Sunday, July 31, 2005

Life is unfair

One of my undergrad classmates Chella Grace Sunitha passed away on pray for her is highly unbelievable to digest the fact that one amongst us is no 23 an age to die?? definitely is sometimes yes...totally unfair...but then u move along...
she was a fighter...and she completed her ME and did work when she went thru all this .....
May her soul rest in peace and I pray to God to give strength to her loved ones to cope with this irrepairable loss.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The book is out!

Well I know for sure that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is out! and well its a sad state that I didnt get to read it yet. But Sabr ka fal meeta hota hai(smething like patience is virtue...) so am jus waiting to get my hands on that book. I was actually out last weekend...floating on the missouri river. it was awesomely, amazingly, scintillatingly, spectaculary,brilliantly, tanningly, hot and sunny! and whew! what an experience! gettin stuck in between branches when seriously u shud try it sometime. I was dead beat after the trip coz well the water really gets u tired and well if u float for 5 hrs..u are as good as dead!! thas also one of the reasons i havent blogged in a while..and lazy u got it!!

Just trying to blog here...Actually I dont have much to write today. so I will stop here.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

somthing i clicked

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Book Five..Harry Potter and counting down...

WOW! thas just one word to describe the records set by the new Harry Potter book thas gonna hit the stands soon. Google news gives me so many numbers I dont even wanna put them on here. It is resetting its previous record(previously held by the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book by Rowling). London is in the news everyday. It is sad though ,the state of affairs there, with the bombing and all. God bless those departed souls.

Also, I just read that American Airlines is gonna introduce a direct flight frm the US to New Delhi(14.5 hrs towards India) and a 16 hr. journey back. It will be a first of its kind by the airlines and they have hooked up with Sahara airlines for connecting flights.

The Grand Theft Auto game is under criticism yet again for porn content. a "nationwide parental alert" has been issued with regard to the game. Now that doesnt stop one from playing the game does it?? and did u know that Volkswagen is planning to set up a plant in Andhra and there is some controversy brewing over it?

Healthy cheques for sums ranging from $50,000 to $1.4 million -- part of the $10 million court-ordered settlement in the case involving their beef against McDonald's. So the McD coughed up some money and paid the price for being greasy,fries greasy huh!!

'Dancing' umpire David Shepherd will take charge of his final international match on Tuesday when England host Australia in the decider of their three-match one-day international series at The Oval. read this to find out more.

Recently watched the movie Sarkar..even though it is a Hindi version of the Godfather..Amitabh Bachan is just amazing and dazzling in the movie. He is just plain awesomely kewl!! the movie is taken in a typical ram gopal verma style so there is nothing new to it. Right now am watching the movie D..which is pretty much on the same lines and its pretty ok too. Did u know that Aishwarya Rai barbie dolls are gonna be on sale soon!!
K enuf of the news today.
ithudan blogspot seidhigal mudivadaindhana..

Friday, July 08, 2005

Whoo! Its Friday!!

Well finally the long weekend is over and the next one is here. and the wimbledon too. no surprises in the men's side but venus did make it. Cindy left and now Dennis is here, if u dont know what am talking abut well its abut hurricanes and tornados.. People are preparing for the worst in the Gulf coast.
London is the venue for the 2012 olympics and right now is in the grip of terror. Oil prices are shootin up like crazy...The harry potter novel...harry potter and the half blood very much awaited, but now i dunno if they will schedule the release on the 17th, with so many things happening in london.
jus read a blog on happiness by someone called dooppssy...(i am sure i didnt spell it right.) it was really funny and then read a review or rather a remake of one of my friends blog it was outrite hilarious. willl try to post the link.