesnt it?? aaaaannnnnnnn wrong!! most of the times..they break up..after sometime..and the ones that carryon are good..they make it work...its seriously advised to tread ur steps cautiously around the thing called love..coz u never knw whom u mite hurt..or who mite hurt u....well u cant live with that constantly...but yet..u learn to live with it...

then there is the rebound...after the break up...u dont really getover the previous person..and then since u r hurt..u r on the warpath..and end up breaking the rebound persons heart!

Oh my God! this is a crazy path to take..i think am better off being single!! naa..jus kidding!!
The best way to handle a break up mutual or not mutual... would be to move on. Dont hold on to it and make ur life miserable. Lettin go is not easy..i know ,but if u want ur life back u better let go..if its urs..its gonna come back to u...u dont have to be this sacrificing sage to wish him/her well and help him/her out till he/she gets married..or even after that...jus be a normal ur goodbyes and move on. may be he/she is not right for you and u found that really early. consider urself lucky...and well as they say..All good things have to come to an end!! who knows...u mite meet ur Mr/Ms.Right very soon..and well u mite go thru these breakups...again..
but hey..then again...thats life aint it?
Think abut it!! and prepare to be surprised!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

didnt u know that tomorrow never comes??

K i said i would post more tomorrow..and well by that i meant the tomorrow never comes or the tomorrow never dies..i dunno wat i meant..but i havent posted in a long while..its been a week. hurray!! another milestone achieved!!

seems like love is in the air and its not even february 14th! of late i have been hearing so much abut love that now it makes me sick. i dont even wanna talk abut it. money was on henin hardene and she won the women's title in the french open. She is a real go-getter.
i have become so lazy that i am continuing this blog after a week frm where i left off. ..neways now MJ is also acquitted i have no comments on that the newspapers give out all that everyone has to read the papers..i luved Jay Leno's comment though...

Schumi didnt win yet another GP...
so many things have happened during the last week..i dont wanna talk abut it though...coz i will b exhausted listing them goin thru a phase i think and i hope to get outta it eventually...i dont wanna get stuck here...jus wanna get my head clear outta this..ths all..
will pen in more later..