Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas...

Ppl...Have a very Merry Xmas..

Friday, December 09, 2005

so...some...Satellites...Saturn...soopercooled all

Today I have been observing the stars a lot..I have delved deep into space..i almost went to being my second full fledged post for today.

I am goin to try the soopercooled water and then post my video here...and well the photos too...that will have to wait till tomm or the day after that...

did u knw that the United States has 413 satellites in space snooping for the government, checking on the weather and relaying the latest pop music, a new database says. That's more than the 382 the rest of the world has spinning above the Earth. wow thas one too many..i dunno how NASA keeps track of all of them and handles me...blows my head off!! so late in the nite if you see smthing twinkling in the sky...dont think its a star...or close ur eyes and wish thinking its a shooting star....jus open ur eyes wide..and smile..a camera may be taking a picture of you. lol..

Well Mariah Carey got nominated for 8 grammys i think..or may b nine..i forgot the count...and becus of the snow there was this accident at midway airport in the airport is tooo small and they dont have a buffer zone between the airport and the suburbs...well these things happen in snowstorms...and we have to live with that.

did you hear that they have a developed a wafer thin battery which is so flexible and it can charge in 30 secs flat and well if i rem rite it can hold charge long where do these ppl get ideas? may b i shud quit bloggin and start thinkin on these lines!! na naa naaa...thas not me..

Recently I went on a thing called Skycoaster..its smthng like this..we were on the royal gorge bridge..which was like 1,053 feet above sea level...and then on that bridge they hoist u another 100ft u r 1153 feet and u can see the arkansas river flowing below looks like a piece of thread though...not like a river..u r hoisted with some ropes and stuff to hold u tight...then after u r lifted up...they u pull a chord and u start flying..oh was one thrilling experience as you go above the gorge...u see nature in all its beauty...and well even though u r scared initially...its one life thrilling experience..i dunno wat else to say..u gotta do it to feel it..its really awesome..
well ths all there is to share...
seeya all monday..if i dont post during the weekends...

Firefox is divine? is it celestial? it divine then?? take a look at this picture taken frm the Hubble telescope...The Hubble Space Telescope took a photo of the variable star V838 Monocerotis which lies near the edge of our Milky Way Galaxy. If you rotate the photo a bit, the star resembles the FIREFOX LOGO very much! Pretty old (march 2004) but still funny to see that firefox even has divine approval...


Oh my god..jus take a look at these of my favourite planets as a kid..the rings and the decor..the mystery surrounding it...
the other day my naughty niece...went..Pluto is very cold..FYI she just learnt to name all the planets.. and she told me that Pluto is cold.. and she also added...Pluto is comin ! pluto is comin!!and she was laughing.... later i realized she meant that winter is comin and that its gonna be cold...thats wat she meant by Pluto is comin...she is well cracking her own jokes...

These are ten facts about Saturn
1.Saturn has the most moons in the Solar System, including Titan, a moon with an atmosphere possibly similar to Earth's billions of years ago.

2.Saturn is a slightly smaller version of Jupiter, with similar, but less distinctive, surface patterns. Its only main difference is its amazing rings.

3.Saturn's rings are believed to be the particles of a old moon orbiting the planet, smashed apart in a collision about 50 million years ago.

4.Saturn's rings orbit the planet at different tilts. Sometimes, they can appear like 'ears' sticking out of the planet. At other times, they are flat on when seen from Earth and are hardly visible. This shows how thin they can be.

5.It is believed that Saturn's rings will one day disappear. They will either disperse (spread out) into space or get sucked into the planet by its pull of gravity. This will happen in about 50 million years.

6.Despite its similarities to Jupiter, there is no great spot on Saturn, although the planet does have stormy weather.

7.Saturn is twice as far away from the Sun as Jupiter is.

8.Saturn is the second largest planet in the Solar System after Jupiter. It is so big that Earth could fit into it 755 times.

9.Saturn has such a low density (meaning that its particles are far apart) that, if there was an ocean big enough, Saturn would float on it. In comparison, Earth and Mercury would sink to the bottom quickest.

10.A year on Saturn would take almost thirty Earth years.

Learn more here

Well typos really cost you a lot!

Can you believe that a typo cost a japanese company close to $225 million?? read this to find out more. Now thats really crazy and when its costing you millions its really a grave,fatal error. That was the first news that I read I thought I would share it with ya all...

This guy I dunno how he does it..but he fills bottles with impossible objects...chek this one out for the hell was he able to fit in a pair of tennis shoes, a tennis ball, a dictionary and a deck of playing cards..inside this one gallon me! See if you can figure it out!!

It was snowing here yday...and it was really freezing..literally freezing outside..we are trying to build a snowman today..lets see how that goes..will post the pics of the snowman..if at all he is built. Watched a movie called "MILLIONS" it was a really good movie..I also watched Chicken Little, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Yours, Mine and Ours...
quick review on all these movies..

Millions: worth watching in theaters..i missed the movie, so i watched it on DVD. a cute story about a little boy who believes in angels and saints and God...I like the part where the brother covers up for all the truth the little one blabbers out...its really funny! also I like the part where he stuffs his neighbours mail box with pounds with santa claus...i wud give it a 9 on 10.

Harry Potter and The goblet of fire: i have read the book..and the movie is quite impressive...though JK rowling takes the cake. She is really one terrific author. the movie is really well taken. I opine that all the four movies have been really very well made.9 on 10.

Yours, Mine and Ours..reminds u of khatta meeta..or the brady bunch...the movie has its hilarious moments..the little kids are especially cute..but well u know the big surprise there...would rate it 6 on 10.

Chicken what can i say about this movie other than really well made...its outrite hilarious..the chicken little is really very cute..u must watch the movie...i wud rate a 9 on 10.

Also looking forward to OVER the Hedge...frm the makers of Shrek and Madagascar(now that was one funny movie..still remember jumping on my bed with my friends for the "I like to move it move it song")we were so hhooked onto the song...still sing it...but not as much..

Thursday, December 08, 2005

learning time...

quite interesting...learn

and learn

knot a problem any more..

i REMEMBER when i was in the girls scouts...they used to teach us to tie different kindsa knottin is not a problem anymore...

The transatlantic tunnel

Oh man! this sounds really intriguing...i wish they made one of these...dunno how they wud b able to get down to the bottom of the make this work..but well i really dunno for sure if there is anything like this that is bound to happen


It cant get any better?? U think....Take a look at this
U will understand that it can get weirder than time people might come up with amazing ideas too...
they have all weird looks....but i wish i cud own one of those..may b the looks pretty cute..wat say?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

After Thanksgivin blog!!

Ok..finally my thanksgivin is over...i cant believe its over...well i had travelled quite a bit for thanksgiving, travelled almost 3/4ths of the country. was lotsafun. will start posting the photos and the blog soon

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thnx givin break...

Well..I have started my thnx givin break already. Looking forward to meeting my naughty niece. she is all excited tat am comin..looking fwd to my break. i donno if i will take a break frm bloggin...but am sure i will shoot a lotta pics of my niece..will try to post.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Some pics..

These were some pics I took at the Mall yday. The sky was really really amazing..I jus cudnt stop myself

Friday, November 11, 2005


Chester is a small city or shoud i say town...which is an hour's drive frm where i live. Its the birth town of Popeye...the sailor man!! its a really cute city. We have a lotta funny named cities too around carbondale......we have ANNA, HERRIN, ENERGY!((YEAH! ITS A CITY ON THE WAY TO HERRIN)YEAH...we have energy ,illinios.......ok now back to chester...Popeye is frm chester, whether u agree or not!! The creator of Popeye, Elzie Segar is frm the city of Chester and also he based most of his characters in his comic strip based on the folks of that town. read this particular article frm the website

Popeye, according to tradition, was inspired by Chesterite Frank "Rocky" Feigel. Louis Segar, a relative of Elzie, once described Rocky as "a raw-boned Polish boy, a real scrapper and protector of children." Rocky was employed at a local tavern, worked at odd jobs, smoked a pipe and seemed to occasionally love a good fight. It was his muscular physique that earned him his nickname. Rocky died in 1947 two days after being moved from his home to a nursing home. His grave is in St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery in Chester and is marked with a tombstone that tells of his being the inspiration for the cartoon character.

Olive Oyl, Popeye’s sweetie, was also patterned after a Chesterite, Mrs. Dara Paskel, many local people believe. Mrs. Paskel wore her hair in a bun, walked with a slight hop, and wore high topped black shoes.

Wimpy came from the likeness of Segar’s first employer, Mr. Schuchert. Windy Bill, as he was affectionately called, was known for the tales he often told to entertain his friends and for his love of hamburgers from Wiebusch’s saloon.

Swee’ Pea, Popeye’s adopted little kid, is believed to have been inspired by his children, Marie and Tom.

Popeye’s vital statistics are: Weight, 158 lbs.; height, 5 foot 6 inches; hair, red; neck, 8 inches; chest, 30 inches normal, 60 inches expanded; thigh, 7 inches; calf, 20 inches; spinach capacity, 36 tons.

