Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Chek this out. Got this one off digg. too.

The designer of the photo is Jason. He created that picture under the screen
name "modified_dangler" for a Fark.com photoshop contest
with the Theme "Google (or Google searches), 15 years in
the future":

He won that contest with a a large margin, back in 2004.

Here you go! Click here


Monday, May 28, 2007

Funny,me and a milestone

Stumbled upon this one on digg and I have to admit..its funny. Its kind of like the picture perfect ad. What brains whoever conjured this one up must have had. It aptly justifies its cause. Man am just rambling, but I cant help. I started laughing out loud after seeing it.

Thanks blogger freshhome for finding this one and putting it up on digg.

And...a note of thanks to all those who have been my buddies, regulars, accidental visitors,spammers etc., etc., who stumbled upon this blog. This is my 200th post (I realized that after I published the post and I had to come back to edit). I guess that explains the title abut the big deal. :)
Hoping to keep posting in the days to come.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tulips..yet again

luv this one! orange and tangy
Originally uploaded by digijinx.
I did warn you all that tulips would be my flower of choice for spring..and true to my word...my macro experiments still continue.
I owe this big time to my camera...Canon powershot A510 ...you rock big time!! This time in Albany,NY. A couple of my colleagues and me set out to enjoy the sun and the flora at the 59th annual tulip festival at the Washington Park,in Albany,NY. A very short drive from our place(some adv. of being near the Atlantic). Yet again it was festival and true to its word..there were hot dog stands, fresh lemonade a thirst quencher, funnel cakes, fried dough...and a band playing on stage...people out with their foldable chairs, picnic baskets,food,beer,..freebies,sale tents...gosh..it was complete chaos, with the weather being so nice and all. We did face issues with parking close to the park, managed to find one like 5 blocks away and then it was picnic time. Drove there straight to have lunch ...our very own picnic. Was really nice.

With fuel to the stomach, it was time to gear up the lenses and start some clicking. To be honest I was kind of confused as to what to click, where to start. There were people all over the place..obviously this is one of the biggest crowd puller in Albany. I had to get my shots and not get the crowd..a very tricky concept. I was upto the challenge, took some shots lying down on the ground(thats not something new is it??) For the first time I say layered petalled tulips. The combinations in which they were placed was just eye catching. I was clicking away...Was just fun. I got decent shots of the tulips I had not clicked before. The sunlight was just perfect for my shots..when I was lying down on the grass to take them...The flowers then looked like they were drenched with the sunlight. Picture perfect I would say.

Then we just sat down to enjoy the tulips and park in general. It was then time to head home and see how the pix turned out.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tulips Tulips everywhere

Originally uploaded by digijinx.
Though spring shows up late here than in the South, its definitely worth the wait. Had recently been to click Tulips.Here,there they were just about everywhere. This shot here is one of my personal favs. Yet again had to get down on my knees and hands to click these(sshh...Don't tell anyone, I think I personally enjoy doing that). When I went to the rose garden it was an overcast sky and it was toward the evening, and I was hoping all along that the sky would clear out. It was not such bad lighting still I was hoping to catch the light from the setting sun. When I reached the garden, I was mesmerized there they were...the Tulips in all possible colors shining bright and flowery. It was just so beautiful.
A couple of minutes later a wedding troop showed up. The bride,the groom, bridesmaids,the groomsmen. It was a picture perfect setting for the couple and they were clicked away. The white tulips were my subject of interest, they were quite low set and I was trying to get some macro shots here and there. The sun peeped out from the clouds and it was perfect lighting for some more pictures. I ended up spending a lot of time at the garden and got out of there only after it got dark. This is actually a Rose Garden blooming beautiful roses in late June, and I am gonna be there again.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

sidewalk beauty

something nice on the sidewalk
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I have recently plunged into experimenting Macro photography with my canon powershot A510. Though am handicapped with my equipment in the zoom area, it still brings up some pretty neat pix.(I think!!). I have been hauling myself on the ground(in some pretty bad places, coming home with sore wrists and knees) trying to take a lot of these pix. I also get these weird looks from people, but its so much fun clicking these pix. The other day when I was out clicking I was so busy focusing on this weed here and I could hear heavy breathing near me and well it was a doggie, thank god he didnt bite me. He too was curious as to what I was doing I guess!!

These days my focus is on the weeds. The teeny tiny ones, that totally go unnoticed and they are just abut the size of a nail or even half for that matter and it felt so good finally getting it right. The quest for learning Macro Photography still continues.
Some pix in the macro set on my flickr might be from the previous sets,(just trying to keep things organized u see)