Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rainy tuesday...

its the katrina hurricane thas affecting us in the southern part of midwest! its been a rainy weekend and well right now its a rainy tuesday...this country is strange in the sense..it pours and it pours all day...never giving it a rest! talkin of rains am reminded of cycling and walking and running and driving in the rain back home! that was a lotta fun...being with friends..cycling with my cousin all the way up and downhill in bangalore! oh man! those were the days.

Listened to songs frm ek hasina ek khiladi..they are pretty good. I like oru maalai frm ghajini and thotti jaya songs are good. racing against time and working on this blog since i need to get to work soon...

Yahoo messenger is the one thats hot now! the latest version has beautiful audibles and well if u r a desi..u shud chek out the hindi audibles! they are really funny...and i usually end up rolling on the floor with laughter!!!and well u can also call ur friend's computer and talk..thas even kewl...and if u have a dell laptop u dont need a headset and microphone..since seems(i heard so!) that all dell laptops have built in microphones~!!! man isnt that kewl r what????!!!!
and of course uu have the option of being available to only a few ppl and invisible to the rest! the stealth settings option is really hi-fi!

chek it out!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

well its sunday...not wednesday...

Someone jus told me that i post only on wednesdays and then dont do any more blogs..well today is not wednesday is it?? Been a good weekend. I co-hosted a show on the radio for the first time. It was lotta fun playin some of my fav. songs on air...and well i gotta talk on air too!!! u can listen to me online..will post the link in the next blog...though i wont b hosting the show next week...since am out for the long weekend!!..had to stall sometimes till we played the next song...it was totally kewl! dunno why i didnt do it earlier...well i can RJ now atleast for sometime. It is kinda not complicated once u really know what is happening. but speed is very important and so is accuracy!! oh my god this sounds like some network class...well...it isn't!

Went to a zoo yday and well...i need to update my pic blog abut that. will try to do that now or mayb tomm. God! its august and its still scorching hot! cant believe....and well I hate winters...so let it stay this way..its nice..not nice and sunny...but hot and sunny and i can live with that.
nothing much to post. will keep bloggin....

Friday, August 05, 2005

adding one more...

looks like am seriously blogging....that means yeah! u guessed it rite! i have a lotta free time on my hands....chek this out as the crew of discovery pack up to return home. read more on google news...this link http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/4749393.stm

exactly gives an idea as to how a shuttle gets back to the earth frm space....reminds me of the movie apollo 13( though the original apollo 13 was a failed mission) if u can grab the latest of reader's digest and read that to find out more abut tom hanks and his fascination for space.....

While the US is out at space trying to rescue and repair....the russians are down deep in the sea trying to rescue the crew of the sunken sub "Priz submersible " the mini-sub is supposedly caught in a fishing net and its part of the russian pacific fleet....they still have air left for a day according to the latest reports. The US navy is sending a Super Scorpio...to help with the rescue mission. the UK is also sending help. this calls out a big "SOS" frm the russians.read on to find out more..will keep u updated in my next blogs..

Jet lag!

With dreams in their eyes right now a lot of international hopeful MS aspirants are aboard flights and i really wanna quote this song by shaan...
"aankhon mein sapne liye..
ghar se hum chal tho diye..
jaane yeh raahein abh le jaayenge kahaan"

if you board an air india flight u r bound to arrive late....and with the mumbai situation it happens that they have yet another excuse to arrive well behind time. so be prepared for jetlag...travel sickness...no food...baggage problem...different time zones...be prepared for everything!
I came across this website about how to avoid jetlag...i dunno how it will help u..coz i did try it personally though...and it did help...believe me since i do travel a lot..and do cross multiple time zones...


addin to that song..i thought i wud write something too...