Popeye always was a fighter. In 1936, he figured he had been shot 120 times and stabbed 922 times. He will not say how he lost his right eye, only that it was in "the mos’ arful battle of me whole life." And Popeye does not have a last name. He’s just Popeye. As he says, "I yam what I yam."

As soon as you enter, the city..there's a board that reads....Welcome to Chester....the town of Popeye....They have a 6 ft. Statue of Popeye by the Mississippi River, believe me its a beautiful view. The bridge just after the statue is kewl...we also visited the site of the Fort Kaskaskia...the view of the mississippi is also beautiful frm there. the drive upto this fort is enticing.
to read more on, a google search...well i know i knw...u dont have the time...look it up at wikipedia...many interesting things there. Am also lookin forward to visiting Metropolis..the Superman city...that too is in Illinois and is an hour's drive frm here. wow..i live close to sooper what does tht make me..ok..lets not get into that...

chk out more fotos at flickr

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bike stealing!!

People do wat all to steal bikes and the owners do wat all not to let them.
my friend recently lost his bike seat. someone jus flicked it. i dont understand how they do it...i mean how can they jus ride the bike with jus the seat?? very intelligent. i wanna see how they do that?? i too wanna get smart u know...
there are also ppl, who jus take their seats along with them, so that there will b no stealin of bikes. Bad bad seat for you???!!! what is it with just the wheel? am assumin some one stole the rest of the bike and sold it for parts. wat do ya think??? and there are some bikes which nobody wants to take...neways thas another story....i dont wanna get into that...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Feed fix...FINALLY!!!

Till yday i didnt know that something called feed...rss feed..existed...i didnt know what it meant...well thanks to one of my friend..i knew about its existence...jus a week back i found out about news readers...and tried to get my own friend said my feed was not validated...when he cheked it online..and well i got into knowing wat feed burner is...and when i tried to activate my didnt started well chiding me in all its computer techy stuff....and i have been tryin frm yday to fix it...and sought help frm the feedback of feedburner...and amazingly even though it was teh weekend..i gotta reply frm them...kudos guys at feedburner..and well the CEO of feedburner...Dick Costolo...replied to my query..i was pretty shocked...the CEO...replying...hmmm..thaas interesting...aint it?

did a lot of work republishing all my regular format...when u try to get a feed..u will understand..dont use MS word...on ur blogs..if u wanna get an RSS feed...believe me..its not worth it to repub. all ur blogs..but I FINALLY DID IT!! I FINALLY GOT MY FEED...U CAN FIND IT IN THE SIDE BAR OF THIS BLOG..BELOW MY BLOG LINKS...!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Just finished watching Naina. I read the movie reviews and it said that its a mix of "the eye" and "the sixth sense" and well i thought the movie would be some good. But i beg to differ, coz the movie thoroughly disappointed me. I really expected more from the movie. may b its my fault that i expected too much outta the movie. I can understand that Naina is able to see the future and see dead people, but how does she talk to people in coma? if someone could plz explain this to me, i would be obliged. The whole way the movie is made is so artificial. They try to give you scares. but honestly it makes me laugh.
Even if they were inspired frm the sixth sense, u can no way make a comparison between them. Sixth sense is in a totally different league.
i know i shud b fair and not compare the two movies, but well when u know its a ripoff...u naturally tend to. Urmila, yes has acted well. she stands out and rite now these kinda roles is hte only kinda roles she portrays. they have the BGM of the grudge playing....the movie is good till she decided to goto india. after that it becomes the total indian masala movie with the usual melodrama. for a minute i was wondering if that gal khemi, was able to foresee the earthquake in bhuj and they linked that to this...but no..the director and the storywriter thought otherwise!!

All in all I would give the movie 2 outta 5. Its not worth watching even once.but hey u may also beg to differ and nothing wrong with that. u can watch it like me, if u liked the review and then...well its upto u....

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fall colors

of late i have been goin crazy shooting a lotta pics with my digicam. this is one of my best shots ever i gonna shoot a lot more today..on campus. this was shot at Giant City State park on saturday. Come to think of it I have been goin to see Fall colors in beautiful places and last week when i was at Little Grand canyon my friend calls me up and i tell her am in the middle of the forest. and she goes askin me if am home or really in a forest..coz she says its the same difference...

This leaf makes me wanna post a poem but rite now am all tied i dont have the time to think..will post it tomm. will post more pics of Giant City State park by this weekend..

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Music in the middle of the forest

lil grand canyon
Originally uploaded by sspriya.
this was a strange lookin block of wood.kinda reminded me of a mridangam. in the middle of the forest...and to add to its tunes..u have the birds chirping, the gentle fall breeze blowing..and the soft rustle of leaves as i this is music to my ears.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

A walk in the woods...

Little Grand Canyon, located in the Shawnee National Forest, Southern Illinois is nothing like the Grand Canyon..u cant even compare them both......but its really beautiful in its own way. went there on this trail..took us close to 2.5 hs to walk and come back to the cars.but was really picteresque..and the rustle of the leaves below my feet...the sound of the wind blowin against the trees.....made me wanna sing...tu hawa hai..fiza hai...zameen ki nahin....chek out this space here for more...FALL COLORS....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Nice ad !

got this mail as a fwd..and well its really kewl...whoever thought of it...simply awesome

read this somewhere...was really good..

I could feel at the time
There was no way of knowing
Fallen leaves in the night
Who can say where they´re blowing
As free as the wind
And hopefully learning
Why the sea on the tide
Has no way of turning
More than this - there is nothing
More than this - tell me one thing
More than this - there is nothing

Will you be the one??

Just wrote this poem like two days back...drafted it...and well didnt redraft it ...was trying to write something jus like that since its been long that i wrote...and well this was the first time i completely wrote on MS paper or stylus involved....

Will you be the one??

Will you be the one beside me

When I face my fears?

When am down and all blue

Will you be the one who wipes my tears?

Will you be the one holding my hand?

Leading my way, When am scared to walk

Will you be the one who really listens,

Without judging me, When I really want to talk?

When things are a mess,

Will you be the one hugging me tight?

Telling me, Dont you worry, it will be fine

Everything will be alright?

Will you be the one comforting me

When am in troubles deep?

Will you be the one who softly

Sings me to sleep?

Will you be the one who turns

All my frowns into smiles?

Will you be the one with me

When I am walking the whole mile?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

my painting...

chek it out here...

continuiing with the previous post...some useless inventions

We have been gettin fwds abut useless japanese inventions...u have seen the pics...lady with a roll of toilet paper on her head...tied up to help as a tissue for her cold...a guy eating noodles...with a fan attached to his chop sticks...when i googled about this i found out that the japanese have a whole list of inventions for it and they have a thing goin on for it...and they call it "chindongu" and is also selling this book..i never knew that...i came across and laughed my heart out reading and lookin at them. there were a few that caught my eye...

1. Waterproof Toilet paper
2.Nonstick Cellotape
3.FireProof matchsticks
4.Silent Alarm clock(i could use one)

chek this link out for more laughs...

Have a great weekend people.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

5 inventions that changed my life....

I read an article today on the HP website and someone had listed 5 inventions that changed her/his life...Well I thought may b i too would write about 5 that changed mine...

1.GOOGLE (though not an still on the top of my now i get to more invention jus in case this doesnt count....)of course tops the wat cant u do with it? u cannot do without it...well this whole blog wud b impossible without it....Its got so much goin with it....theres blogspot...theres orkut..theres they are multi-tasking...doin everything possible..the google talk...the google SMS is kewl...well everything abut google is jus kewl....

1 again...The, film camera...It has changed my life...coz well am a picture freak...thought i dont post my pics online...i take pics almost everyday..ths like my new year resolution. The camera invented by well so many ppl claim for it...Aristotle too...aint that amazing...with many resolutions...The digicam is a new revolution...

2The ballpoint pen....dunno how i will live without it. u scribble a phone no. down somewhere...u jot down someones email address...u write a note for someone...u daydream in class and try to stay awake scribbling something at the back of ur notebook....a face mayb? or a poem...u write and rewrite love letters...I personally like the sound of the pen scratching the paper...thats y i usually write most of my poems or stories..literally write them...

3The safety what wud u do without it...saved me frmso many moments which would have turned embarrassing otherwise.The safety pin was the invention of Walter Hunt in 1849. Hunt was a mechanic from New York..Thanks dude!!

4 the CD player....i got one as a gift two years back..its a sony...and its awesome....well now we have graduated to ipods...after goin thru flash mp3 players...well i have a card reader that doubles as an mp3 player...

5. The printing press...invented by john Guttenburg in 1450...without which i would have never been able to read the Harry Potter series, the enid blyton novels...Jeffrey morning tea with the Hindu at home in chennai...its one amazing marvel of science....

thas it i guess will try to write abut 5 absolutely useless inventions in my next post.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

ok one more news abut IPOD

i jus learnt that IPOD is gonna go where will this end?
someone really named their kid google...coz they liked google so much....this is unbelievable...

