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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

If only Chapter 3

I might take a break for a while with the whole thanksgiving coming up. So happy thanksgiving you all!

If only Chapter 3

AD was busy getting together the invites and the RSVPs and scheduling the reunion. AD was a professional event organizer and she was happy with whatever she was doing. In fact she was proud she was putting this whole event together. She was married to her childhood sweetheart, Gaurav Gupta. They were a happy family and she had a two year old son and she had also adopted a daughter who was four years old now.

When she met Roshni for lunch she was not sure if she should tell her that Viv was also going to be there for the reunion. She held back saying that when she heard about the phone conversation and she figured it must have been DJ’s pranks and she was right.Aditi was confused as to why the two were so dumb to figure out that they were still very much in love with each other.


DJ finally gathered enough mettle to call up Roshni.

“How were your dreams Roshni? Am sure you missed me,did you sleep well? Did anything ring a bell at all in your dreams?” he chuckled.

“Dhruv Joshi, wait till you get back. I will personally make sure that you are dead. Why did you have that jerk calling me? Are you completely out of your mind?” she went on and on, while DJ kept his phone aside. When he finally put it back on his ear Roshni was almost done with her rants.

He sushed her and, “Honestly tell me Roshni, your heart skipped a beat hearing his voice didn’t it?”

She was taken aback by this question.

“That’s none of your business”, she replied.

“What happened Rosh? The cat caught your tongue or what?” and he started laughing out loud.

“You devil you! Get back here and we will fight over coffee or something”, she could not resist but laugh at his antics. He always brought out the laughter and cheer. DJ had that gift.


AD was very happy when Rosh called.

“Hey AD, I would be able to make it after all. Cant stay the whole time, but am sure I can come to the reunion”, she said happily.

“You are telling me as if you are doing me some big favor! Roshni it’s your reunion too, remember you were Ms.Xavier class of 1996? And by the way, I know this is last minute but you might have to give a small speech, since you were Ms.Xavier and all. Am sure it wouldn’t be a problem, you are very good at that!”

“Alright AD! Not a problem at all and you can count me in for sure” and she hung up.

to be continued...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

If only Chapter 2

This could take a while since its fresh from the oven. Anyways here goes part 2

If only Part 2…

“Roshni, I swear I didn’t have a clue as to where you were and knowing you I would not choose such an odd time to talk. Anyways hope you are keeping well and again am sorry to have woken you up, I should have known better. Adios.”

She replayed the message atleast a dozen times and listened to his voice. It was still mesmerizing as always and she could not give in yet. No not yet.

Roshni was cat-eyed just like her twin brother Suraj. She had looks that could kill. Draped in an ornately embellished sari or a simple kurta pyjama she always looked like a princess – stunning and breathtaking. She had this habit of biting her lips whenever she was uncomfortable or tensed and right now she was doing that.

She stopped the machine and jerked into reality and took off to cook some dinner.


Vividh Patil or Viv or VP as he was called was really a nice guy. He was the star of the group. He was just good at so many things, the multi talented guy type. He was the cul sec (short for cultural secretary) of his school and college, excelled in academics and had great hair and gorgeous looks. He was down to earth too. Now what more could you ask for in a guy?

He was a successful entrepreneur now. He did his masters in Finance and HR from Harvard Business School and was now handling business. His main forte was mergers and acquisitions and he was climbing great heights in a short span of time. He was recently involved as a major player in one of the mergers between two telephone companies in India.

He was at a party when DJ sneaked in the call and he was feeling bad that he started off on a bad note with Roshni again. He was already in her bad books and he did not want things to get any worse. He chided DJ for being so stupid and tried to make amends for his actions.
Even when he heard her yell, she sounded so beautiful. He was always awed by her no matter what she did. So he decided to leave her a message anyways and was sure she would not answer again, he knew her too well. He picked up the phone and dialed her number again.

“Why was it not a happily ever after story?” he wondered as he dialed.

to be continued...

Friday, November 17, 2006

If only Chapter 1

This is my next novel and I have been working on it for a long time now but havent written a lot so will keep posting it as and when I pen it down.

If only...Chapter 1

It was 2 am in the morning when the phone rang. Roshni was too sleepy to answer the call but she picked it up anyways mumbling a sleepy “Heeelllooo”,

“Hey, been long. I hope you know who this is?” said the voice at the other end. It was a guy and she knew that voice but she was too sleepy and irked to recollect.

