Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wild and in my yard

wild pink flower, originally uploaded by digijinx.

A few seasons back (early Spring), I had found these wild pink flowers and mini daisies that were growing wild and a friend of mine was kind enough to lend me some. I decided to bring them to my house and well grow them. The daisies were blooming, but the pink did not do anything at all. I forgot all about it, though I was still watering this pot. I did not remember how its leaves looked like, so I wrote it off. But surprisingly, this week I saw the first pink flower bloom and I just couldnt help but click it. The mums are also blooming in the yard right now.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink, originally uploaded by digijinx.

These are the pink flowers I was talking about in my previous post about my yard.

Here is the link to the whole set.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

hot and spicy

hot and spicy, originally uploaded by digijinx.

These have been growing in my yard. I also have phlox, mums,coreopsis growing in my yard. The roses are still blooming and some unnamed pink flower.

Here is the link to the whole set.. Shall upload the pink flowers to the set soon.

If only Chapter 5

Alright, am back with If only. Read on. Will try to post more often now.

Chapter 5

Suraj was happy to bump into DJ. They grabbed a coffee and sat down to talk.

“I guess this time it is a sure shot. It is gonna work”, DJ sounded very excited.

“Boy! Look at you gloating. You never give up do you?” Suraj wondered as DJ raised his hands for a high five. “I know Roshni better than anyone”, Suraj continued ignoring the big grin on DJ’s face. “She is one stubborn moron. Puts her heart over her head and it is difficult to see things clearly when your emotions blind you. Believe me, she is one tough nut to crack”

“Nope, am not saying its gonna be easy Suraj, but this is our best shot ever. I know what you are talking about and we are not playing any mind games with her. It is clearly a matter of the heart and sparks would fly when they meet up”

“She hasn’t spoken to him in six years; do you think she is going to change with just one glance? Knowing her I really doubt that” Suraj sounded worried as he said this.

“I have a good plan here. So far they have been conversing on the phone, always rude to each other”

“She is rude, he is always the nice guy”, Suraj interrupted.

“So much for backing up your sister dude! Anyway, those were terrible. I met Viv the other day and tried to call her and it was yet another fiasco. This time it is gonna work, since they are going to be seeing so much of each other “ DJ chuckled.

“Those two blokes are not worth the effort, but I love them too much. This time it better work, if not count me out from your sucker plans” Suraj commented and they chatted away, their voices drowning with the chatter at Grand Central.


It was getting dark and Vividh wrapped his little getaway at Central park and started strolling back. He was still thinking about Roshni, when he heared someone call out his name.


Roshni was really struggling hard not to think about Vividh Patil and it was getting to her. AD had called her several times during the day and she did not bother to answer. She was sure they would have a conversation about the phone call and she was not ready for it yet. She was lost in thoughts as she drove back home. She saw signs for Nandi Hills and a whole storm of memories flooded her thoughts.

“Damn it Viv! I was getting along fine and you had to call me!” she yelled out loud.