Monday, October 17, 2005

IPOD override..i know amposting late...but counts

Ipod mini, shuffle, nano...and now ipod is just overwhelming itself with lotsa technology...can we really take it? too much of technology is injurious to health...i read somewhre that pillows are the major source of many infections and pose a threat to health.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Oh October!!

So many things happening this october. I dont think I wrote after the Earthquake in Pakistan, India,Afghanistan. India refused aid for the relief efforts frm the thas another topic to debate. so many disasters happening in sequence, Katrina, Rita now this earthquake...the world is goin to the ruins.

Yahoo and MSN are doin something and you can share your contacts and some basic stuff, they have their limits as well. The main reason for this is they are trying to make a good deal of profit out of this and am sure its def gonna happen. Apple launched its new video we're goin places....

They had the Dorpa sponsored race in Nevada, and i think Stanley won the race, not sure of it though, coz i didnt follow it up as I had to look into many other things.
tas it i guess..will post more later

Monday, October 03, 2005

finally!! and...Dress code???

Finally...i got my hands on the sixth book of the harry potter series...and man is the book so kewl or wat? Well i wont b disclosing the ending or wat happens in the book...but its too much...and
JK Rowling leaves u wanting for more...cant wait to get my hands on the next book...and finally end it all. But well i wud be honestly really sad to see the series end....The book is jus marvellous.i am really at a loss of words to describe the book..coz u shud read it to enjoy it. I really pity those who dont read Harry Potter...coz well..u r missin outta lot!! May b frm their point of missin out a lot by readin...but well..I luv reading...and am gonna start reading DaVinci code yet again !

Ok i will shut up and say no more. this week's Sargam...(thas the show i host on WDBX carbondale) went on pretty well...though we were very disorganized the final outcome came out pretty well. we paid a kinda tribute to Mahatma Gandhi this sunday being Gandhi Jayanthi and all. played some really good songs.

There is a career fair in my university tomorrow and I personally think u need to be mentally prepared for the interview as well as look presentable. I think am jus gonna talk about how women should dress for the interview...personally i think skirts...formal skirts are in...they look more girlish...than a pant...but well yeah! the pants too look good..dont dress up too much....wear all nude shades and light, pastel shades of lipstick. If you spend too much time on make-up well u will end up trying to take care of it and miss out makin a good impression on ur potential employers....get ur hair really well done...u dont have to do some fancy hair do..jus pin up ur hair properly without loose strands if its long...may b jus put a clip and let it loose...see to it that ur hair is dandruff free if u r wearing a dark suit...always...a dark blue, black, (plain or pinstripes!) makes u look really professional. of course dont go by what i say...i am jus writing abut wat i think and wat i really like to wear. Well this is the first time i am pic bloggin on myscribblingpad. i have actually run outta i know where to get inspiration frm...everyday life!! so expect more pic blogs here and on picme! enuf of rambling lets get back to the topic. A good coiffeur will do a lot to ur hair...and once in a while its ok to spend some dollars! avoid too much jewelry. it will do u no good. in short dont be a mess.
interestingly in a magazine called fashion rocks, i read that there is some organization called who loan ppl suits for their interview and also lend them formal wear whn they get a job, isnt that kewl?? wear nice pointed shoes, or pumps. Black footwear always looks elegant. that is the only color that never loses its charm. A good perfume, that doesnt announce that u r there, even b4 u r 4 miles away works well. put on some deo. chew some mint or gum b4 u meet ur interviews and remember to spit it out.

am not a good person to get advice frm if u r dressin up fora formal interview..coz i say all the things everyone else says. but to add a personal touch...i would jus like to say this...Dress in something u r really comfortable in. dont wear something jus becuz it looks good...the question is do u feel good in it. coz the long waitin hrs may make u sweat and wanna breathe..if u try to fit into that age old suit that u had!

a tip i learnt frm the movie hitch, wash ur hands in warm water b4 u go meet them. coz this will ensure a real warm handshake.!! may b !! who knows..i have never tried that out...but well no harm in tryin it. Dont be nervous, and if ur palm sweats when u are nervous make sure u hve some kinda powder to counter that, but make sure u dont get it too greasy or too powdery!!
yup yup too much to take care if u r a lady!! but well thats fun aint it???

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Rita Aftermath!

Well Rita left Houston and is heading our way...though we dont have a looks like there mite b a tornado!! no warnings issued so far...which is good...but she is heading our way and rite now it is raining here in southern is Rita aftermath. So its time u stopped worrying abut Houston and started ur worries abut us!!! here in southern illinois....well...i ws jus tryin to get some harm in doin that.....Hosted the radio show yet again and it was fun doin it ...played Main yahan hoon..and Swades..ka title song...coincidentally both of these are Shahrukh songs...ok ok a big die hard fan of Shahrukh. u can listen to me online at on sunday morning 11 am Central time.

Gas prices are sure gonna soar up! lets c where it goes and what happens.
till then adios!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rita Damaging!

One more hurricane in the Atlantic Hurricane Season...New Orleans is yet again flooded...Levees have been breached...Houston, being torn apart....

I just read in the miami press report that if the current frantic frenzy of the Atlantic Hurricane Season continues...they will run outta names for the hurricanes and eventually end up naming them Alpha, beta...does that remind u of all the fraternities and sororities on campus? They have to go back to the Greek roots. They just have Stan, Tammy, Vince and Wilma left to name the Hurricanes. The US rite now is facing the wrath of Mother Nature's fury.

One of my fellow blogger commented that this hurricane thing is made a big issue since it is happening here in the US. Well i dont have anything to say abut that and i choose not to comment. Many of my friends are out there in Houston, and am worried. I am just hopin that they sail thru this safely. It was category 5 and rite now it is category 3 and they say it is goin to die down and become yet another tropical storm.

So is Rita competing with Katrina for glory? My friend usually writes "life under construction" as his signature line and rite now it reads "houston under destruction".
Wat happend to Noah's Ark?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Strictly Chicago!!

Well...I haven't been bc exactly but I was doin something else...and was quite caught up with that. Anyways I am back to bug u all...The Katrina chaos is almost over....Schools in Illinois have been filled with students frm the New Orleans...wanting to continue their education. A lot of students from my University and many other...have been volunteering down there. Ok enuf of Katrina..i think its been in the news too long..I dont wanna get anyone down with more news. But one thing is for sure....They are rebuilding the entire city from scratch and I bet its gonna be better than every other city in the world.

Been to chicago this long weekend...and man the place is amazing...I still like New York downtown..for the buzz and the skyscrapers...but Lake Michigan is shud b called Sea Michigan....The beach and the blue sea...its really wonderful. I didnt know that the whole downtown of Chicago had burned down all thanks to a cow...and they rebuilt the entire thing.....
Also an interesting fact i wanna share with you all...though many of might already know...well..Chicago was the first city to build skyscrapers....I particularly liked the lakeshore drive....though i managed to sleep thru most of it...but we did drive by there in the evening and it was really good.The view frm the john hancock observatory is particulary thrillin as u view the navy pier and the sea...

The fireworks at the NavyPier was really good...though i enjoyed the ID4 fireworks in St.Louis more...they have the BubbaGump Shrimp Company at the navy pier...I have seen the same outlet at Times' did Forrest Gump really exist?? thas another topic to discuss altogether. coincidentally i watched a part of that movie yday...yet shares the top of the list of my favorite movies with many other movies......ok am rambling..let me stick to chicago...strictly Chicago..

Shoppin at Devon Street was fun...we went crazy over all the veggies we got there...the streets are filthy...the traffic is desi crazy..the hotels were good...helped myself to butter masala dosa...and idli...oh man! i miss Saravana Bhavan and MTR restaurants and esp...Mansukh's.....i miss those good old days in chennai....its not like india...though they say it is...driving in downtown and towards the suburbs in the city is a nightmare....believe me its worse...

I am not done talking abut Katrina....and Ophelia has started sister ws driving back home and she was yelling..i cant see anythin on the road its pouring cats and dogs....well...its the season of the storms again....

Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina chaos!!

The Hurricane Katrina has caused havoc in the city of New Orleans. Usually not much affected by hurricanes or any other disaster of the water..the city of NO, is in complete deluge. There are reports of people still on roof tops waiting to be rescued. The americans are pitching in with money..i heard one of them say.."when i can give $100 to the Tsunami relief in some country i can give more than that to my country!" the Red Cross is highly active with the relief work. whats interesting is that it didnt cause much damage to the well prepared state of Florida...and it hit the city of New Orleans. I know most of you wud have read the papers, watched videos...yet i thought i need to post something.

My niece jus learnt that there is a state called Mississippi and when she heard the news the next day...she went" Mommy! Mississippi is flooded!"...Jokes apart its really heart wrenching to watch the people go through such misery. I remember the flooded stories of mumbai...just recently...they were without food and water for days..and yet they had so much money to spare for these bare necessities....come to think of it..wat is it with water? the tsunami..then the floods in mumbai....these hurricanes in new orleans...didnt god promise Noah that he wouldnt end the world with water..and thas y the rainbow is there aint it??

