Monday, November 26, 2007

Digg Stories

Found couple of interesting news on Digg and thought would share it with you all and I am saving this for myself on my blog.... :) of course there is the selfish interest always! I was cleaning out my bookmarks.
Thanks Digg and the many other websites (i really dont remember where i read them if not digg)

read it
what happens to all the confiscated stuff at the airport? Read this to find out more

Caught sleeping at your desk? Some ingenious excuses you can come up with

Some tips to be romantic

Some tips for unusual uses for kitchen items

15 ridiculously useful websites

25thing to do in Boston under $25

When insults had class

How cool is that? Delhi and Varanasi are in the list

improve yourself


This is incredible. Not sure what he uses to carve them with

A kid all over again

Laugh your head off


Vista Wallpapers..some really neat stuff

Standing tall

the office going beer drinker hehehe!

I wish I could click someday like this..sigh!!

Amazing paper art

This is one amazing picture. Hatsoff to the guy who clicked this beautiful view of Chicago

Who has the best sorry page?

funny clix

Signs signs

cool stuff with junk

Did it happen really?

Safeguard your bike


You would have already seen this..but still its amazing!

Cool game to test your typing skills


when they have no fires to put out..when they are bored..

how to impress your boss?

It happens only in INdia

Deal with telemarketers this way

this last one is really weird

‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮҉weird stuff

Sunday, November 25, 2007

an apple a day keeps the doctor away

Apple picking a fall tradition in the US and I did just that with family and friends. Juicy red apples, tangy green was fun clicking,biting and crunching and hunting for good apples. We were never happy with the tree we were nearby, always on the hunt for better ones. The green apples with some salt tasted just yummy. NO i didnt bake any apple pies, ended up eating them all just like that.

Here is the link to the whole set

Fall in new England

, originally uploaded by digijinx.

These are some pictures from the White mountain trail in NH. This is another awesome place to catch some fall colors.
Here is the link to the whole set.

Friday, November 23, 2007

The UBS thanksgiving parade

Confetti..i like this shot, originally uploaded by digijinx.

I saw Odie,Bob the builder,Curious George, the Looney tunes et all at the Stamford UBS thanksgiving parade. The parade lasted for almost an hour and a half and ended with Santa and Frosty. The kids and the crowd kept chanting "SPIN! SPIN! SPIN!" whenever any float passed by and the people holding the floats obliged and would run around spinning the float. One particular float...of Pink panther..the guys were smart and they all just spun instead of spinning the float and it drew immense laughter from the crowd.

There were lots of kids dancing in the parade and the clowns would go at it too..putting in their own funny steps. There were also lots of freebies and ppl were going crazy all over the place to grab something for themselves. Am sure all the kids had a blast.

Click here to view the slideshow of the whole set.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Strawberries and smoothies...NYC

Strawberries and smoothies, originally uploaded by digijinx.

Had recently been to my favorite city NYC ofcourse...with some friends. It was a day of fun,frolic,laughter,good food and happy clicking. We went to catch a show at the Madison Square Garden and then some ice skating and I of course wandered off into the street fair. NY is awesome...I enjoyed every bit of it. I can see that I am writing less these days and posting more pictures...well...will def. come up with something soon.

Here's the link to the whole set.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Say Cheese!!

Say Cheese!!, originally uploaded by digijinx.

Halloween just went by ( I know I am late with the post...but as they say...better late than never). We had a potluck at our workplace for Lunch and I managed to get some good shots of the food. I especially like the photo of the cheese cubes.

Here is the link to the whole set