Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Ugadi everyone

May this New Year…
Shower success upon you
Make all your dreams come true

May this New Year…
Have pleasant surprises in store
Leaving you asking for more

May this New Year…
Give you the fortitude to face life
In times of distress and strife

May this New Year…
Be filled with immense mirth
Entangle you in love’s girth

A new beginning, a new year
Wishes galore from near and dear
Reminiscing the days of the year that’s past
Creating memories meant to last.

Happy Ugadi everyone!!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Turbulent serenity

Faraway from the concurring squabbles;
From the leisurely drudgery;
Where complementary contraries coexist;
Where bitterness and blithe try hard to cobble;

Faraway from all the serious spontaneity;
From the lucid obscurities;
Where there are authentic infidelities;
Where we still dream into reality;

Faraway from the mundane exceptionalities;
From the tranquil rackets;
Where we have ubiquitous scarcities;
Where there are peaceful hostilities;

At this place unknown
I indulge myself in this sweet surrender
Giving up on everything
Where I can call my soul ,my own

So far, yet so close to the irony called LIFE!


Am back keep checking this space for more.