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rainy tuesday...

its the katrina hurricane thas affecting us in the southern part of midwest! its been a rainy weekend and well right now its a rainy tuesday...this country is strange in the pours and it pours all day...never giving it a rest! talkin of rains am reminded of cycling and walking and running and driving in the rain back home! that was a lotta fun...being with friends..cycling with my cousin all the way up and downhill in bangalore! oh man! those were the days.

Listened to songs frm ek hasina ek khiladi..they are pretty good. I like oru maalai frm ghajini and thotti jaya songs are good. racing against time and working on this blog since i need to get to work soon...

Yahoo messenger is the one thats hot now! the latest version has beautiful audibles and well if u r a desi..u shud chek out the hindi audibles! they are really funny...and i usually end up rolling on the floor with laughter!!!and well u can also call ur friend's computer and talk..thas even kewl...and if u have a dell laptop u dont need a headset and microphone..since seems(i heard so!) that all dell laptops have built in microphones~!!! man isnt that kewl r what????!!!!
and of course uu have the option of being available to only a few ppl and invisible to the rest! the stealth settings option is really hi-fi!

chek it out!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

well its sunday...not wednesday...

Someone jus told me that i post only on wednesdays and then dont do any more blogs..well today is not wednesday is it?? Been a good weekend. I co-hosted a show on the radio for the first time. It was lotta fun playin some of my fav. songs on air...and well i gotta talk on air too!!! u can listen to me online..will post the link in the next blog...though i wont b hosting the show next week...since am out for the long weekend!!..had to stall sometimes till we played the next was totally kewl! dunno why i didnt do it earlier...well i can RJ now atleast for sometime. It is kinda not complicated once u really know what is happening. but speed is very important and so is accuracy!! oh my god this sounds like some network isn't!

Went to a zoo yday and well...i need to update my pic blog abut that. will try to do that now or mayb tomm. God! its august and its still scorching hot! cant believe....and well I hate let it stay this way..its nice..not nice and sunny...but hot and sunny and i can live with that.
nothing much to post. will keep bloggin....

Friday, August 05, 2005

adding one more...

looks like am seriously blogging....that means yeah! u guessed it rite! i have a lotta free time on my hands....chek this out as the crew of discovery pack up to return home. read more on google news...this link

exactly gives an idea as to how a shuttle gets back to the earth frm space....reminds me of the movie apollo 13( though the original apollo 13 was a failed mission) if u can grab the latest of reader's digest and read that to find out more abut tom hanks and his fascination for space.....

While the US is out at space trying to rescue and repair....the russians are down deep in the sea trying to rescue the crew of the sunken sub "Priz submersible " the mini-sub is supposedly caught in a fishing net and its part of the russian pacific fleet....they still have air left for a day according to the latest reports. The US navy is sending a Super help with the rescue mission. the UK is also sending help. this calls out a big "SOS" frm the on to find out more..will keep u updated in my next blogs..

Jet lag!

With dreams in their eyes right now a lot of international hopeful MS aspirants are aboard flights and i really wanna quote this song by shaan...
"aankhon mein sapne liye..
ghar se hum chal tho diye..
jaane yeh raahein abh le jaayenge kahaan"

if you board an air india flight u r bound to arrive late....and with the mumbai situation it happens that they have yet another excuse to arrive well behind time. so be prepared for food...baggage problem...different time prepared for everything!
I came across this website about how to avoid jetlag...i dunno how it will help u..coz i did try it personally though...and it did help...believe me since i do travel a lot..and do cross multiple time zones...

addin to that song..i thought i wud write something too...

"Kal ka sapna aankhon mein liye
Dil mein khushi jhalakthe huye
Aage chalen hain hum

Maa ka woh pyaar....
baapu ki daant...
behen se woh ladayi...
chod chale hain hum

Nayi manzilen,Nayi raahen,
naya desh, bulaye humhe
khole baahen...

woh purane dost....
woh masti, woh pehla pyaar,
woh saath chalne ke vaade
un baahon ko abh chod chalen hain hum

Ek naya daavaa, ek nayi josh
ek nayi zindagi, ek nayi shuruvaat
Ki oar chale hum

Pehle tho kabhi aisa na lagaa
Apna desh apna na lagaa...
Abh woh pehli baarish
woh mitti ki khushboo
woh maa ki roti
woh gali ke kone ki garam chai
woh mera ghar
woh mera desh.......
yaad bahuth aati hai....

hum jahaan bhi jaaye...
apna desh hi tho apna hai"

Interesting !!

Well in my previous posts I did tell you that am becomin a somwht gadget geek ...and well am plannin to change my cell fone soon(in a few months)...and i was looking at all the latest models and well yeh dil tho maange more....and i am used to a motorola phone and frm the looks of it..i mite end up with another one the next time around....chek this out...,,113,00.html,,5804_5772_23,00.html

of course there is also the blackberry...

and the audiovox
neways i dunno what i mite end up getting....jus need to wait and watch i guess.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

chek out my pic blog
since i posted my first pic not gonna post nething here today...
chutti de diya..isblog ko..
follow the my links section iif this link doesnt get to my pic blog.
Finche poi!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Geeks and Gadgets

Did i say I will mail in a few hours...i did mean on the 10th planet...where earth hours are well jus infinity *nano seconds.......Gone are the days of Old LP records....just watched the movie parineeta where they are so excited abut the "King's" new record...well those were the days....then we graduated to audio cassettes...and then video cassettes....and then cd's i still remember my first cd player....still have it coz it was a gift....and then dvd' first dvd player...well i ran a movie marathon on the blue laser thing is comin up....

but did we stop then graduated to flash drive mp3 players...and the SD memory card mp3 players that are so light in weight and so small in size....the ipods still have their craze....but now.....Oh my god! just look at this new mp3 player thas out at walmart!! its really mindblowing !!!

Now isnt that something??? I too of late have become a gadget geek.
...webcams...jumpdrives....laptops...digicams...flashmp3 transmitters...
cell phones with pda...with mp3 players..with digicams....with memory cards....with everything....
they even have pens with with flashdrives...
broadband wireless...wireless routers..wireless internet cards...
in laptops....inbuilt wireless.....bluetooth...infrared...the internet is invading
to list the gadgets that people buy nowadays is endless....and with the online deals goin on... free dvds--free cds---free SD so much stuff...(of course after the mail in rebates!!!)))
some useful deal websites not in any particular order.......i know u know them already........but no harm in listing some

but beware of shipping and handling chek them out b4 u pay for anything...
happy shopping and well it can be called window shopping..coz u do open the window to shop....and exactly phrasing it shud b windows shopping coz mostly u r on a windows OS and u have multiple windows opened....makes a lotta sense doesnt it???? and do keep cheking ur pockets and ur wallet growin thin.......and well dont forget to ignore ur credit card statements...

Monday, August 01, 2005

Another Planet!

Scientists recently had to disclose the existence of a new planet coz a hacker threatened that he would expose the secret if they didnt do that officially!! Now where does this put us? A typical oxymoron with technology finding something and at the same time threatening something...come to think about it its really funny.
Facts abut this planet...
It is the farthest-known object in the solar system - currently 14,4 billion kilometres away from the Sun, or about three times Pluto's current distance from the Sun. and if i remember rite it takes 540 years to complete travelling its orbit. and also its elliptical orbit is slightly tilted at some angle... read this link to find out more techie stuff
Ok u mite ask me what we would do with another planet???
let me answer that question for you...wat cant we do?

* NASA will go crazy exploring this planet with so many lots of jobs generated....
* we will analyze if it has liveable conditions...and may b when this world the earth comes to an end..we can shift there b4 that...
* since its the farthest planet it is easier to live there as i guess it will not b swallowed by the recent reports say that the distance frm the sun to the closest planets is decreasing...
* will type in more in a few hours...

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Life is unfair

One of my undergrad classmates Chella Grace Sunitha passed away on pray for her is highly unbelievable to digest the fact that one amongst us is no 23 an age to die?? definitely is sometimes yes...totally unfair...but then u move along...
she was a fighter...and she completed her ME and did work when she went thru all this .....
May her soul rest in peace and I pray to God to give strength to her loved ones to cope with this irrepairable loss.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The book is out!

Well I know for sure that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is out! and well its a sad state that I didnt get to read it yet. But Sabr ka fal meeta hota hai(smething like patience is virtue...) so am jus waiting to get my hands on that book. I was actually out last weekend...floating on the missouri river. it was awesomely, amazingly, scintillatingly, spectaculary,brilliantly, tanningly, hot and sunny! and whew! what an experience! gettin stuck in between branches when seriously u shud try it sometime. I was dead beat after the trip coz well the water really gets u tired and well if u float for 5 hrs..u are as good as dead!! thas also one of the reasons i havent blogged in a while..and lazy u got it!!

Just trying to blog here...Actually I dont have much to write today. so I will stop here.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

somthing i clicked

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Book Five..Harry Potter and counting down...

