Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Tsunami thing is still on my mind. I did some research yesterday and few of my friends helped me out too.
Here's what I found out about the date "26" and the December 26 earthquakes

Coincidence? Of course not.
Year Month and Date Place of Earthquake
2002 December 26 China
2003 December 26 Iran
2004 December 26 South east Asia
2005 December 26 ????? ( Keep Guessing )
Looks like it has a pattern here dont u think?

Height of coincidence!!
Just amazing to note that many of the earthquakes that appeared all over the world in the recent past were all on the date 26.

Year Month and Date Place of Earthquake

2001 January 26 Gujarat
2001 September 26 Chennai
2002 December 26 China
2003 January 26 Newzealand
2003 May 26 Japan / Taiwan
2003 September 26 Japan(Hokaido)
2003 October 26 China (Sunsu)
2003 December 26 Iran
2004 December 26 South east Asia

But people do all you can to help ppl out there!
Pray for the lost souls and if u can help out the kids who lost their parents in this disaster
ciya all tomm

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The New year is here

Well the New year is here!! I know that for sure!! I know a lotta ppl made up new resolutions and I know quite a few ppl who went to the gym as part of their resolution and its gonna last just for a day or two.. For me the excitement of the Newyear is not so much. Am not being altruistic or anything like that.. but its just exciting anymore... maybe I have grown old!! LOL!!!
The thought that hit me when I started writing this blog was abut the Tsunami. I read the some one knew about the Tsunami just b4 it hit the Sumatra islands and if things were done properly a lot of precious lives could have been saved. This really jerked me into the reality of this world. A lot of communities all over the world are trying to provide some relief to the affected. I know a couple of my friends who are trying to help the people. I know that God gave a word to Noah that he would not destroy the world with water again...But maybe we all made him change his mind.. think about it....