“Moron! You call someone up in the middle of the night and you play guessing names? Are you out of your mind? Hang up!” saying so she slammed the phone down.

“But, listen Rosh...” the voice at the other end pleaded in vain.

Roshni was a nice person but when someone disturbed her while sleeping for no apparent reason she was a charging bull.


“You knew this and you still made me call her? Dhruv, what were you trying to do?”
“Oops! My bad!” Dhruv chuckled.
“She will eventually figure it out, and you will be in soup”
“I shall take care of that when she finds out” Dhruv said.


Roshni drank some water, turned down the ringer on the phone and slipped away into slumber land. She did not hear the phone ring the second time.

The next morning she left to work as usual. Roshni was an interior designer, following the footsteps of her father and she was now in charge of international operations. She had earned it. Her father had setup business a long time back and was now thoroughly established, even though she wanted to break away from the chain and start out on her own, she still felt that taking up her father’s business and promoting it on an international scale would be a tough challenge. She put her mind and soul into it and she was now slowly seeing some results. They were headquartered in Bangalore and Roshni stayed there for the time being, though she kept traveling internationally to meet with clients and for promoting business.

She was supposed to meet AD for lunch. Aditi Pradhan, popularly called AD and Roshni Shenoy went a long way back. They were buddies from fairy tale times.

“Rosh, did you get the invite email for the reunion?”

“What invite? What reunion? Don’t tell me that you and DJ are planning something cheesy and make a mess out of it”, Rosh queried in a concerned tone.

“Come on Rosh. Give the guy a break. Honestly,tell me if it wasn’t for DJ we would never be laughing so much. He is an adorable devil isn’t he?”

DJ was short for Dhruv Joshi who was also one among this crowd.Roshni nodded in approval.

“Alright, here’s the deal we were talking to our school and decided to have our ten year reunion of our tenth class after ten years, as planned” AD went on. Roshni was lost in thoughts. Just the mention of school brought back so many memories.

“He used to be so nice, what happened? We all used to have so much fun together. Why does it hurt now?” Roshni wondered.

“…and so we decided to have it on Christmas so that everyone would be able to make it. So now after listening to the long history…you better make it. I won’t take any excuses ok?” AD warned her.

“What? Oh on Christmas I might be busy. But let me see if I can work around my schedule. I can’t promise, but I will surely try” she smiled as they wrapped up lunch. She carried that omnipresent smile that was irresistible.

Roshni came back home and checked her messages. There were so many unheard messages and she decided it was high time to listen to them and erase them all. There was a message from her brother Suraj and some marketing calls and a blank call from Dhruv who just said…

”This is a blank call. Blank!” she laughed as she erased it. When she heard the next message she could not believe what she heard. It was the same voice from yesterday night. She knew who it was now. “Why did he call?” she wondered and did not listen to the message. “Of all the people in the world why did Vividh call now?” She replayed it.

to be continued...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Unsaid- The end

Pete and Jenny carried on with their own lives, occasionally bumping into each at the café, the garage, pretending to be polite to each other and very much getting on each other’s nerves.

It was the end of February and the movie started on schedule. Jenny was on and off the sets. She had to travel sometimes, she got her own cell phone, and she was busy. She got a call from Steve reminding her, for the tenth time about the wedding. Only then she realized she hadn’t thrown the bridal shower for charlotte and she got busy with it and it went on well, she heaved a sigh of relief after that got over.

************ *********** *********************** *********** ***********************

It was the first week of March and Jenny flew in from California for Steve’s wedding. She was like a celebrity who just got there on time; she then realized that she did not have a date. Suddenly her loneliness in her life crept up. She tried to nap the thought off and enjoyed the wedding. It was June and the summer was extremely hot. Jenny and Pete had to run into each other on the sets very often. They were not happy about it. She tried to make it a point to criticize everything he did and he snared at her. He argued about how she was wrong with the characterization. They were turning the sets into a battle field and the director had to call the shots. The two never yielded. The carping and cribbing continued. It was as if a whole other action movie was going on the same set. He was rude, she was a bitch and the crew got to laugh at their childishness!!

****** *********** *********** ****************** *********** ***********************

It was winter again, the same Christmas and New Year again. Jenny spent Thanks giving and Christmas and the New Year at Steve’s. It was wonderful to take a break from the movie and she did enjoy, though she missed fighting with Pete, though some of it was compensated at Steve’s. Pete was missing her too. It was February and the movie was to release in two weeks.

