Friday, June 30, 2006

Wild Wheels..the winner of the contest.

Had been to see the sand sculpture competition up on Hampton Beach, in NH and man it was just awesome. I made it there almost before it got dark, so I got to see the sculptures in the daylight and also with lights on. They had special fireworks too. this is like an annual event and the first price winner is wht you see in the picture here. its a lady driving a dragon shaped motorcycle. the second place winner was on the foto to take u to flickr for more fotos.
Since it was raining the whole week, I was kinda curious as to how come the sculptures stayed intact, then they told me that it was pond sand and it sets firm and intact with moisture. It wasnt raining when I went this week, thanks to one of my friend I got to know about this event. I think they should promote it worldwide to bring out the artistic talents of people. Its almost a week's work seven days of that is too painstaking since the intricate details are more important.
dont miss this event if its happening near you smwhr.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


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I just walked out of my door in the evening and voila..there was this beautiful full arch rainbow right in front of me. The rainbow never ceases to amaze me.

Slowly as the rain ceased
When the sun was peeping out
spreading across the horizon
its vivid and vibrant hues
the rainbow adorned the blue sky
with all its colors so true

Here they say that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I did try to find the end but in vain!


Ek ajeeb sa akelaapan
Tanhayee ne mehfil thod di
Is tarah chhayi tanhayee
ki saaya ne bhi saath chod di.

--Felicity of Expression.

The Rain


The mighty rain
Was pouring down.
Everything was drenched
Wet,Wet was the whole town.

People were running for shelter
Some just walked on
With umbrellas and coats
They just kept moving along.

Jumping over puddles,
The flooded streets,
The storm not ceasingOh!
its such a wonderful treat!

Across the horizon
A flash of lightning,the garrulous thunder
The rain drops touch the earth
And she gives up to this sweet surrender

Slowly it reduces to a drizzle
The sweet smell of sand
The croak of the frog
Just how beautiful looks this land

I play shaking a small tree
Making the leaves drip and drop
The sun peeks through the clouds
There's that rainbow-pop

Hands stretched out
I had danced in this rain
I had relished and enjoyed every drop
Now I wish it would start pouring down again.

Yup its raining here...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Magic wings.

magicwings 005
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Last weekend I had been to a butterfly conservatory near my place and man the place is just well...a fantasy like paradise! I have always been chasing butterflies and well used to consider that if I place a butterfly on my forehead I would find some money. I guess everyone would have done something like this with butterflies I also loved just chasing them around trying to catch them. Later on when I grew up I always tried to click a butterfly with my camera. Now for people like such crazy fantasies this place is Paradise! Its a treat to your eyes and is a carnival for the photographer. Situated in a greenhouse with an area of over 8000 square feet, you can find more than 3000 butterflies fluttering and greeting you. I was just stupified by the wonderful color and symmetry and was questioning who was the designer that God used to create such a beautiful thing on this planet.

The wings so soft
You dont hear them flutter
They fly away,
With the sound of your patter

The colors so vivid
When you are around them
The ambience is limpid.

The wings flutter so soft you can hardly hear them near you and they come and sit on your nose, ears,cheeks, eyes,lips,arms,legs...well..just about anywhere. And well if they like you they just take a ride on you till you are ready to leave the place.

I came to know that there are postman butterflies and they feed on passion flowers and retain the poison of these flowers and if some predators try to eat these butterflies, the poison doesnt kill them but gets them sick enough to stay away frm these butterflies. smart aint it?

There was this Indian leaf butterfly which looked like a leaf and also like a lip. There were the blue ones..didnt quite catch their name and then there were two dragon lizards..sugar and spice and they were cute names for those lizards well i am not a big fan of lizards so i dont think i will say more.
there was this busy humming bird just fluttering around. its so tiny and so fast. i know they can fly backwards too. supposed to be one of the fastest birds and they have clocked speed as high 45mph. and they dont like honey.
and some small tiny birds didnt catch their name too but they looked like some kinda fowl. there also was a parrot.

I got to click some nice pics of these butterflies, I wont say they are great but well they came out pretty decent. Enjoy and if you have a conservatory near you visit the place. and as an entry ticket they put a butterfly tattoo on ur hand! kewl huh!click on the picture to link to flick for more of these butterflies.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Aunt and niece's weekend of fun!

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Memorial Day was spent really well. I took my niece out with me and we had a blast. This picture of the bikers is a tradition for memorial day seems they just ride their bikes in DC with the american flags fluttering in their bikes at the back. DC is always crowded no matter when you go.
The city is really beautiful. The drive there was nice when you go thru tunnels and stuff and they make you pay so much in tolls! but well worth a visit there.

Long drive though..but it was fun.

hmmm...What should I write about?

So many many, many ,many things. The Lake house review first. The movie is a bit slow and if you are watching it tired after a long week you are bound to fall asleep but the movie is well taken and its nice. The concept is all filmi. overall verdict watchable once. Mix of serendipity,sleepless in seattle,harry potter etc.,

Phir Hera pheri is not that funny i didnt like the first part much either and looks like there is gonna be more to come of this series.

Chupchupke is funny and I would rate it higher than hera pheri.

well they all are time pass movies.

I am Sam was nice. Sean Penn is just too good and you cant expect less from him either.

Fanaa...I guess I liked the movie enjoyed it more watching with my naughty,adorable little one.
Kajol is just mind blowingly beautiful songs are just amazing.many have already written about the movie so i refrain frm any revi

Listened to Kabhi alvida na kehna..songs sound ok.
In God we trust; all others must pay cash...thas my fortune for today!

all in all this became a movie bekaar review post.
weeks are busy weekends are even busier!

keep posting!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

visit to Rhode Island

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Recently i visited Rhode Island. Boy! o Boy! Its paradise on earth. Islands are no wonder so beautiful. Its a must visit place. I havent been to the Block Island yet and i am curious as to how much beauty that has to offer. The mansions are a real treat to the eyes. I visited the Breakers and the Marble house would visit the rest when i go there next time. the breakers supposedly has 70 rooms and is one of the biggest mansions on Rhode island. most of the mansions are situated on Bellevue Avenue and I did miss the Salve Regina cliff walk will definitely take that up next time. words are hardly enough to describe the beauty of the city. even the regular houses look like mansions and the Ocean Drive is one damn beautiful drive. the beach is a rocky,cliffy beach but boy you can have a ball there.

Do visit Rhode island if you can.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

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