Monday, August 20, 2007

Bridge of Flowers more photos

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some more pictures from the Bridge of flowers, this time around I was properly adjusting the exposure, Aperture value in my Canon Powershot A510 and I was fully prepared for what was coming. There was this one small white flower which was tricky last time, I nailed that shot and also the eryngiums, the small spiky blue flowers was really nice to capture. Flowers are a real treat to the eye.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chak De India

Pic courtesy:Nytimes post

This is a must watch movie, Shahrukh Khan has played an entirely different role...and has really delivered a good performance. You might have probably read a hazaar(thousands) reviews abut this movie already, so am not going to write more but will briefly state some moments i enjoyed ....just recommending that its a must watch. Vidya Malavade playing the goalie Vidya Sharma, Shilpa Shukhla playing Bindiya Naik, Gunjan, Komal, Soimoi, Netra, Balbir......gosh..the gals all have done an extremely good job. The introduction of the team is entirely different and they have introduced the element of comedy in there, which probably makes it even more enjoyable. A lot of issues have been dealt with. When Kabir Khan's friend says "Ek galthi tho sab ko maaf hai" and Shahrukh says..."Sabko nahi"...I felt that really was a very good dialogue in the movie. The last scene where his knees go weak with joy...and the expression on his face...tooo goood!! I am a Shahrukh fan, and it really wont convince you if I go all gaga over his acting in this flick, but yes he has done a good job (I believe am saying that for the second time in this post)Music by Salim Sulaiman does justice to the tempo of the movie. Camera is obviously good, the hockey field/turf is shown really well when the game is being played.
Just like Ab tak Chhappan, this movie has delivered. Shimit rock...This is one director to watch out for.


Backyard visitor

Backyard visitor
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Was picking some flowers from the garden, when this little guy caught my eye! I know some of you might growing crazy by the day...but a friend of mine told me if I venture into macro photography...I would soon get into the world of insects. And believe me it is fascinating. I now want to chase down lady bugs, bees and capture all colors. I personally felt, this ghopper guy should have been a different colored background..would have made the picture look so better. This one is not really a good shot.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Just heavenly!

Picture perfect!
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Bridge of flowers at Shelburne Falls,MA is a really nice place to visit, I have been there two years in a row now...and the place is loaded with flowers. The trolley line bridge, now converted to a beautiful bridge of flowers. You can find all varieties of flowers there...let me see if I can recollect...there were ofcourse Roses, black eyed susans, Dahlias, Tiger lilies, Lilacs...yes i learnt a few new names this year. Check out the flickr page for more.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cheeni kam

Really amazing performance from two of the best stars and the movie lives up big time to its expectations.

Big B rocks with his performance as this stickler for perfection and Tabu dazzles you with her usual charm. Its a win win combo, these two. A really funny movie with some subtle comedy. A must watch.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Elephant...and the other animals and The Rhode Island visit

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The Green Animals Topiary Garden in Portsmouth, RI is definitely one of the unique places I have been to this summer or for that matter in my entire life. Must thank one of my managers for loaning me the book, New England Travel Guide. I have seen bushes cut as a big round...thats the best I have seen with creativity as far as cutting bushes was concerned, but this place was something entirely different. When you enter through the doors you see some arches but if you look to your left you see a man standing and that would be the Policeman. As we walk through the garden we spot all kinds of animals ranging from Unicorns to reindeers to a dog, a donkey..a camel...and some cute Teddy bears. They also have a vegetable garden and a beautiful flower garden with a pond and some water lilies. The basket of flowers was also a real treat to the eye. You know the drill, click on the picture for flickr...more there.
There is also an antique toy museum with huge doll houses...its a nice place to visit.We also stopped to click a windmill.

Then we headed on to the Breakers in Newport, a Mansion owned by the Vanderbilts and which has 70 rooms and one of the oldest elevators (about a 100 years old) and all the marble and alabaster and the carvings in gold. They had a huge flower vase about 4 feet tall I would say, with beautiful floral arrangement. Also there was an antique car show going on. The huge balcony on the second floor overlooks the Atlantic...Gosh! I wish I owned this place :)

Then off we headed to the Portsmouth beach, playing in the sand, collecting seashells, sea gull feathers, chasing sea gulls...and surprise surprise...we found a lot of hermit crabs...teeny tiny ones. we caught them and played with them for a while and then a small picnic and time to head back home. Another fun filled summer outing.


Monday, August 06, 2007

Peace Lily..White Sails

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This was yet another fun filled trip this summer, and many more to come after this. My naughty niece and my mom were here for the weekend a while ago and we went to the Magic Wings, butterfly park and the Yankee Candle factory. We did not spend much time at the butterfly park but spent a lot of time...a whole lot of time there making candles, tasting blueberry jam, becoming princess and queen was a beautiful experience. I have written about the Magic Wings butterfly park, so am not elaborating on that, except for the fact that I clicked this peace Lily...aka White sails. It was one beautiful flower alright.

The Yankee Candle Factory is a real treat. There is a Black Forest, a Santa's Toy Factory at the North Pole...and there is Santa too...roaming around the Toy Factory. There are well lit Xmas trees, there is a theater that has shows every half hour or so, there is a Big Fort at the village of Bavaria and then you get to be crowned as Princess/Prince, Queen/King....We obviously had a Queen Mother and a little Princess. There is a puppet theater, blueberry jams, salsa dips...and best of all it snows every 5 minutes. Gosh..the place is just wonderful with toy trains running above you, snoopy snowboarding/skating... and then ofcourse there are the candles...if you step near the aisles, you can smell all of them at once...intoxicating.

We also get to make our own candles, we made a rainbow candle, a sun,moon etc., and dipped them in colored wax! it was a real thrill for my niece to do all this.

And once you step out of the factory, you have beautiful flowers lined up the entire stretch of the shop hanging from baskets from Pansies, to begonias to roses to well almost all kinds of flowers and colorful cows and also a Cart of flowers. Simply a very enjoyable trip.

Its definitely a must visit place.

This is the first trip among the many that I am undertaking this year.


Making hay while the sun shines :)


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Vacation time

There comes the time of the summer when you take a vacation...and am doing that right now. busy taking ppl around showing them the sights of New England et all.
Shall post in a week's time.
Believe me am exhausted :) and you too will be once, I post and u read 'em all.

Life Rocks!