“Guess! We won’t be ripping out each other anymore, unless, God forbid, we end up doing another movie together”, Pete finally broke the ice.

“Ya! I guess so Listen”, before she could finish he had left.

They were both invited on the Late show on Feb 14th for a special promotion of the movie. It was to be live on air. Pete went to Allan’s house, joined in their happiness as they celebrated their first year together, it was their first anniversary. When he saw Allan and Irene, he saw how complete they were and how happy they were, he suddenly realized that he was not happy. There was a sharp sting in his mind that told him why.

“I gotta, go now Allan, I’ve got a show tonight.”

“But that’s not until 10p.m. Its only 11 in the morning now. Pete, what’s wrong with you?” Allan asked

“I tell you Irene, he’s been acting like a lunatic for a long time now” and they laughed.

Pete didn’t hear it though as he had already left. He went with a decision in his mind. They had arrived half-an-hour earlier at the studio and went through the usual routine of make-up and meeting with letterman before the show.

“Its nice to have you”, he told them. Pete was the first guest on the show. He was splendid. The money had done him good. He looked happy though there was something incomplete about him. He carried himself very well through the show. Then it was Jenny’s turn. They paused for a break and some other acts before the next guest came in. Somebody stuck something in Jenny’s hand. She didn’t know what to do. It was just a few seconds before they would be on and she had to go in as they gave her the cue. It was a card on the envelope it was written
“THE UNSAID”She opened it.

Dearest Jenny,

“All I ever wished
Was for to see your smiling face
All I ever hoped
Was for you to give me that special gaze

All I ever prayed
Was for an angel like you beside
All I ever dreamed
Was to have this amazing feeling inside

All I ever did
Was love you with all my heart
All I ever wanted
Was to be with you even after death do us apart

All I ever thought
I could never convey
All I ever said
Was never meant to be that way

I don’t know why
I was just so shy
May be if you could give me another chance
I could say the unsaid all over again.

Now all I ever want to do
Is to just keep loving you
Forever and forever”

Probably when you meet the right person, you’ll feel it in your heart. I did feel it. I think we’d be great together. What do you think?” Let me know.
Peter Willard.

Tears clouded her eyes. She was very happy, never felt like this before. She was walking on air.

“You’re on in 5 seconds”, the cameraman gave her the cue.

She was speechless, she did not know what to do. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

“Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Ms. Jennifer Rodricks” and there was applause. She was in a long, slim, black evening gown, wearing a diamond necklace. She had her hair done and she looked stunning. Pete looked at her from the corner of his eye and was dumbstruck. But he caught a glimpse of her moist eyes and his card in her hand. He had got his answer. The show went on well, they talked about the movie and how she started as a writer and the usual stuff. Then finally it was over. They shook hands and as Jenny walked up to Pete, She opened her mouth to say something. HE silenced her, taking her in his arms and gently pressing his index finger over her lips

“Sssh...", he whispered,"I know. Let me do the talking and say the Unsaid.” and planted a firm kiss on her lips.

Thanks for reading this story, I know the ending came just about too fast but as I told you before this is just a brief gist of the storyline. The original story would be more elaborate.

Shall start posting my short stories next.


Stranger than Fiction

This movie was a sweet surprise. The story line not so captivating one would think but it comes as a sweet shock when you laugh along and live the life of Harold Crick, an IRS agent who does not control his fate and he is just fascinated I think that would be mildly put, he is obssessed with numbers, everywhere every time he always finds numbers to keep him busy be it the restroom or the steps he takes to the bus stop. In short he does not have a life and this Karen Eiffel, the writer of his story forces him to get one. The way he tries to communicate with the author when things go wrong for him is really funny to watch.

The scene where his house gets wrecked is funny and then he realizes that its time he gets control over his life and does so many things he always wanted to do.

Maggie Gyllenhall has played her role as Ana Pascol well and Emma Thompson excels in her role as Karren Eiffel, the psychotic writer who imagines herself being killed when she wants to kill one of her characters, of course you can't expect much less from an actor of her calibre. Will Ferell is funny and charming as always. Directed by Marc Forster(Finding Neverland...wat's with this guy..always books,authors and fiction)

All in all a good watch this movie.

Picture courtesy : comingsoon

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The unsaid Part 20

Without further is

The unsaid part 20

At first he thought, “What is she doing here?”

“Well, it was just a date and then she decided to call it off. It was nothing.”