"Kal ka sapna aankhon mein liye
Dil mein khushi jhalakthe huye
Aage chalen hain hum

Maa ka woh pyaar....
baapu ki daant...
behen se woh ladayi...
chod chale hain hum

Nayi manzilen,Nayi raahen,
naya desh, bulaye humhe
khole baahen...

woh purane dost....
woh masti, woh pehla pyaar,
woh saath chalne ke vaade
un baahon ko abh chod chalen hain hum

Ek naya daavaa, ek nayi josh
ek nayi zindagi, ek nayi shuruvaat
Ki oar chale hum

Pehle tho kabhi aisa na lagaa
Apna desh apna na lagaa...
Abh woh pehli baarish
woh mitti ki khushboo
woh maa ki roti
woh gali ke kone ki garam chai
woh mera ghar
woh mera desh.......
yaad bahuth aati hai....

hum jahaan bhi jaaye...
apna desh hi tho apna hai"

Interesting !!

Well in my previous posts I did tell you that am becomin a somwht gadget geek ...and well am plannin to change my cell fone soon(in a few months)...and i was looking at all the latest models and well yeh dil tho maange more....and i am used to a motorola phone and frm the looks of it..i mite end up with another one the next time around....chek this out...

of course there is also the blackberry...

and the audiovox
neways i dunno what i mite end up getting....jus need to wait and watch i guess.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

chek out my pic blog

since i posted my first pic blog..am not gonna post nething here today...
chutti de diya..isblog ko..
follow the link..picme..in my links section iif this link doesnt work..to get to my pic blog.
Finche poi!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Geeks and Gadgets

Did i say I will mail in a few hours...i did mean on the 10th planet...where earth hours are well jus infinity *nano seconds.......Gone are the days of Old LP records....just watched the movie parineeta where they are so excited abut the "King's" new record...well those were the days....then we graduated to audio cassettes...and then video cassettes....and then cd's i still remember my first cd player....still have it coz it was a gift....and then dvd's...my first dvd player...well i ran a movie marathon on that........now the blue laser thing is comin up....

but did we stop there...no...we then graduated to flash drive mp3 players...and the SD memory card mp3 players that are so light in weight and so small in size....the ipods still have their craze....but now.....Oh my god! just look at this new mp3 player thas out at walmart!! its really mindblowing !!!

Now isnt that something??? I too of late have become a gadget geek.
...webcams...jumpdrives....laptops...digicams...flashmp3 players...fm transmitters...
cell phones with pda...with mp3 players..with digicams....with memory cards....with everything....
they even have pens with flashdrives....watches with flashdrives...
broadband wireless...wireless routers..wireless internet cards...
in laptops....inbuilt wireless.....bluetooth...infrared...the internet is invading
to list the gadgets that people buy nowadays is endless....and with the online deals goin on... free dvds--free cds---free SD cards....free so much stuff...(of course after the mail in rebates!!!)))
some useful deal websites not in any particular order.......i know u know them already........but no harm in listing some


but beware of shipping and handling charges....do chek them out b4 u pay for anything...
happy shopping and well it can be called window shopping..coz u do open the window to shop....and exactly phrasing it shud b windows shopping coz mostly u r on a windows OS and u have multiple windows opened....makes a lotta sense doesnt it???? and do keep cheking ur pockets and ur wallet growin thin.......and well dont forget to ignore ur credit card statements...

Monday, August 01, 2005

Another Planet!

Scientists recently had to disclose the existence of a new planet coz a hacker threatened that he would expose the secret if they didnt do that officially!! Now where does this put us? A typical oxymoron with technology finding something and at the same time threatening something...come to think about it its really funny.
Facts abut this planet...
It is the farthest-known object in the solar system - currently 14,4 billion kilometres away from the Sun, or about three times Pluto's current distance from the Sun. and if i remember rite it takes 540 years to complete travelling its orbit. and also its elliptical orbit is slightly tilted at some angle... read this link to find out more techie stuff
Ok u mite ask me what we would do with another planet???
let me answer that question for you...wat cant we do?

* NASA will go crazy exploring this planet with so many missions...so lots of jobs generated....
* we will analyze if it has liveable conditions...and may b when this world the earth comes to an end..we can shift there b4 that...
* since its the farthest planet it is easier to live there as i guess it will not b swallowed by the sun..as recent reports say that the distance frm the sun to the closest planets is decreasing...
* will type in more in a few hours...