WOW! thas just one word to describe the records set by the new Harry Potter book thas gonna hit the stands soon. Google news gives me so many numbers I dont even wanna put them on here. It is resetting its previous record(previously held by the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book by Rowling). London is in the news everyday. It is sad though ,the state of affairs there, with the bombing and all. God bless those departed souls.

Also, I just read that American Airlines is gonna introduce a direct flight frm the US to New Delhi(14.5 hrs towards India) and a 16 hr. journey back. It will be a first of its kind by the airlines and they have hooked up with Sahara airlines for connecting flights.

The Grand Theft Auto game is under criticism yet again for porn content. a "nationwide parental alert" has been issued with regard to the game. Now that doesnt stop one from playing the game does it?? and did u know that Volkswagen is planning to set up a plant in Andhra and there is some controversy brewing over it?

Healthy cheques for sums ranging from $50,000 to $1.4 million -- part of the $10 million court-ordered settlement in the case involving their beef against McDonald's. So the McD coughed up some money and paid the price for being greasy,fries greasy huh!!

'Dancing' umpire David Shepherd will take charge of his final international match on Tuesday when England host Australia in the decider of their three-match one-day international series at The Oval. read this to find out more.

Recently watched the movie Sarkar..even though it is a Hindi version of the Godfather..Amitabh Bachan is just amazing and dazzling in the movie. He is just plain awesomely kewl!! the movie is taken in a typical ram gopal verma style so there is nothing new to it. Right now am watching the movie D..which is pretty much on the same lines and its pretty ok too. Did u know that Aishwarya Rai barbie dolls are gonna be on sale soon!!
K enuf of the news today.
ithudan blogspot seidhigal mudivadaindhana..

Friday, July 08, 2005

Whoo! Its Friday!!

Well finally the long weekend is over and the next one is here. and the wimbledon too. no surprises in the men's side but venus did make it. Cindy left and now Dennis is here, if u dont know what am talking abut well its abut hurricanes and tornados.. People are preparing for the worst in the Gulf coast.
London is the venue for the 2012 olympics and right now is in the grip of terror. Oil prices are shootin up like crazy...The harry potter novel...harry potter and the half blood very much awaited, but now i dunno if they will schedule the release on the 17th, with so many things happening in london.
jus read a blog on happiness by someone called dooppssy...(i am sure i didnt spell it right.) it was really funny and then read a review or rather a remake of one of my friends blog it was outrite hilarious. willl try to post the link.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Writer's block!

Looks like I have this Writer's block goin on with me. Am not able to work on my novel since am not getting a good plot...and well a lotta other things are also occupying my mind rite now and it has now officially constituted the writer's block for me. (if ppl agree am a writer..then ys i have a writer's block.) Just read in the papers today about the freedom tower that they are gonna build where the WTC's used to be. It is supposed to be 1776 ft. tall and does that no. ring a bell??? no/ yes , was this year, 1776 on july 4 that the american's got their independence and well what a time to announce it when july 4 th is around the corner?? rite now am reading a book called "After the world trade center" and the way the book has been written poses some intriguing questions. it is basically an art and design book, trying to get a perspective on the aftermath of the WTC's. well even my first novel is based on the events of 9/11.

Now this is strange gas prices are goin up in the US and well it means increase in fee, textbooks and almost everything. its high enuf u pay for one increase and well it triggers a chain reaction in increasing prices!

I watched a lotta indian movies these last few days...
Anniyan-Stinker! for all the hype given to the movie, it was a mess. it was a rip off frm tell me your dreams in the first place and then to add to it, it was made on the lines of gentleman and mostly indian. vikram's acting in one scene where he becomes on and off the character of anniyan and ambi in front of prakash raj is really good. I think that is the only best part abut the movie. the way he goes after sada the heroine when she says she has to bribe the authorities is so typical and cliche.

Parineeta and Paheli..well i didnt stay up to watch these movies but looks like parineeta is ws too slow and well it put me to sleep....but it is one movie worth watching i guess.
but neways i didnt direct or make these movies so..i dont have the right to judge them but still i have the right to voice my opinion. and thas all am doin here. you on the other hand might have a totally different view abut the movie.

Roddick is a force to reckon with. Now this guy is gettin serious and trying to go places. I just hope for a final showdown betwn roddick and federer...and rain is playing a spoil sport. this happens every year at the wimbledon. lets just wait and watch! after all that is all we can do!
finché poi

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Yet another mundane post!

Just on monday there was a minor earthquake 15 miles of where I thas not far. It measured 3.0 on the richter scale and well already I live in a tornado prone region and now to this, earthquake is an icing on the cake. chek this link out to learn more.

Wow totally makes u rethink life doesnt it? rethinking or not..i am pretty is gettin more interesting and adventurous everyday. the weekend was uneventful. was taking a break frm taking a break. the wimbledon..well..the williams's sisters seem to have lost their touch..yet venus is still hanging on...but lets c wat happ when venus and sharapova take on each other. davenport and mauresmo meet up for a semi final lets c wat happ there too....and federer ousts ferrero..roddick has silently sneaked into the q finals..he is one good player..yet still a novice i think. seems like hewitt has stormed his way into the q finals...dunno what will be the outcome of this side of tennis...the men's side..its gettin interesting everyday...David Nalbandian is still out there.
in the doubles..i miss the woodies..they were really a good pair..even the williams sisters were a good force to reckon with...and well the paes/bhupathi combo in men's doubles was good too..but a pity..they..didnt work out...ok i know am filling up too much tennis news on my blog and it looks like u r watching some sports channel..well ..i cant help it.
men's singles am puttin my money on federer..and in the women's on the defending champ sharapova...

the ashes is comin up . looks like rite now england is the happening place.

ok now i think i wont rite more...a bit of other things am preoccupied sort out all of that..and then get back

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Continuing on Dreamz...

They say that your future depends on your wat r u waiting for..goto sleep rite now...but let me put this question u have it in you to live your dream? how far can you go to live them? but the question posed by my friend was this as you chase ur dream and realize it..u lose interest in it and well u go ahead and then there is another dream u go after..but wat is that we really want? the ultimate goal in life is to happy. now u r talking...i will now tell you my dream dream in life is to be happy. thas not too much to ask is it? life is as such very complicated and u always try to simplify it..or as my friend says..try to pack it and keep it compact!! as we grow up we tend to get more demanding and want everything in life. i read this somewhere...u cant have everything in life..where wud u put it? now thas a very nice rhetorical question u can ponder for hours together on.
yet the only thing we want in life is to be happy. we try to go abut achieving this by all our own different ways...

Its just being blissfully happy
when u open a box of ferrero rocher..
when u drink a double chocolate chip frappucino at starbucks...
when u cuddle up on the couch and watch ur fav movie....
when u smell the fragrance of sand as the first few drops of rain hit the earth....
when u unexpectedly see a rainbow in the sky...
when u sleep like a log on the weekends...and basically do nothing else...
when a friend invites u for dinner ..the day u totally run outta things to cook....
when ur UPS or FEDEX or USPS parcel arrives the very next day u order ...
when on a monday u suddenly realize u can sleep late...since its the long weekend...
when u spend time with people u like, ur family and friends...
when u get a testimonial..good one at orkut....
when someone reads ur blog and comments!

think abut what u want! what really makes u happy.?..Dreams will follow you..wherever u are...

Friday, June 24, 2005

Dreamy or confused?

I am in a soup..I am clearly confused...Life is a total mess...I am sure everyone of u wud have had these spells...Just the other day I had put up an oxymoronic status on my IM..clearly confused..really there was nthing to was just a rhetorical status..but ppl got concerned and they were asking me wat was wrong..was really sweet of ' finally i had to pull that status off..coz ppl started thinking i was nuts...and smething was terribly wrong with me...but hell i have to feels amazing to b pampered once in a while like this by family and friends..and in that not braggin here or exaggerating...its just that my niche is well.."cliche"..period. Its nice to be in this mess gives me time to search my soul..gather my thoughts...and well cry my heart out...and then i go abut doin smething tat is totally crazy..and that totally clears my mind..and i unwind...and for the most part of it...i write to unwind..which is wat that keeps me ticking.