She too looked at him and thought about it for a while but only when they got to meet the producers they were introduced to each other. It was a very cold handshake. They realized they were working on the same movie. Though she hated the guts of Pete, She still had to admit he’d make a perfect designer for the cast, as he, she felt, was like her in thought ( Even though she was not proud to admit this to herself or Pete). They decided on the story line and once again the cast was confirmed, though there were a few changes now. Jenny would start working immediately and Pete too had to start designing. It was going to be a very long year as they planned to finish the movie in 8-10 months and release it in February of the next year.

“Well it’s all set then, Shall we disperse or do we have any more queries?” Mr. Franklin, one of the producers enquired.

There were more clarifications and queries. Finally it was all settled, all doubts clarified.

“Ok then ladies and gentlemen, we meet here exactly one month from now. That’ll be 25th of February 2002”.

********* ************ ******************

Vicky was busy preparing to throw Irene her bridal shower. It was a very beautiful thought and she invited all of Irene’s friends and it was a very happening bridal shower.

*********** *********** ***************
As instructed by Allan, Pete did not use the thousand bucks; instead he paid him the money. He had been requested to design Irene’s bridal gown. As a best friend he couldn’t do more. Irene came to the boutique and tried it on. It was a very beautiful gown.

“It’s gorgeous Pete. Thanks a lot” her eyes were glowing with joy.

“I’m just happy that I could do something for you guys. Don’t mention it.”
It was a beautiful white satin gown garnished with laces, appliqués and tissue. It was everyone’s dream wedding gown.

************** ********** *********

Jenny was busy, day in and day out writing the dialogues for the movie, she was drafting a rough, redrafting and drafting and redrafting the final draft. She was always seen with the laptop. It was the life line for Jenny right now along with her cappucino. She was in the cab with the laptop. She had forgotten about Andy, Steve, Pete and even how to live. She was dressed in slacks, all the time. She wanted to make it big with her first movie. So she was putting in all the efforts she could. It was as if she was living in another dimension.

**************** ********************

It was the 2nd of February and Pete was at his boutique. He was busy drawing sketches for the designs. He checked and rechecked with the existing designs, picking and rejecting. It was, he had to admit, a very tiresome job. He had no one to consult except his assistants. There were two of them Alex and Gracie. They two were putting in their efforts. It was a big break for them too.

************ **************** ***********
It was the 13th of February and it was 6:00 in the evening and there was chaos and commotion at Allan’s apartment. It was his bachelor’s party and it was the usual bachelor’s party and I don’t think I’ll have to elaborate on that. The next day, was the D-day for Allan. He was quite jittery.

“Everyone gets cold feet before marriage Allan, its very natural. Just get over this pre-wedding nerve and you’ll be better.”, advised Pete.

It was a very happening night for the guys and they enjoyed it to the core.

******** ************** ***********

It was Feb 14th and Allan’s wedding went on very well. Pete was dressed in his Tux and was looking smart in the black tux with a neck tie. After the wedding the couple left in the usual tin-foil cans tied car, and the throwing of the bouquet by the bride and usual shower of golden spangles and confetti.

At the dinner after everyone settled down, Pete proposed a toast to Allan, “Well, I’ve known the guy with his gal for just 8 months and he’s just terrific. He was not jittery, unlike others, he was not scared to commit. That takes a lot of courage. I am happy for Irene but sad that she stole my roomie, though. Here’s to Mr. and Mrs. Turner,” and they all raised their glasses in acknowledgement.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The unsaid part 19

When you are almost reaching the end of the story you get to the point where you say..
Am done reminding people...

The Unsaid part 19

Jenny was shocked to hear this “Why does this always happen to me? Anyway, he did not treat me bad. So I’ve got nothing to lose. I had a wonderful evening, had a great dinner. Well, if I am single I think I’ll have to put up with all this. But definitely not with jerks like Pete. What does he think of himself?” she kept thinking and fell asleep.

Pete entered his apartment. “Hey man what’s up. How was your hot date?”, Allan enquired

“The best evening of my life. I wish I could tell you more, but I gotta get some sleep man” and he went off to bed. Allan was left wondering.

“Hey Pete! I hope you know that you are my best man and don’t forget about my bachelor’s party.”

“Sure man”, Pete yelled back. “Now I have to get some sleep. I am too tired.

It was almost a week after their first date. Pete decided he would call up Jenny. He did not know why, but he liked her. He thought they would be great together. He dialed her number. In that past week he had thought of sending flowers to Jenny, but he thought that would be a very big step and decided not to do so.

