Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas...

Ppl...Have a very Merry Xmas..

Friday, December 09, 2005

so...some...Satellites...Saturn...soopercooled all

Today I have been observing the stars a lot..I have delved deep into space..i almost went to being my second full fledged post for today.

I am goin to try the soopercooled water and then post my video here...and well the photos too...that will have to wait till tomm or the day after that...

did u knw that the United States has 413 satellites in space snooping for the government, checking on the weather and relaying the latest pop music, a new database says. That's more than the 382 the rest of the world has spinning above the Earth. wow thas one too many..i dunno how NASA keeps track of all of them and handles me...blows my head off!! so late in the nite if you see smthing twinkling in the sky...dont think its a star...or close ur eyes and wish thinking its a shooting star....jus open ur eyes wide..and smile..a camera may be taking a picture of you. lol..

Well Mariah Carey got nominated for 8 grammys i think..or may b nine..i forgot the count...and becus of the snow there was this accident at midway airport in the airport is tooo small and they dont have a buffer zone between the airport and the suburbs...well these things happen in snowstorms...and we have to live with that.

did you hear that they have a developed a wafer thin battery which is so flexible and it can charge in 30 secs flat and well if i rem rite it can hold charge long where do these ppl get ideas? may b i shud quit bloggin and start thinkin on these lines!! na naa naaa...thas not me..

Recently I went on a thing called Skycoaster..its smthng like this..we were on the royal gorge bridge..which was like 1,053 feet above sea level...and then on that bridge they hoist u another 100ft u r 1153 feet and u can see the arkansas river flowing below looks like a piece of thread though...not like a river..u r hoisted with some ropes and stuff to hold u tight...then after u r lifted up...they u pull a chord and u start flying..oh was one thrilling experience as you go above the gorge...u see nature in all its beauty...and well even though u r scared initially...its one life thrilling experience..i dunno wat else to say..u gotta do it to feel it..its really awesome..
well ths all there is to share...
seeya all monday..if i dont post during the weekends...

Firefox is divine? is it celestial? it divine then?? take a look at this picture taken frm the Hubble telescope...The Hubble Space Telescope took a photo of the variable star V838 Monocerotis which lies near the edge of our Milky Way Galaxy. If you rotate the photo a bit, the star resembles the FIREFOX LOGO very much! Pretty old (march 2004) but still funny to see that firefox even has divine approval...


Oh my god..jus take a look at these of my favourite planets as a kid..the rings and the decor..the mystery surrounding it...
the other day my naughty niece...went..Pluto is very cold..FYI she just learnt to name all the planets.. and she told me that Pluto is cold.. and she also added...Pluto is comin ! pluto is comin!!and she was laughing.... later i realized she meant that winter is comin and that its gonna be cold...thats wat she meant by Pluto is comin...she is well cracking her own jokes...

These are ten facts about Saturn
1.Saturn has the most moons in the Solar System, including Titan, a moon with an atmosphere possibly similar to Earth's billions of years ago.

2.Saturn is a slightly smaller version of Jupiter, with similar, but less distinctive, surface patterns. Its only main difference is its amazing rings.

3.Saturn's rings are believed to be the particles of a old moon orbiting the planet, smashed apart in a collision about 50 million years ago.

4.Saturn's rings orbit the planet at different tilts. Sometimes, they can appear like 'ears' sticking out of the planet. At other times, they are flat on when seen from Earth and are hardly visible. This shows how thin they can be.

5.It is believed that Saturn's rings will one day disappear. They will either disperse (spread out) into space or get sucked into the planet by its pull of gravity. This will happen in about 50 million years.

6.Despite its similarities to Jupiter, there is no great spot on Saturn, although the planet does have stormy weather.

7.Saturn is twice as far away from the Sun as Jupiter is.

8.Saturn is the second largest planet in the Solar System after Jupiter. It is so big that Earth could fit into it 755 times.

9.Saturn has such a low density (meaning that its particles are far apart) that, if there was an ocean big enough, Saturn would float on it. In comparison, Earth and Mercury would sink to the bottom quickest.

10.A year on Saturn would take almost thirty Earth years.

Learn more here

Well typos really cost you a lot!

Can you believe that a typo cost a japanese company close to $225 million?? read this to find out more. Now thats really crazy and when its costing you millions its really a grave,fatal error. That was the first news that I read I thought I would share it with ya all...

This guy I dunno how he does it..but he fills bottles with impossible objects...chek this one out for the hell was he able to fit in a pair of tennis shoes, a tennis ball, a dictionary and a deck of playing cards..inside this one gallon me! See if you can figure it out!!

It was snowing here yday...and it was really freezing..literally freezing outside..we are trying to build a snowman today..lets see how that goes..will post the pics of the snowman..if at all he is built. Watched a movie called "MILLIONS" it was a really good movie..I also watched Chicken Little, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Yours, Mine and Ours...
quick review on all these movies..

Millions: worth watching in theaters..i missed the movie, so i watched it on DVD. a cute story about a little boy who believes in angels and saints and God...I like the part where the brother covers up for all the truth the little one blabbers out...its really funny! also I like the part where he stuffs his neighbours mail box with pounds with santa claus...i wud give it a 9 on 10.

Harry Potter and The goblet of fire: i have read the book..and the movie is quite impressive...though JK rowling takes the cake. She is really one terrific author. the movie is really well taken. I opine that all the four movies have been really very well made.9 on 10.

Yours, Mine and Ours..reminds u of khatta meeta..or the brady bunch...the movie has its hilarious moments..the little kids are especially cute..but well u know the big surprise there...would rate it 6 on 10.

Chicken what can i say about this movie other than really well made...its outrite hilarious..the chicken little is really very cute..u must watch the movie...i wud rate a 9 on 10.

Also looking forward to OVER the Hedge...frm the makers of Shrek and Madagascar(now that was one funny movie..still remember jumping on my bed with my friends for the "I like to move it move it song")we were so hhooked onto the song...still sing it...but not as much..

Thursday, December 08, 2005

learning time...

quite interesting...learn

and learn

knot a problem any more..

i REMEMBER when i was in the girls scouts...they used to teach us to tie different kindsa knottin is not a problem anymore...

The transatlantic tunnel

Oh man! this sounds really intriguing...i wish they made one of these...dunno how they wud b able to get down to the bottom of the make this work..but well i really dunno for sure if there is anything like this that is bound to happen


It cant get any better?? U think....Take a look at this
U will understand that it can get weirder than time people might come up with amazing ideas too...
they have all weird looks....but i wish i cud own one of those..may b the looks pretty cute..wat say?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

After Thanksgivin blog!!

Ok..finally my thanksgivin is over...i cant believe its over...well i had travelled quite a bit for thanksgiving, travelled almost 3/4ths of the country. was lotsafun. will start posting the photos and the blog soon