Just a month back a friend of mine was talking abut us all sharin our dreams..our hopes...and he had taken such efforts to email in his..and well no one replied to that email..and well he was pretty pissed off!! now outta the extempore..totally creative..impromptu and funny mail pops up frm an otherwise silent, read only mail no reply was totally outta the box..i would like to post what he wrote..but well its a copyrights i need to clear that first frm him...

i always used to imagine a world where ppl would walk upside down...with their hands i in buses and trains u wont have these seats...there will just be bars frm which ppl will b hanging like bats..talking abut bats..i watched batman begins like last is an ok movie..but the batman not upto the standards..and i didnt realize till the following monday that katie holmes(tom cruise's fiance) stars in the movie..wudnt have made a diff to me though..still..ok ok am rambling..gettin back to the future world..dont u think it wud b bizzare to find ppl hanging frm rooftops and bus tops??? i for one think its funny...but look at all the space u wud save? with the population ever growing...well we need to make space..and this i believe is an ideal solution..and well we wud rid ourselves of the mind wud do all the controlling part..we wud all have esp powers...and well communicate thru telepathy..something like the tom cruise movie ...wat was that?..well i know u know leave it at that....

oh yes u wud always have an option of walking with ur feet...and the mode of transportation wud b just a ropeway..u wud belt urself..and pull and drag urself..with the rate of pollution engulfing the atmo..this wud b another kewl solution...oh my am on a roll today..ok i wont stop here..theres more to come...

i remember watching a tv series on the future world..and they wud have these kewl water man!! i wud definitely have one of those in my own house..k continuing with the future..ok u wud ask how wud they travel across the seas with ropeways?? duh!! they wudnt..they wud still fly airplanes for that.....ppl wud b obsessed with space by the end of this century!! kids wud be smarter..well that is bound to happen coz well they r gettin smarter everyday..

They wud have all these space satellites like in the movie enemy of the state...and well ys ur privacy is outta the window...and well gone is "ur space" every move of urs is tracked and recorded...and well u decide its not worth living on this planet and u shift to some other...say mars...coz by then people wud have migrated to mars..and all the rebels will b on the moon. so well u have a choice to live with the rebels or the aliens...and there will b a couple of new robin hoods and the evil captain hooks and a few peter pans...there will a lotta robots at work and well life will b an automized routine...of course with the water bed and the beautiful gardens.. dont forget the cute labrador..beige... u take it frm here...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The wimbledon!! and the fiasco at Ipolis!!

For those die-hard F-1 fans..indianapolis was a disaster...i was initially plannin to go there to watch the race..since its really closeby and just a 3-4 hrs drive..and my friend too was plannin to come down for it...Thank god..i didnt go ..since it wud have been a waste of my time and most of all my savings down the drain..Wat a pity jus 6 cars raced...and well narain karthikeyan came in 4th i think..with schumi taking the top honors at the podium...what a shame that he had to win his first race of the this!! lets not even go there..i dont wanna talk abut it..period

the wimbledon is gettin interesting..i had some of my money on hardene....again..didnt work out this time..she crashed out...but the men's section is gettin interesting..phillipoussis...ousted...safin and federer most likely for a semi-final showdown..tim henman is also creeping in slowly..the brits wud love it if a brit takes the honors in the men's section...wat happened to kafelnikov? rusedski? where did these ppl go? am backin sharapova..and clijsters..the thing is this..clijsters doesnt have the motivation to get there..she doesnt seem to be the go getter kind...the era of the williams sisters..will that rise out of the ashes? wats wrong with them..they were dominating and making mincemeat outta everyone just a year back..suddenly where did all their tennis go??

Of course..none to beat the GREAT PETE!! and BELOVED BECKER....Pistol Pete is something at wimbledon..its as if he was a completely different person on grass...the guy was amazing at doubts abut that...

i still remember that final between becker and sampras..i was a die hard fan of becker's acrobatics on court..he was one of the players who used to serve an ace in the second wonder he was boom..boom becker...

i also remember the drop shots of agassi...he has u must admit..quite lost his touch now...he is one very talented player..who is racing against the clock..he needs to get a title under his belt..he is the underdog at the wimbledon this time...the battles between agassi and sampras were always very interesting to watch...and very entertaining too..

Graf, Seles, Navratilova..great players...i always used to enjoy watching steffi one has a powerful forehand like the game..she also had a golden slam..4 grandslams..and the olympic gold in a single year...its a pity that martina hingis is not playing nemore..she was a very talented..potential player..she had good groundstrokes..and a good forehand..

I remember watchin steffi graf play monica seles..with a wide open mouth....the wimbledon is always the coveted it because of the conventional royal heritage of England..or is it something else?? the US open is also comin soon at the Flushing meadows..lets c who takes the crown at surprises or is it gonna b the same???

How to name it?

Ok! my weekend was doubt about that..or shud i say it ws thrilling and adventurous...yup..six flags was amazing and the best part was i was there with my was one helluva trip..the batmania...especially was wonderful. yesterday june 21st was the summer solstice and well i learned a fact or two abut it when i googled. and well i always knew abut St.Petersburg, Russia where the sun sets at around 2 thats not a place where u can find vampires and werewolves!! naa..jus kidding...officially summer has started!! it is gettin hot out there...thank god for airconditioners!! i seriously wonder how ppl in vegas and cali..beat the heat??

went for moonlight boating yday nite with my friends that i read my own blogs and review them i find that am spendin a lotta time with my friends...wat shud i do abut it?
Read a couple of teen fashion magazines..and well learned quite a lot abut the summer trendalert...and had some interesting conversations with my friends at work abut fashion and whats in and whats out...dont try to wear high pointed heels with shorts..u only make an unfashion statement with flats with full length jeans...try to b u..but trendy..which only makes it even more difficult...this stupid laptop doesnt work messenger..which is also good one way coz i can stay invisible..let me try that today..

movies: watched bunty aur babli...pathetic was funny at some places..but overall i wud give the movie a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. for all the hype given to that did not live upto the expectations. they say parineeta is good..i dunno i have to watch it to really comment abut it. watched a spanish movie called valentin..was cute alrite.

read abut china's bootleggin trade frm the USA! they are making a fortune outta it! am rite now listening to songs frm silsilay! they are good and rite now on top of my charts...

i was talkin abut breakups and my previous blog and it generated mixed responses frm all my friends. am against this fancy love..i dont think its my style...but am a die hard thats ironic aint it? well thas the truth. it is true that ur best friend would make a great companion for life..cmon who else wud know u better? but then again...if it doesnt work out..what happens then? how do u deal with it? that isthe question am posing. i personally think if both are mature enuf they can deal with it..put it behind them and keep the friendship not sayin u need to behave as if nothing has happened ys..but u dealt with ths some progress...then again it is a vicious circle.
will pen more on this tomorrow...this is enuf for today
C'est la vie....
and we have to live with it.

Friday, June 17, 2005

just somthing i clicked.

chek this out.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Break ups!

there's a new line for break up is.."Its not you..its me...Am not good enuf for deserve better than this" this line is used by the instigator to make the breakee feel whatever happens..whenever a relationship heads towards the break up person really feels bad abut it...It hurts! period.

the break up being mutual is another thing to argue abut..but I think if both the guy and the gal lose interest in the relationship(which often we see so many breakups..) it is better to part ways healthily...and u can be friends or enemies after that..u can always decide upon that..but remember its a small a little civility and politeness when u run into each other around the corner....wudnt hurt u. This is as good as it gets..coz everyone wud dream of a mutual break up..coz there is no awkwardness hanging in the air...

If its a one sided relationship is better to move on. If u wanna feel miserable and waste your life..hey..thas ur choice..dont blame the other person who has made it clear that she/he doesnt see the relationship goin newhere and has put an end to it.

Being friends after the break up is clearly awkward sometimes..k..most of the time....but if u were already good friends and then u take the relationship to the next everyone says...a good friend makes a good companion for fine day...u break up with this lose everything... a damn good friend and a wonderful companion..whom now u loathe to the extent that u wud rather see them burn to death in the deep corners of hell!!!now thas another topic to debate ....some people say that...u cannot be friends with ur friend again once u have taken the relationship to the next level..this love that blossoms...It is usually a spur of the moment thing and then later on when u do break up..u regret it...or well if it really works..nothing can get better than that! People say ur ego is hurt..thas y...u dont wanna really be friends with the instigator again...did u ever think tht u place so much trust in the other person and when they do this to u..i think its more than the ego ths hurt..did u ever think abut that?

I personally feel that in ur teens this love thing is nothing but jus plain infatuation..and well when u do grow up and then get outta these crushes and infatuations...its true love most of the time..but well being human..we tend to go wayward sometimes and we start to lose interest...also there is the pressure of the family...(the background, the race,the religion of the gal/guy is very important!). Mostly when u start working..and start seein some bucks..u tend to think abut ur future..which is very natural..and then there is this gal/guy at work who shows some genuine interest in you..u two spend a lotta time together..and then...well one fine day..u decide to spend ur life together...sounds like a fairy tale doesnt it?? aaaaannnnnnnn wrong!! most of the times..they break up..after sometime..and the ones that carryon are good..they make it work...its seriously advised to tread ur steps cautiously around the thing called love..coz u never knw whom u mite hurt..or who mite hurt u....well u cant live with that constantly...but yet..u learn to live with it...

then there is the rebound...after the break up...u dont really getover the previous person..and then since u r hurt..u r on the warpath..and end up breaking the rebound persons heart!

Oh my God! this is a crazy path to take..i think am better off being single!! naa..jus kidding!!
The best way to handle a break up mutual or not mutual... would be to move on. Dont hold on to it and make ur life miserable. Lettin go is not easy..i know ,but if u want ur life back u better let go..if its urs..its gonna come back to u...u dont have to be this sacrificing sage to wish him/her well and help him/her out till he/she gets married..or even after that...jus be a normal ur goodbyes and move on. may be he/she is not right for you and u found that really early. consider urself lucky...and well as they say..All good things have to come to an end!! who knows...u mite meet ur Mr/Ms.Right very soon..and well u mite go thru these breakups...again..
but hey..then again...thats life aint it?
Think abut it!! and prepare to be surprised!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

didnt u know that tomorrow never comes??

