Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This book is way beyond AWESOME. I can see myself reading this book over and over again. I completed the whole book...sort of a marathon and Boy! it was gripping and I didnt feel like putting it down. The book has the perfect ending and you could not ask for more. I am not going to be a tattle on and enjoy. Shall post another review in a couple of days...when the war is over.

Pssst.....Currently also reading....THE Jhumpha lahiri. But since tthe HP book was coming out, i read,reread all the other 6 books in the series just to refresh my memory....the reading of the namesake was sidelined for a while, now am back to read it.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fireworks galore

Fireworks galore
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Boston Pop Fireworks, on 4th of July was really a very spectacular event. We(almost 10 of us) went there hours before to get a good spot to view the fireworks. Craig Ferguson(Comedian/TV host) was gonna be there, the blueman brothers..some kinda orchestra..All along the rain was threatening to bring the house down...but we held on and the wait paid off. The whole thing was just awesome.
The time to kill was worthwhile, since I spent that walking and clicking the sights of the Clarendon and Newbury st., and it was a real treat. Though personally I felt a little sunshine would have helped with better lighting. Anyway..worked with what I had. Here is the link to the set. Click on the picture otherwise to take you to flickr.