“Hello can l talk to Jennifer please.”

“Ya! Pete I just got one thing to tell you. Stop bothering me.”

“Why ?Did I do anything wrong?”

“What happened? I think I have the right to know”

“Well I think you had a bet with your friend about taking me to dinner.”

“But Jenny…..”

“No buts, Yes or No?”

“Yes I did make a bet. But…”

“Well, that’s all I wanted to know. Good bye.” And she slammed the phone down.

“Hello..” Pete kept taking, but the line went dead.

“Well its fine, if she’s not interested, why should I bother” and he slammed the phone down.

“I don’t have to woo her I am not that kinda guy.” That’s how their love story began.


Allan was very busy with arrangements for his wedding. He was hardly ever in the apartment. Pete felt he had the whole apartment to himself. They were busy posting cards, deciding on the guest list, fighting, making-up. Pete just loved to hear Allan talk. The guy was funny. He just watched Allan talk about his experiences with his wedding arrangements. It was humorous.

“Take my word, Pete. Don’t get married. If you ever get married, don’t get married on Feb. 14th. There’s something about that day, that gets people excited.”


Steve called up Jenny and told her the good news. Jenny was happy for him.

“You know Steve, its time you settled down in life. I believe you are marrying the squint-eyed girl friend of yours. Tell her that I want to meet her soon I’ve lots of things to tell her.”

“Don’t even dream about it. That’ll never happen”

“Well, we’ll see about that Steve. She’s my good friend you know. We need to talk. I’ll call her up.”

“Don’t even dare to lift your finger to dial her number. I know, what you have to tell her.”

“Nice try, Steve”. “Good bye…” and she hung up.


Andy was in Philadelphia now with his sister. He was on medication. He had consulted his psychiatrist and he advised him to go on medication as his stress level was too high. You must control yourself. Don’t get emotional over anything. Andy then decided his only cure was Jenny and he called her.

“Jenny, Andy here”,

“What do you want now, Andy?”

“I don’t want to bother you, but I think I am going crazy with out you. Why didn’t you stop me when I was going out? I think about you Jenny. I don’t know what I was doing.”

“You’ve given me all that enough and more reasons to hate you Andy. Tell me what’s new or keep the phone down. I am sick and tired of going through this trauma again and again. Stop calling me. If you dare, I’ll call the cops. Take my word. Get over our relationship. Face it. Its over I have moved on and I think you should too. Good bye Andy. Take care of yourself” and she hung up the phone.

It was the 23rd of January and Jenny was busy with her movie. She had talked to the chief Executive Producer of 20th Fox Pictures and they had decided to start shooting in a month. So Jennifer had very little time on her hands where in she had to throw a bridal shower for Charlotte (Steve and Charlotte were planning to enter wedlock somewhere in the 1st week of March. They had not yet decided on the date) write the script for the movie and also continue her job for the sitcom series. It was going to be one hell of a month for her.

The producers had consulted with her for the casting, and they had decided on everything. It was all set to start by the end of February. She had very little time to squeeze in everything.Pete got a call from the producers and he was asked to come in for a brief introduction to the story session, so that he would understand the characters well and design accordingly when he walked into the hotel lobby of “The Millennium Hilton”, little did he realize, that he would run into Jenny again.

To be continued...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The unsaid part 18

Here it is... I am trying to keep it in flow with the story that's why some posts are long, some are short. so bear with me.
Also make sure you read the other parts to get a hang of the story.
Happy reading :)

The Unsaid part 18

Jenny could not believe she had such a wonderful time. She did not want to get involved, very soon but the way he treated her, was all-new. With Andy, it was never like that. They basically grew up together, so there was no boyfriend, girlfriend. They just used to hang out together.

“What an idiot I was to think, that it was true love. Thank you, Andy for realizing it and also for making me realize”, she thanked Andy as she was going up in the elevator.

She went into her apartment and apparently seemed to be in a very ecstatic mood. She was humming some song.

“Hey Jenny! You seem to be in a very good mood. I presume your date went well. So who’s the lucky guy?” Vicky enquired.

“He is my prince charming, Vicky. I never thought I’d be so happy, not even in my dreams.”

“Did he seem interested?”

“I think so, but I’m not sure. You know I was so much crowded with my thoughts, for a minute. Thank God! He’s not a mind reader.”


“You know! The usual stuff you think about, when you go on your first date. Well you had a lot of stuff and time to think about, I had a horrible time at first.”