K i said i would post more tomorrow..and well by that i meant the tomorrow never comes or the tomorrow never dies..i dunno wat i meant..but i havent posted in a long while..its been a week. hurray!! another milestone achieved!!

seems like love is in the air and its not even february 14th! of late i have been hearing so much abut love that now it makes me sick. i dont even wanna talk abut it. money was on henin hardene and she won the women's title in the french open. She is a real go-getter.
i have become so lazy that i am continuing this blog after a week frm where i left off. ..neways now MJ is also acquitted i have no comments on that the newspapers give out all that everyone has to read the papers..i luved Jay Leno's comment though...

Schumi didnt win yet another GP...
so many things have happened during the last week..i dont wanna talk abut it though...coz i will b exhausted listing them goin thru a phase i think and i hope to get outta it eventually...i dont wanna get stuck here...jus wanna get my head clear outta this..ths all..
will pen in more later..

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

technically tuesday? think otherwise....

well..the week has officially started....wat a heck of a weekend it hs been for me..and my friends. neways..i did talk quite a bit abut it yday...was just browsing and found this site
its a nice site with some intriguing absolutely crappy, stupid questions...but u will have a nice laugh once u read wats new?
Looks like Miss Canada is the new miss universe. From india..Amritha competed...whos that? i have never heard abut her? she was femina miss india am assuming.
The Russians are ruling the turf..or shud i say the clay courts of Roland Garros. That is something interesting after so many years of domination in gymnastics...the russians are also trying to make a mark in Tennis. Safin loses...Womens tennis is gettin interesting with the battle of the they are now down to the final eight...Pierce is pitted against Davenport..and the espn quotes that it shud be an interesting match to watch. I put my money on henin lets c where that goes. Sania Mirza...wat in the world happened to her???

Yet again Schumi is being written off .....lets c what he does in the forthcomin races. The ferrari did have a podium finish with Barichello makin it in as the third...Buck up team FErrari...go for it!!
I didnt know that Amitabh didnt take money to act in Black...that was absolutely a shocker...he didnt take money to appear in paheli...kaante either!! man he is the" MAN"
I am totally outta other stuff to write..coz i havent done anything much these last few days.
will write in more tomorrow

Monday, May 30, 2005

A beautiful Monday!!

U would have never heard this..but well today is a beautiful monday...jus for the reason that.....its a holiday...its just that simple....I still though have a feeling tat its sunday...and am lazing around...the weekend again was perfectly spent...we did something fun for the weekend..we went on a this is not a am not writing more abut wat i did..
The shawnee national forest located in southern illinois is a nice place if u wanna spend some quiet time alone away frm the world...jus for you..jus gather ur thoughts..think abut how faltoo(useless) life u have achieved so many except for you everyone else is wasting their lives.....etc., etc.,

people never understand when i say i need space for myself...they dont get it all...its not tat i hate mankind and wanna go live a life of a hermit or a rishi muni..or sumthing like tat...its the matter of time and space which i want where no one else is on my mind..except me. i can be along when am among my very close friends...i just need that mite sound abstract...but well i enjoy that time alone...its nice to be with ur thoughts sometimes...its my time...the ideal place i wud like to spend this time wud be on top of a mountain...on a nice rock...or even best...along a shore..with the sun rising or setting...believe me..jus close your eyes..and listen to the sound of the sea..feeling the wind on your face..its heaven..theres no feeling like that ever..nothing can give u more peace of mind...i miss that now...i miss home..chennai..the beach...the life...

Its got some beautiful rock formations..and if u r adventurous..u can etc...the rocks are pretty easy to climb and well when u do get on top ...its a beautiful view...its just green all around...i have trekked and hiked in india...even camped...its always nice when a lotta ppl huddle together in a tent...and the campfires are always somethin you look forward to at the end of the day...ppl do a lotta crazy things in this...i remember the all the tours and trips i took in my wasnt so much fun though...i dunno..i didnt enjoy it so much i did the others ....campfires..
u my gang at present just lit a fire outside and we is campfire talk...coz we do niteouts most of the time...some truths come out unwantedly during this time....sometimes its nice to hear such truths leaves a grudge and hard feelings...

Hasta Luego

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Troubled Thursday!

So much has happened today..I have been up in my mood and then gone down...and finally down into the gutter....Whew! what a day it has been! I think there is no word in T to describe the day that I have been through...So the closest I cud find was Troubled..which suits the day i went thru.......Yday my blog ws too big..only after it was published and I went through it ...I realized that...but thas me...If I start writing I cant stop...someone is playing the drums...when am bloggin now..and its percussion and the din is absolutely annoying....but cant help it..can i? still will write....
news about the few sports i closely follow....

Iam not much in the mood to really write today..but I will somehow try to fill in....
Narain karthikeyan raced for jordan at the monaco grand Prix...did u know that Danica Patrick is about to make the forthcoming race in Indy...Some might be curious after seeing her red-hot photo shoots in magazines like FHM, but others might be hoping to catch a glimpse of the woman who could make history at the Indianapolis 500 this year as the first female winner of the 94-year-old race.Just a rookie this year, the 23-year-old Patrick has been among the fastest drivers since practice began for the May 29 race chek out this link to find out more. .
Schumi didnt win at the monaco grand prix...everything went wrong for him..the ferrari team is losing it...but u cant win all the time can you?
I still hope schumi makes it for the next one in his home turf....keeping my fingers crossed for that....

With the Roland Garros comin up...Sania Mirza is due to play there..I hope she and eventually wins it...I always felt bad..when this clay court title eluded....Pete Sampras or Boris Becker..Am a die hard fan of these two players...Right now Davenport is the in the top position in the WTA rankings...and in the men's section R.Federer is ranked no.1. After Sampras,Becker...Steffi and Martina Navratilova....Even though the William's sisters dominated for a while..there has been no monopolization of the game...Its everyones field and everyone is outdoing the other all the time..and we get unpredictable results out of every Grand Slam happening. Agassi is still playing after goin thru so many rough patches..that is highly commendable..I especially admire his backdrop volleys...they were always so perfect.....Boom Boom Becker and Pistol Pete were great aces...igniting the whole court with their fiery aces...I too tried my hand at tennis..not a good player..but a very poor rookie...I jus love the game though...the Wimbledon..(i wanna go there and watch it..not play it..wat did u think?)

Cricket...the passion of India..even is the national game...(many people dont even know that!)..The news is Sachin is out of action for 4 months with his tennis elbow injury...The little master hasnt been playing so he has been plagued with injury over the last couple of seasons...Dravid is still holding fort....but whenever he hits a good is always another player..who either makes his debut..or really plays well that day..all inspired..and walks away with the cake...if the team wins..its really fine..after coming here i havent been able to follow cricket as much as i wud luv to...Yet the guys still play cricket at 2 am in the parking lots...even ...when we go out camping...and they get cable connections..and DSL and find all possible follow the game..i appreciate their passion for the game...i wish i cud be more like them and follow the game....but i hear and read that India is not playing well and that breaks my heart! and when u see the rankings...the indians are hardly there in the top 10...wat happened to the nations pride???
Think,live...and enjoy life....

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tuesday? Start of the week.....

Monday blues are over...The week has started..even if you dont want it to...but well its nice coz...u get to live everyday....after all thas wat life is all abut aint it?? Yet again another bday party...and yet another nite out....but not for long....

ok today...lets get to the point making it techie tuesday...its nice to know abut stuff once in a while...The stuff am writing about was updated last in 2004...december.. now am curious to find out more about this. Video CD's to DVD's and now finally.....the era of "Dual Sided DVD-Audio CD" is Coming Soon...They call it the Flip Disc.
They say that one side of the dual sided DVD is gonna b a plain Audio CD...and the other side is gonna be a DVD layer...ok now u cant afford to scratch the CD on any side....According to AudioRevolution test marketing for this product was to be done in Seattle and Boston in the first quarter of 2004. The big concern with the flip disc is that the width of the multi-layer discs may cause them to physically get stuck in car players. According to sources, disc manufacturers have overcome this problem and the discs are now very close to production. But I still wonder what will be the memory capacity of the disc? The first new albums in the DualDisc format were released Tuesday by Warner Music Group rock bands The Donnas and Simple Plan.

do go thru this too..

But looks like this disc has not caught on...coz u dont see it its outta the market i people..jus erase all that you have read just was just waste of your time..and mine....

The blue still to come...thas gonna be mega DVD's....

I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong...Betrand Russell.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Its the Dreaded monday again!!

