Sunday, October 30, 2005

A walk in the woods...

Little Grand Canyon, located in the Shawnee National Forest, Southern Illinois is nothing like the Grand Canyon..u cant even compare them both......but its really beautiful in its own way. went there on this trail..took us close to 2.5 hs to walk and come back to the cars.but was really picteresque..and the rustle of the leaves below my feet...the sound of the wind blowin against the trees.....made me wanna sing...tu hawa hai..fiza hai...zameen ki nahin....chek out this space here for more...FALL COLORS....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Nice ad !

got this mail as a fwd..and well its really kewl...whoever thought of it...simply awesome

read this somewhere...was really good..

I could feel at the time
There was no way of knowing
Fallen leaves in the night
Who can say where they´re blowing
As free as the wind
And hopefully learning
Why the sea on the tide
Has no way of turning
More than this - there is nothing
More than this - tell me one thing
More than this - there is nothing

Will you be the one??

Just wrote this poem like two days back...drafted it...and well didnt redraft it ...was trying to write something jus like that since its been long that i wrote...and well this was the first time i completely wrote on MS paper or stylus involved....

Will you be the one??

Will you be the one beside me

When I face my fears?

When am down and all blue

Will you be the one who wipes my tears?

Will you be the one holding my hand?

Leading my way, When am scared to walk

Will you be the one who really listens,

Without judging me, When I really want to talk?

When things are a mess,

Will you be the one hugging me tight?

Telling me, Dont you worry, it will be fine

Everything will be alright?

Will you be the one comforting me

When am in troubles deep?

Will you be the one who softly

Sings me to sleep?

Will you be the one who turns

All my frowns into smiles?

Will you be the one with me

When I am walking the whole mile?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

my painting...

chek it out here...

continuiing with the previous post...some useless inventions

We have been gettin fwds abut useless japanese inventions...u have seen the pics...lady with a roll of toilet paper on her head...tied up to help as a tissue for her cold...a guy eating noodles...with a fan attached to his chop sticks...when i googled about this i found out that the japanese have a whole list of inventions for it and they have a thing goin on for it...and they call it "chindongu" and is also selling this book..i never knew that...i came across and laughed my heart out reading and lookin at them. there were a few that caught my eye...

1. Waterproof Toilet paper
2.Nonstick Cellotape
3.FireProof matchsticks
4.Silent Alarm clock(i could use one)

chek this link out for more laughs...

Have a great weekend people.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

5 inventions that changed my life....

I read an article today on the HP website and someone had listed 5 inventions that changed her/his life...Well I thought may b i too would write about 5 that changed mine...

1.GOOGLE (though not an still on the top of my now i get to more invention jus in case this doesnt count....)of course tops the wat cant u do with it? u cannot do without it...well this whole blog wud b impossible without it....Its got so much goin with it....theres blogspot...theres orkut..theres they are multi-tasking...doin everything possible..the google talk...the google SMS is kewl...well everything abut google is jus kewl....

1 again...The, film camera...It has changed my life...coz well am a picture freak...thought i dont post my pics online...i take pics almost everyday..ths like my new year resolution. The camera invented by well so many ppl claim for it...Aristotle too...aint that amazing...with many resolutions...The digicam is a new revolution...

2The ballpoint pen....dunno how i will live without it. u scribble a phone no. down somewhere...u jot down someones email address...u write a note for someone...u daydream in class and try to stay awake scribbling something at the back of ur notebook....a face mayb? or a poem...u write and rewrite love letters...I personally like the sound of the pen scratching the paper...thats y i usually write most of my poems or stories..literally write them...

3The safety what wud u do without it...saved me frmso many moments which would have turned embarrassing otherwise.The safety pin was the invention of Walter Hunt in 1849. Hunt was a mechanic from New York..Thanks dude!!

4 the CD player....i got one as a gift two years back..its a sony...and its awesome....well now we have graduated to ipods...after goin thru flash mp3 players...well i have a card reader that doubles as an mp3 player...

5. The printing press...invented by john Guttenburg in 1450...without which i would have never been able to read the Harry Potter series, the enid blyton novels...Jeffrey morning tea with the Hindu at home in chennai...its one amazing marvel of science....

thas it i guess will try to write abut 5 absolutely useless inventions in my next post.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

ok one more news abut IPOD

i jus learnt that IPOD is gonna go where will this end?
someone really named their kid google...coz they liked google so much....this is unbelievable...