“Oh yes! I do go through all that, that’s really bad. So who is it?”

“It’s that guy I met at the party yesterday, Pete.”

“Peter Willard?” Vicky enquired. “Oh yes. He’s a friend of yours right?”

“No, I mean yes, but friends. We met at the New Years party.

"If you’re interested in him I’ll step out Vicky.”

“Nothing like that Jenny. I just had to tell you one thing though, he had a bet with his friends about taking you to dinner. Its not that I want to ruin your relationship with Pete. Just wanted to you to know”, and she turned in for the night.

to be continued...

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I'm thinking about: cleaning my kitchen.
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I sing: Main hoon Don everyday.
I cry: never in front of others.
I'm not always: lazy
I make with my hands: play dough dolls for my niece.
I write: my blog everyday.
I confuse: others...(atleast thats what some of my friends tell me when i talk to them)
I need: a long vacation

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The unsaid Part 17

I guess a week should have been enough to catch up with the previously of unsaid...
Here is part 17 now..

The unsaid Part 17

They sat down. Their table was near the window. The restaurant had a dim lighting. Kenny-G was on the saxophone. Each table had its own speakers.

“Shall we order”, he passed out the menu card to her. The waiter came and took their order.

“So, where are you from?”, Jenny asked.

“Opposite block to yours” and they started laughing. The tension eased a wee-bit.

“I am from Florida. My folks live up there. We have out own farms there you know.”

“That’s nice. Lovely place”, she commented,

“Have you ever been there, Jennifer?”

“Yes. Amazing weekend at the resort for New Year.”

“That’s what I call destiny. I could have met you earlier in Florida. But, my folks came here for New Year”

“That’s interesting. So how long have you been in New York Pete?”

“About six or seven months. I tell you, the city is amazing.”

“So, I reckon you like it here, huh! Aren’t you fed up with the monotony?”

“Well you know me, I am my own master.”

“You just, sounded like me”, and they enjoyed their dinner quietly, not quiet as much quiet.

“Do you like the food?” he asked. “What a silly question to ask her? You are a moron!” he said to himself.

“It’s amazing. I wonder how I never came here before.

It’s strange thought Pete you’ve been here only for a short while; you seem to know New York quite well.”

“Jenny what’s wrong with you? You’ve gone far overboard. I should write about this in my show sometime, It’s no time to think about shows. Oh God! Help me, shout up!”, she thought.

“I like traveling and I love to eat. It should be good food. So what you do in your free time Jennifer?”

“Nothing much and call me Jenny please. I thought you would pick up the cue. I kept calling Pete. Enough of embarrassing me. Well I write.”

“No, that’s your job I asked you about your hobbies.”

“Well I like to star-gaze. I have my own telescope and eye capturing sky’s cape at night. “I thought you looked at the sky Jenny, not at the sky’s cape. Don’t tell me you’re a peeping Tom?” And they stared laughing.

“I did watch the Leonid showers. I kept making wish after wish for the meteors, everyday. It was a wonderful sight, looked as though the sky manufactured its own fireworks and put up a night show. It was a spectacular event. Did you watch it, Pete?”

“Oh Yes! I did fascinating stuff”.

“So, how did your get into fashion designing, a very interesting and challenging job, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is. I was, quiet good at drawing from my childhood, not that I wanted to become an artist, I did do a few art exhibitions, but I got paid very less. My father could use the money, so I switched to Fashion Designing and well I am making enough dough to afford a car and an apartment in Manhattan. Now that’s life isn’t it?”

“Oh yes it is”, she nodded heavily, her earrings dangling. “You tell you were good at drawing right, Pete?”

“Quite good yes”.

“Then will you sketch my portrait right here, right now. I’d love to have my portrait sketched. It’s always been a dream of mine.”

Pete hesitated. “I don’t have the proper equipments.” “Yes you do”, and she gave him a pen and a paper. “Tell you what, I’ll sketch you roughly. But you can come to my boutique anytime and I’ll sketch you your portrait. Its my birthday gift to you.”

The two suddenly realized, that they were having fun and the voices inside had silenced themselves with the tape. Then finally left the restaurant and the traffic was not that heavy, so they reached home easily.

“You don’t give me the pleasure to walk from the car to your door, ‘coz you live right opposite my block. That’s sad, isn’t it Jenny?” and they started laughing. . She was looking so beautiful and lovely sitting in his car, laughing at his stupid jokes.Pete suppressed every nerve of his to kiss her.