Its the Dreaded Monday again....The weekend was simply jus plain amazing. Spent some quality time with my friends...we had a reflections session and it was really intriguing...gotta know what ppl think about you and wat u think abut ur friends....the 48 hrs was spent totally with my gang of friends here....indeed its true.."Absence makes the heart grow fonder"...but always why is it that we get to know all the people only when we are on the verge to part....this always happens with me...I am sure gonna miss each one of you...and I mean that!

Monday Blues!! .....everybody is late on mondays..invariably..its as if someone stealthily set your clocks back on the weekend....Beautiful weather out there....I had some really interesting walks over the weekend....Just got lost...and it was awesome...."Capital" Wodehouse would say..... Ok now to the blog...lets make it "MISCHIEVOUS MONDAY ".this is just to get week jumpstarted...lets stir up the mischief....

April Fools day is well known for pranks and mischiefs..even i have victimized and been a vicitim many times...Its lotta fun playing pranks on people. In the States during High School...the seniors always try to pull off some prank...that would be remembered by their followers...who try to outbeat that prank...if they are caught...they are chided..and they are made to pay for it.....India has no such concept....You play a are punished...the suspensions frm classes that i had in my undergrad for all the pranks that my classmates used to play is still fresh in my memory...invariably every semester we used to do something...and get caught..and for it....I am not judging anything here...its just that its wrong...or is it fun? At the expense of another person gettin hurt emotionally and is completely wrong...but if it does no harm..its lotta fun....My friends are always upto some mischief..and am mostly at the receiving end...I enjoy it thoroughly though..and end up fighting with them.....

Even on Halloween...the trick or treat...throwing toilet paper on houses..and trees...thats totally an original americanized concept...sometimes these practical jokes do hurt be aware if the person is a good sport..before playing such pranks on people.

Bday parties...celebrated by desi students in the States is lotta midnite....there is always something goin on there...people end up giving bday bumps..and drenching the birthday dude /dudette..with eggs...leftover food...juice..cake..coke...etc., etc.,at one of my Friend's Birthday was friend had hid a lotta foam..etc..outside his house..and when he was attacked he was prepared..and he retaliated....we never expected was a jolt outta the blue...but everyone thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it...

After all...Wat is life without some fun? I would always your one else can do it for you...jus live it....for the moment..for the day...tomorrow is another day and it will take care of itself.....

Friday, May 20, 2005

Hallelujah!!! Its....Friday...

Oh thank god its Friday!! Truly the weekend concept is just amazing and in the States especially you find this totally an outlet for your wild side. Its Freaky Friday I would say. Yet I would also make it filmi Friday...The campus wears a deserted look without the fraternities and the sororities partying..The strip is usually buzzing with activity during the it looks lifeless...I enjoy my walks during the nights though...the gentle breeze blowing on my face..and Kishore add to the mood...I had already blogged about the weekend concept so i dont wanna talk abut it again..look into my archives and u will find it. I started working on my third novel again...after a 2 year break!! thas too much i know..but well.....what can i say?......I became lazy. Dont mind my spellings coz...after emailing and chattin all ths lingo has totally become kewl and changed for the worst i guess...

I usually dont plan nething for the weekends...but something just pops up outta the blue..and i pack my bags and leave...its fun that way...spontaneous..and extempore....for the Joie De Vivre...
Did u know that Narain Karthikeyan is racing in F1 at the monaco Grand prix?? wow man!! am all cheering for him frm here...and i hope schumi wins this one...

ok now back to the blog content after all the rambling...movies to watch out for..parineeta..iam sure its gonna be hatke..coz its vidhu vinod chopra's...however it is am gonna watch it...paheli looks and sounds...good..songs frm nazar and silsilay..are musical melodies to the ears...yet i would drown myself listenin to ghazals frm jagjit that guy has a tailor made voice for ghazals.....dont u think so? I didnt know Lolo stars in Silsilay....may b the project was long due..and finally got released now....but am sure it wudnt b worth watching....songs frm the movie anniyan are also good...i dont follow the i used to dont go by wat i say...robots and hitch were two good english movies that i watched recently....iam still to watch the incredibles...planning to rent some movie tnite...and watch it over the weekend...those are my plans fr now...
cya all...soon...
i mite post during the weekends..but well i dunno..i mite not...u guys cud use a break!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

trying to keep up!

I am trying to keep up with my blogs..and me...Its thursday today and we have a cookout party at the workplace..and well..since am a strict and stickler for veggie food..i need to cook eat there...lets talk about Trendy Thursday....

Its gonna be about fashion and trends....God help all those who read this piece of crap!!

Think of trends and well think of Paris...The fashion capital of the world..but not gonna write about gonna write about chennai..or as I like to call it....Madras..
Last august when I went home..I ws surprised to see Madras like that...the cell phone mania and the fm stations have caught up....its getting cosmopolitan everyday...when i went for a stroll in the beach I was surprised to see the sundal paiyan..with a cell phone calling up his friend and asking ..."enna da undhu ellam vithiruchaa?"(did u sell all of it?) wow man!! now thas wat I call..advancement...even the mass gets wat the class has...that boasts of advancement in technology..and affordability...

I still remember being stared at when I used to travel bindaas in buses in my sleeveless shirts and jeans and capris...but now those days are left far behind....chennai is trying to catch up with the global trends..the spending capacity of the people has increased...and well people are out there living their life..ths nice aint it??? i have been to the trendy cosmo bangalore too..never ventured into the streets of mumbai..bangalore is way too kewl..i remember my cousin telling me that he had his freshers party in a pub!! thas too much i wud say...not that am a stickler for old fashion and prim and perfection... and stuff like very much a rebel..but still a desi at heart...

u can still see people adorned in traditional salwars...but with a twist..the short kurtas are catching up..and the guys are wearing trendy kurtas...and shorts...and cargos..the pant with one hundred pockets..i wud wear one..but lose all the stuff i keep in those pockets...i still remember shopping for kewl pants in besant nagar and egmore..pantheon road shops...
the heat of the summer is beating up the streets of chennai now..and u can see ppl rushing to buy cotton salwars...sari's...a gal definitely looks pretty when she is draped in a saree with all the matching accessories....whenever we used to wear sari's we used make a big fuss out of it...well that was fun though..for us..but not for the others...the chicken work salwars...pretty and comfy in pure cotton....yet given a choice i wud b comfy in my shorts and my sleeveless shorts to beat the the world...

Madras..reminds me of the auto rides..the rides on my two wheeler...i miss the city though...the beach...wherever i am madras is home to me...and will always stay close to my heart...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Picture this….A guy’s perspective from a gal’s point of view….

Adam and Eve…Adam says..”well. its just the two of us..we just gotta do it…” and ahem!! They get busy…it was that simple…Man can you believe that????

The early 1800’s…..lots of long love dialogues…the sunset endings…picture”Gone with the wind” “Casablanca”…”It happened one night..” scenarios…well I personally think…people wasted their time…writing long love letters…with quilted pens and perfumes….and passing them around….Believe me…it’s a lot easier with cellphones and telephones…Thank god I didn’t live in that era….still if you wanted to ask a gal first become familiar with her family…and then…well..if you are nice enough…they let you go out with the gal…there were some rebels…Still….it was simple…Period…

Welcome to the early decades of the 20th century…still parents had a say in the relationship…you always have a date for the prom..u still get the gal.. and most of the time..she ends up as your wife…people were not having commitment issues…you can always say the gal likes you…as she crossed your path often…bats her eyelashes at you…cant take her eyes off of you…and well you know she’s sending out these signs…and you ask her out..and you are a couple. Still simple. You think??? Man I love the 70’s romance…”the Brady Bunch…” well our very own Amitabh movie scenarios…

The late 1990’s…..the era of American Pies….and Never been kissed clueless girls…affairs…crushes…adultery…blind dates….Girlfriends just come and go in your life…if you are a guy…and the same applies to the gals too…with the boyfriends….people living a fast paced life just move on….just like that….Sex education…long drives…sororities and fraternities…night clubs…coffee houses....strip clubs…discos…escort services…prostitution…People were more interested in sex or losing their virginity(the concept still holds good till date)…but you still ask the gal out…and you go steady for a while…and then well mostly break up…”lets just be friends”….”its not you its me…””Cliché”

Welcome to the 21st century….it gets complicated…Emails…valentine’s day rushes and crushes….internet romance…virtual dating..e-sex…commitment issues… together…breakups..sneak peek into all xxxx sites…plus add all the stuff frm the late 1990’s…...

Ok now the big question…Relationship..Wat the hell is that? The gal is all pretty…and she talks nice to you..sits in front of you in class…batting her eyelids…and always finding some reason to turn back…u being the nice guy..ask her out….and she takes it in the offensive still….she says” Dude you have some! Are you blind? Don’t you know that am a lesbian…???? And then you turn your head around…and see that there is another gal sitting and this damsel was ogling over that gal all the time...and not you….then you get asked out by another guy….Which is weird..? No not today ah huh!!!you now question I Straight??
The questions u must ask a gal b4 u ask her out..
1.Are you seeing someone?
2.Are you straight????
3.Would you be interested to go out with me?
What the hell is happening to this world ???? Think about it….