Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Would you still know?


When things have taken
A turn for the worse
When you feel that
Life is just cursed

When anything you do
Turns out wrong
When something tells you
That you no more belong

When you are in
Troubles deep
When you silently cry
Yourself to sleep

When there is nothing
To look forward to
When everyday ushers in
Nothing but blues

When you know
You’ve lost it all
When life no more
Has you enthralled

As the journey unfolds
With all its woe
Which way to go
Would you still know?

~Poet Pardesi


Friday, September 22, 2006

Would you know??

Just about when
Life leaves you empty handed
And when doors close
Leaving you stranded
With questions unanswered
And fear of the unknown
When there is no one else beside you
You can call your own
When it’s tough to decide
Which way to go?
As the journey continues
Would you know?

~Poet Pardesi

next in the series
would you still know...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

some of my thoughts..

some of my thoughts on memories..penned it down for a friend of mine

Life’s treasured moments
Stolen from the times beyond
Collated in the present
Frozen in time, as memories...

after writing this i suddenly realized...its so true aint it?

Things ...you lose
Names...you forget
Friends… you make
Memories... you treasure

This one too was written for a friend.

Sharing that with the world.

~Poet Pardesi.

Strangers that we were...

It’s strange how life turns out
Springing up sweet surprises
You never know what’s in store
You are just left with surmises

It’s been a while that we have gone
From strangers to good friends
Never knew how it began
Now we’ll never want it to end.

It’s these little happy moments
That you always wish were rife.
Am glad you are part of my memories
Something I shall treasure for life

Thanks for being my friend…

~Poet Pardesi.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Arz kiya hai...

Aisa lagtha hai ke abhi hum mile the
In raahon pe kadam milake chale the
Patha nahin kaise waqt nikal gaya
Manzil aagayi abh alag rasthon pe chalna hai

Abh kaise kaatenge zindagi ke baakhi din
Jab yeh zindagi hi nahin aapke bin
Chalo hum phir se ajnabi ban jaaye
Woh puraani daasthan phir se dohrayen!

~Poet Pardesi

~Adieu Agassi

The saga of one of the greatest players ever the courts produced came to an end at the center court at the 2006 US Open on Sunday. The tears said it all.

Sporting a crazy cap, colorful T-shirts and redefining style in tennis, this Las Vegan had already made people talk. People had written him off, thinking he is just another guy with an attitude, that would bring him down and he proved them all wrong. His game did all the talking. He is the only player who has won all the Grand Slams and also the Davis Cup and the Olympic gold. Now, that sure speaks volumes about his abilities. Agassi did not play Wimbledon for sometime, as he openly stated that he was against the traditionalisms they imposed on the game. People thought his baseline game would not suit the courts of Wimbledon, but surprisingly his Grand Slam breakthrough came in Wimbledon in the next couple of years, when he finally decided to play there and he did play there sporting white T-shirts, shrugging his colorful ones. The Sampras Agassi rivalry was always exciting to watch (I shall always remain a Sampras fan, but do admire Agassi’s game). The French Open is always the elusive title and Agassi has captured that as well. His hand-eye coordination is impeccable and his volleys are always entertaining to watch.

He was one of the players who combined strategy and mobility. I always enjoy his lofted volleys and drop shots. He has the best return-of-serve and there is no question about that. He was not the one to shoot aces down the line in every match; predominantly a baseline player Agassi was very good at judging the opponent. He made them rally and conserve his energy; he always played the mind game. Power tennis took a back seat when Agassi was around. In 1998 he bounced back to the no. 6 spot at the end of the year, after plummeting to an all time low of 141. He has gone a long way since then. Married to another sports legend Steffi Graf, he had a bet with her that she should play with him if he won the Australian open (which he apparently did not win) This guy has been candid all his career and has always spoken his heart out. Tennis is sure to miss one of its greatest players and this year also marks the last game of another of Tennis’s legends Martina Navratilova…she is another player I can write sequels about.
~Adieu Agassi

Sunday, September 03, 2006

blogs and lawsuits

be careful what you comment about. you mite end up facing a law suit.
read this to find out more