Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pink show off

Pink show off
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Am rendered speechless every time I visit this rose garden in Hartford,CT.Be it off season or on season. Some fond and funny memories at this garden from last year as I strolled through . As I promised earlier, when I went for the tulip bed, I made sure I was there for the rose weekend. It was magical, I felt like I was in fairy tale land or something magical of that sorts. I went with the hope that I would get to see the roses entwined on the arches...of course my camera has not done enough justice to actually capture the whole magic, but still I tried. There is also a perennial garden and the traditional rose garden, I still have to visit and click those gardens to my fill.
I am really spellbound and the pictures speak for themselves. Feel free to peruse on the flickr.(click on the photo for more pix) or here is the set.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tubing down the Farmington river!!

Sunny skies, cold water...tubing sure was/is fun. It was a weekend of fun and frolic, just another reminder to ourselves that summer is here.I had started it off tubing and ended it with a quiet walk at the beautiful rose garden in Hartford.
It had rained the previous day and the temperature was it just multiplied my worries about the cold water. I started the day early for a Saturday and left the house around 10:00ish to reach this place. It was a looooooong drive...but I was here before when I went to Kent falls, so its now like my backyard and I enjoy the long drive through the mountains and scenic Connecticut.
Farmington river tubing is located at the Satan's Kingdon State Recreation Park area in New Hartford, CT. The plan was tubing first and then a picnic.There were almost 22 of us gathered (of course at different times), some worried about the depth of the water, some worried about how cold it was (of course that was me! with some kinda crazy throat I voice was sounding very Phoebe says in Friends...believe me..the water was cold), some worried about the rapids, some worried about getting tanned/burnt, some just worried about their dear life..and some worried about everything...but we all did it and managed to come out of it in one piece.
Seven of us grabbed our green life vests and our blue tubes and just started floating down the river. My butt got numb in a couple of minutes since i entered the river and so did everyone else's. I was stuck at some rocks soon as I started out. Then of course paddling didnt help, so I pushed myself out of the legs came to the rescue. So you can very well imagine I was the last to set out tubing. The first rapids came very soon and we went under a was fun..I did get stuck in the still part of the water and paddled my way back to the stream after the first rapids..and I was looking out for the second and the third. They were even more exciting...tossing and spinning at the rapids with water splashing all over me...I caught up with my friends after the third rapids...(In fact they caught up with me) Then we were all holding on and just cruising along and we had to make a decision when we saw that the river forked and we wanted to go right and of course we like all drivers do...went left. Finally saw the tube hanging for the exit (thanks to a hawk eyed friend) and I climbed out of my tube just when my pants got dry...and got them all drenched and cold again. We then waited for the bus to take us back. Can't believe it was 2.5 miles and 2 hrs of went by so quickly. Just to think we almost canceled this trip! Gee! I would have repented that.
Then we had grilled corn(the desi style with lime and chilli powder+salt), chicken,sandwiches,wraps and then of course we played some volleyball. In between the game, the ball ran to the water and one of my colleague's husband jumped in to rescue the ball from floating away....and got wet all over again, and he seems have enjoyed his brave act,(we all did) coz he got right back into the game and we did win that one. Then it was time to leave...all sore all over the body..the volleyball definitely didnt help...but it was an awesome day of fun.
The next day we did something too...thats probably in the next post. This one just got long. Since I was in the water the whole time...i of course didnt click any pix.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

kent falls..

kent falls.
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Summer, sunshine and just doesnt get any better than this. Had been hiking at the Kent falls state park a while ago and it was really heaven on earth. The place is not as huge as the Niagara, its a small waterfall which cascades its way down and you get to climb to the top of the falls, from where the view is just breathtaking.

There were lots of picnic tables and i was equipped with my mp3 player and enjoyed the serene sceneries of this park, there is a small bridge as the water flows down from the falls and there is this small creek/brook that flows through and that part of the falls is lush green and the rocks and the grass just make it picture perfect.

Hiking/ sure is lot of fun :)

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Picture ok..but perfect??

Would really appreciate your comments. This would be on only till the thursday 21st June 2007.

Goto this site

and then click on picture of the week and then enlarge the picture.

Owe this one and anything I click, big time to Ishwar! Thanks. :)

Canon PowerShot A510 you rock big time!!

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psstt...For those of you who couldnt make it before the 21st of it is!

Friday, June 01, 2007

rate my life quiz

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Your overall life score is very high, much higher than the average. If you wouldn't mind, please take a little time to explain how you manage to succeed so well at this aspect of your life. Your words may be read by someone else who scored very low. Take a moment to give them some useful advice. Your thoughts are very much appreciated. Well I didnt do all that, but was looking at the breakdown and i found that it rates my social life pretty low which obviously contradicts my lifestyle. But it sure was an interesting quiz to take.

Please feel free to just post your overall score in the comments when you take the test. and how you felt abut the quiz.