Monday, October 17, 2005

IPOD override..i know amposting late...but counts

Ipod mini, shuffle, nano...and now ipod is just overwhelming itself with lotsa technology...can we really take it? too much of technology is injurious to health...i read somewhre that pillows are the major source of many infections and pose a threat to health.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Oh October!!

So many things happening this october. I dont think I wrote after the Earthquake in Pakistan, India,Afghanistan. India refused aid for the relief efforts frm the thas another topic to debate. so many disasters happening in sequence, Katrina, Rita now this earthquake...the world is goin to the ruins.

Yahoo and MSN are doin something and you can share your contacts and some basic stuff, they have their limits as well. The main reason for this is they are trying to make a good deal of profit out of this and am sure its def gonna happen. Apple launched its new video we're goin places....

They had the Dorpa sponsored race in Nevada, and i think Stanley won the race, not sure of it though, coz i didnt follow it up as I had to look into many other things.
tas it i guess..will post more later

Monday, October 03, 2005

finally!! and...Dress code???

Finally...i got my hands on the sixth book of the harry potter series...and man is the book so kewl or wat? Well i wont b disclosing the ending or wat happens in the book...but its too much...and
JK Rowling leaves u wanting for more...cant wait to get my hands on the next book...and finally end it all. But well i wud be honestly really sad to see the series end....The book is jus marvellous.i am really at a loss of words to describe the book..coz u shud read it to enjoy it. I really pity those who dont read Harry Potter...coz well..u r missin outta lot!! May b frm their point of missin out a lot by readin...but well..I luv reading...and am gonna start reading DaVinci code yet again !

Ok i will shut up and say no more. this week's Sargam...(thas the show i host on WDBX carbondale) went on pretty well...though we were very disorganized the final outcome came out pretty well. we paid a kinda tribute to Mahatma Gandhi this sunday being Gandhi Jayanthi and all. played some really good songs.

There is a career fair in my university tomorrow and I personally think u need to be mentally prepared for the interview as well as look presentable. I think am jus gonna talk about how women should dress for the interview...personally i think skirts...formal skirts are in...they look more girlish...than a pant...but well yeah! the pants too look good..dont dress up too much....wear all nude shades and light, pastel shades of lipstick. If you spend too much time on make-up well u will end up trying to take care of it and miss out makin a good impression on ur potential employers....get ur hair really well done...u dont have to do some fancy hair do..jus pin up ur hair properly without loose strands if its long...may b jus put a clip and let it loose...see to it that ur hair is dandruff free if u r wearing a dark suit...always...a dark blue, black, (plain or pinstripes!) makes u look really professional. of course dont go by what i say...i am jus writing abut wat i think and wat i really like to wear. Well this is the first time i am pic bloggin on myscribblingpad. i have actually run outta i know where to get inspiration frm...everyday life!! so expect more pic blogs here and on picme! enuf of rambling lets get back to the topic. A good coiffeur will do a lot to ur hair...and once in a while its ok to spend some dollars! avoid too much jewelry. it will do u no good. in short dont be a mess.
interestingly in a magazine called fashion rocks, i read that there is some organization called who loan ppl suits for their interview and also lend them formal wear whn they get a job, isnt that kewl?? wear nice pointed shoes, or pumps. Black footwear always looks elegant. that is the only color that never loses its charm. A good perfume, that doesnt announce that u r there, even b4 u r 4 miles away works well. put on some deo. chew some mint or gum b4 u meet ur interviews and remember to spit it out.

am not a good person to get advice frm if u r dressin up fora formal interview..coz i say all the things everyone else says. but to add a personal touch...i would jus like to say this...Dress in something u r really comfortable in. dont wear something jus becuz it looks good...the question is do u feel good in it. coz the long waitin hrs may make u sweat and wanna breathe..if u try to fit into that age old suit that u had!

a tip i learnt frm the movie hitch, wash ur hands in warm water b4 u go meet them. coz this will ensure a real warm handshake.!! may b !! who knows..i have never tried that out...but well no harm in tryin it. Dont be nervous, and if ur palm sweats when u are nervous make sure u hve some kinda powder to counter that, but make sure u dont get it too greasy or too powdery!!
yup yup too much to take care if u r a lady!! but well thats fun aint it???