“To tell you the truth Pete, I was apprehensive at first. I thought I’d broken down and it’d ruin everything. But, you are an interesting guy Pete. I must admit. I had a wonderful time tonight. Good night Pete”, and got out of the car and crossed the road.

“You jerk! Get up and go behind her. You should have said something too. Are you deaf or what? Didn’t you hear her talk, then couldn’t you have talked back. You just sat there gaping like an idiotic ape….”

“I’ll call you Jenny Good night” he yelled out as she went in. She waved back and smiled. She was surprised he didn't make his move to kiss her goodnight. That was sure something different and totally not typical of a guy she thought as she took the elevator upstairs.

to be continued

Friday, November 03, 2006

Haunted Halloween!

Originally uploaded by digijinx.
I wanted to write this post on Halloween but I was busy caught up doing all crazy things and could not get around doing it. This Halloween I had awesome fun and an amazing time! I don’t want to bore anyone with the history of Halloween (honestly speaking…I myself don’t know what it is all about. You can always Google for answers)
This post is about what I did for Halloween. The following can be classified into that category:
Went on a Haunted Hayride
Went to the Halloween fest in Salem, M.A.
Dressed up as a witch and flew on my broomstick!(and no am not the witch in the picz. its just a mannequin)
Made a magic wand
Went to a fright fest

Now let me elaborate a little bit on these. Hayrides were always fun! I miss the hayrides back in Keith’s (a friend of mine who lives back in Illinois) farm. We used to be dragged around on the tractors, carts filled with hay cubes, Marlin and Daniel popping out of the blue and scaring the beegeeses out of me. Regretting the first time I did not take my warm jacket to keep me out of the cold…but I enjoyed it every time. I always made sure I took the last ride not many commuters, so I could lie down and I loved gazing at the stars on a lucid, cold night! Come back to hot chocolate and then there is campfire where you can spot Linda, Kudzai, Beth singing away! Making smores, over-roasting the marshmallows still eating the smores anyways, fighting with each other to grab the stick to roast the marshmallows, the Hershey’s chocolates half eaten before they went into the smores! The little odd games that we used to have during this hayride evening. I always had fun, I never wanted to go back home after the rides. Miss all you guys.
Ok now back to the hayride I went on this time, it was a long line to get the tickets and then another hour to get on to the tractors. There was this guy donning a mask who kept coming with different props and scaring the hell out of people while we were waiting. That was supposedly a sneak preview to what was in store at the farm when on the ride. It was a good one though, there was a bloodsucking vampire, a psycho Steve, and some demons may be. They were armed with electric saws and baseball bats and cropped out of no where and kept terrorizing people all the way. It was fun, I screamed my lungs out. Since I knew what was coming I was not that scared but I must admit screaming was lots of fun.
There was this tunnel kind of thing where they played haunted music and closed both ends of it and there were all these scary people around to terrify you. That was the grand finale of the hayride. Then we walked into a haunted house on the farm and one room was completely dark and it was quite spooky to walk through those. Finally it ended with a walk through a corn maze. A cold night, no hot chocolate or warm campfire. It still was fun slightly marred by drunken teenagers sitting next to me and who were totally insanely intolerable creatures. They were worse than the masked musketeers!

Salem, Massachusetts is famous for the witch trials in the 1600’s. I learnt quite a bit about it watching Sabrina, the teenage witch and then of course I have Googled and gained a lot of knowledge about the city. Someone suggested it would be the best place to visit for Halloween since they always have a Halloween fest. So decided to visit the so called place. Hit heavy traffic and even almost changed my mind, but ended up going there anyways. When I went there I felt I was in Diagon alley (if you have read Harry Potter you would know). There were all kinds of stuff being sold there wings, crazy hats, wands, hotdogs. There was Edward Scissorhands, bikers dressed up as werewolves. I visited the psychic fair and got my present, past and future read by a tarot card reader and orb reader. The highlight of the whole trip was when I dressed up as a witch and cast a spell with a wand and took off on my broomstick. Felt like I was in a Harry Potter book with my purple robe, cape and pointed witch’s hat lined with purple feathers! Everywhere I spotted people dressed up mostly as witches and wizards. It was one crazy town, was total fun being there.

