Sunday, September 25, 2005

Rita Aftermath!

Well Rita left Houston and is heading our way...though we dont have a looks like there mite b a tornado!! no warnings issued so far...which is good...but she is heading our way and rite now it is raining here in southern is Rita aftermath. So its time u stopped worrying abut Houston and started ur worries abut us!!! here in southern illinois....well...i ws jus tryin to get some harm in doin that.....Hosted the radio show yet again and it was fun doin it ...played Main yahan hoon..and Swades..ka title song...coincidentally both of these are Shahrukh songs...ok ok a big die hard fan of Shahrukh. u can listen to me online at on sunday morning 11 am Central time.

Gas prices are sure gonna soar up! lets c where it goes and what happens.
till then adios!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rita Damaging!

One more hurricane in the Atlantic Hurricane Season...New Orleans is yet again flooded...Levees have been breached...Houston, being torn apart....

I just read in the miami press report that if the current frantic frenzy of the Atlantic Hurricane Season continues...they will run outta names for the hurricanes and eventually end up naming them Alpha, beta...does that remind u of all the fraternities and sororities on campus? They have to go back to the Greek roots. They just have Stan, Tammy, Vince and Wilma left to name the Hurricanes. The US rite now is facing the wrath of Mother Nature's fury.

One of my fellow blogger commented that this hurricane thing is made a big issue since it is happening here in the US. Well i dont have anything to say abut that and i choose not to comment. Many of my friends are out there in Houston, and am worried. I am just hopin that they sail thru this safely. It was category 5 and rite now it is category 3 and they say it is goin to die down and become yet another tropical storm.

So is Rita competing with Katrina for glory? My friend usually writes "life under construction" as his signature line and rite now it reads "houston under destruction".
Wat happend to Noah's Ark?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Strictly Chicago!!

Well...I haven't been bc exactly but I was doin something else...and was quite caught up with that. Anyways I am back to bug u all...The Katrina chaos is almost over....Schools in Illinois have been filled with students frm the New Orleans...wanting to continue their education. A lot of students from my University and many other...have been volunteering down there. Ok enuf of Katrina..i think its been in the news too long..I dont wanna get anyone down with more news. But one thing is for sure....They are rebuilding the entire city from scratch and I bet its gonna be better than every other city in the world.

Been to chicago this long weekend...and man the place is amazing...I still like New York downtown..for the buzz and the skyscrapers...but Lake Michigan is shud b called Sea Michigan....The beach and the blue sea...its really wonderful. I didnt know that the whole downtown of Chicago had burned down all thanks to a cow...and they rebuilt the entire thing.....
Also an interesting fact i wanna share with you all...though many of might already know...well..Chicago was the first city to build skyscrapers....I particularly liked the lakeshore drive....though i managed to sleep thru most of it...but we did drive by there in the evening and it was really good.The view frm the john hancock observatory is particulary thrillin as u view the navy pier and the sea...

The fireworks at the NavyPier was really good...though i enjoyed the ID4 fireworks in St.Louis more...they have the BubbaGump Shrimp Company at the navy pier...I have seen the same outlet at Times' did Forrest Gump really exist?? thas another topic to discuss altogether. coincidentally i watched a part of that movie yday...yet shares the top of the list of my favorite movies with many other movies......ok am rambling..let me stick to chicago...strictly Chicago..

Shoppin at Devon Street was fun...we went crazy over all the veggies we got there...the streets are filthy...the traffic is desi crazy..the hotels were good...helped myself to butter masala dosa...and idli...oh man! i miss Saravana Bhavan and MTR restaurants and esp...Mansukh's.....i miss those good old days in chennai....its not like india...though they say it is...driving in downtown and towards the suburbs in the city is a nightmare....believe me its worse...

I am not done talking abut Katrina....and Ophelia has started sister ws driving back home and she was yelling..i cant see anythin on the road its pouring cats and dogs....well...its the season of the storms again....

Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina chaos!!

The Hurricane Katrina has caused havoc in the city of New Orleans. Usually not much affected by hurricanes or any other disaster of the water..the city of NO, is in complete deluge. There are reports of people still on roof tops waiting to be rescued. The americans are pitching in with money..i heard one of them say.."when i can give $100 to the Tsunami relief in some country i can give more than that to my country!" the Red Cross is highly active with the relief work. whats interesting is that it didnt cause much damage to the well prepared state of Florida...and it hit the city of New Orleans. I know most of you wud have read the papers, watched videos...yet i thought i need to post something.

My niece jus learnt that there is a state called Mississippi and when she heard the news the next day...she went" Mommy! Mississippi is flooded!"...Jokes apart its really heart wrenching to watch the people go through such misery. I remember the flooded stories of mumbai...just recently...they were without food and water for days..and yet they had so much money to spare for these bare necessities....come to think of it..wat is it with water? the tsunami..then the floods in mumbai....these hurricanes in new orleans...didnt god promise Noah that he wouldnt end the world with water..and thas y the rainbow is there aint it??