Monday, January 29, 2007

Here's what I found

Map courtesy Google Maps.
A packet was supposed to arrive from NewJersey to Massachussets and the packet travelled around the country and went to Tennessee for no apparent reason...

Thats really really weird isnt it??!!

Mysterious ways the parcel services work!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Some crazy poem

L, a friend of mine who lives in the kingdom of France and considers himself prince charming :P gave me five words to work with to make a poem

Big, fig,dig,gig,pig...

So here goes nothing

Chewing on a big
Juicy bar of Fig
I stand in line as I dig
To watch the best gig
By none other than Pig!

Now am done...


Hmm...The Unexpected

I guess its time I came out from hibernation, but winter is still around and well..I find snow quite exhilarating and challenging.

Am working on If only, believe me I am but just that I have not found an ending to it and I don't wish to proceed further without that. So till then here's something you can feast your eyes upon!!

I plan to post a couple of my short stories every now and then apart from my travelogues...

This one is supposedly one of my favorites and all my friends love it too(throw rocks at them if you think otherwise)

Netra came home late that day.
"Here's something for you mommy" her four year old ushered something into her hand and ran to play. Netra was too tired to open and have a look at whatever that was but as she glanced she was more interested and her face illuminated with joy. It was an invitation for the reunion of class XII after a decade. For the last couple of years she had been busy and kind of lost touch with everyone else this would be a good opportunity to catch up on old times. Now a myriad of thoughts crowded her mind. The past life seemed so surreal. She wondered if she had ever lived it herself. She drifted into nostalgia, the voices of the past echoed in her thoughts and it was a pleasant journey to undertake.

They were all impish youngsters always looking to have fun. It was the early teens when they all started out and infatuation, love and attraction were embossed with life. Netra recollected how she had had a major crush on one of her teachers. The very thought of it made her laugh out loud now.

"what a dumb fool, I was back then", she told herself as she started making dinner. She remembered the many times she had prepensely asked him doubts, just to stay close to him. But the sadder part was he left school in a month to pursue his IAS career. His sudden departure had left her heartbroken, but her friends saw her through it reassuring her that there would be more guys. She laughed at how much a snob, a show off, a twerp she had been back then. And then there was...

"Mommmyyyyyyy!", her daughter Amritha screamed. "I'm hungry, now give me some food"
That jerked her back to reality and she fed and tucked her daughter into bed, kissing her goodnight. "Now be a good girl and sleep tight", she told her.

"when is Dad coming back?", the little one wondered.

"Pretty soon, darling. Good night now" and she left the room turning the lights off. She strolled in the balcony starting at the star studded sky. She was trying to locate all the constellations. Netra thought about him, her schoolmate. Her thoughts were once again interrupted by the phone.

She picked it up. It was her husband Roy. He was calling from Seychelles. He was the
co-ordinator of the Miss World Pageant and it was in another month and he was getting busy.

"How is the little one? Did she trouble you today?", he enquired

"No honey! She was just fine. Right now she is fast asleep probably dreaming about icecreams and teddy bears I guess" and then she told him about the class reunion.It was in 20 days.

"It would be really nice if we could go together. Its at the Teambra, where we went for our first anniversary remember??", she said

"Yes I do remember but I am not sure about that Netra, it would be very very hectic. I am too tied up here and things are not going as well as I planned them, so I need to put in some extra time. Alright I got to run now, I will talk to you soon. Love" and he rushed off.

Even though she was not happy with his response, she understood what he was going through. This was the big thing for him every year and he had to ensure that it went through flawless.

She dozed off under the stars dreaming about the reunion. That weekend she shopped around a little and she was damn excited about the reunion.

"Will he be there?", she wondered. Her heart pounded with excitement just at the thought of meeting him again. The adrenalin rush was terrific. She tried to calm down her efferent nerves. It was Darshan. She was madly in love with him during her school days, though she had never revealed it to anyone. They both ridiculed each other.

"Will he come? I'd love to meet him" She did not feel ashamed as Roy very well knew about her past when he married her. He too liked the ingenuity and outspokenness of Netra. He loved her even more when she told him everything. Theirs was a quiet marriage. Netra had met with a fatal accident and it was doubted if she would survive. He just could not bear the fact that he would lose her forever and they entered wedlock at the hospital.

It was the D-day and Netra looked ravishing.

"Oh! My god! Look at you!"
"Hey", there was lot of tattling, talking and fun. After all, it was a reunion and these things were bound to happen.

"This is my daughter Amritha", Netra told her friend.

"So bad Netra, you already have a kid and we just heard about your wedding. You have to throw us a party for sure now", her friend exclaimed.

"Who is the prince charming? Where is he? It's alright, we know he is spoken for so we shall try to be gentle with him", one of her friends exclaimed and there was an uproar of laughter

"I am not sure if he is coming. But if he is here I shall definitely introduce him to all of you, now can you excuse me for a second" and she pulled herself away from the crowd to look for Darshan. Her heart beat fast, she prayed that he should have come. She could sense he was there the same feeling she used to have whenever Darshan was around.

"Hey Netra", he called out to her. Suddenly Amritha broke free from her rushing to him screaming "Daddyyyy! You came" and leaped into his arms.

All heads turned."Guys! Meet Mr.Darshan Roy, my husband", she exclaimed.
" Roy ,we have to talk, she has told some mean things about you that you definitely need to know" and they were laughing away merrily content with the thought that two of their favorite people had got together after all.

~Rambler Registries.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Am back shortly

Am working on the next few chapters of the story and i will be back shortly.
Hope the new year is treating you all nicely!