The night before Halloween went to six flags for the fright fest. Took the superman ride yet again! It was one helluva ride. Then walked through the trail of terror. Since I had already been to the haunted hayride, I knew what to expect in the trail of terror though some small kids were scared and did not even enter the happy valley (that’s what they called it). All in all Halloween was very, very exciting and lots of fun.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Intentionally for people to catch up with the unsaid, am giving a good break! Halloween was fun did a lot of stuff around it. Shall post more on that.

I am also getting back to my picture blog. click here. Thanks to Prasanna for it though. dunno if u r reading this Pras!

Most of you would have already seen the pics..but no harm in posting them again is it?

For those of you who are regular readers and think am being unfair and not posting unsaid , i guess you could use the break too. I shall start posting the story from Monday again.
Will do a bit of other posts during this break.

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The unsaid part 16

The unsaid is almost at its end now. Let me remind you all that this is just a brief gist of the actual story so if it moves fast or if it ends too soon, don't blame me. If at all ever I get my works published there would be a lot of editions and additions to this story.

I have received feed back saying that off late the parts of the story are too small and they want to read more, I don't intentionally break them into parts but a good story teller needs to build the story and then get to the climax. and I am following that golden rule. Thanks though to all of you who are reading this.

Please read the previous parts before reading this one. Check the side bar for the links under


The Unsaid part 16

Andy was devastated. He thought theirs was fairy tale love. He was the prince charming and Jenny was the princess, so beautiful. They had to live happily ever after. That’s how it should have ended. He never, not even in his dreams thought that Jenny would get over him, so quickly. He wondered how that was possible. He had gone to his office and then on his way he was stopped as disaster struck the city. As he was making his way back, stuck in traffic, he started thinking and was now having second thoughts about marriage. But when he saw Jenny at the coffee shop the other day, he thought otherwise. He was just confused.


Steve was out with his girl friend, Charlotte. He was not yet engaged. He had been bragging to his sister and to himself, but he never had the courage popped the question.

Charlotte was a teacher at a local public school.

She had met Steve when she went to file a litigation on behalf of her school. They were both exchanging glances at the first meeting and then Steve mustered up enough mettle to ask her out and then the fairy tale was ever after! He had introduced Charlotte to his parents and to Jenny and everyone adored her. Jenny and Charlotte became good friends. Steve was really glad about that.

But now he was very tensed.It was a now or never situation. They had finished dinner and were waiting for their check.

"Steve, Are you alright?”, Charlotte asked with a concern.

“I am fine. I’ll be back in just a second”, he excused himself and went to the men’s room.

Charlotte was wondering, “What’s wrong with this guy? Is it something to do with Jennifer? I hope she’s alright. Poor thing.” She kept thinking and suddenly she got a fortune cookie in front of her and a cake too.

“Excuse me, we didn’t order these”, But no one seemed to listen. The waiter just walked away.

“Strange place”, she told Steve as he sat down.

“Why Charlotte?” “Look at this”, she pointed to the food on the table.

“So what, nobody seems to mind. Eat the cookie first”, he said.

“Ok! If you say so.” and she shrugged as she broke the cookie and was interested in the fortune more than the cookie.

The fortune read. You are going to be happy in a few minutes.

She had been waiting for this moment and they both shared the dessert. Something was in her mouth as she started to eat the cake, Charlotte pulled out the thing from her mouth and it was a beautiful diamond ring, though it was covered with chocolate. She looked up to Steve, he was not there.

He was down on his knees, looking at her and he finally managed to ask

"Charlotte, Will you be mine? "She was overwhelmed, swept off her feet. She couldn’t react, though she had been expecting this for a long time, it was a unique feeling.

“Oh! Yes Steve! Yes”, and she pulled him close asking “What took you so long?” and kissed him. It was a long, passionate kiss. The people in the restaurant started applauding.

******* *********** *********** ********

Pete parked the car and they went in the reservation. He checked with the manager and they were led to their table. They were still trying to make small talk though they felt really comfortable with each other.

To be continued...

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The unsaid part 15

I really enjoyed writing part 15. Subtle conversations...less of a conversation more of a monologue. Have a nice weekend you all! Halloween is around the corner...
dont forget to read the previous parts before moving on to this one.

The unsaid part 15

They left the apartment. “So tell me, where we are going Peter”

“Pete, you can call me Pete. How about a nice dinner at the French Restaurant. It’s new in town and I’ve dined there. It’s amazing. I hope you’ll like it” They tried to while away time as they got down the elevator making small talk. Pete walked her to his car and opened the door. They got in and it was very tense. Jenny was too reserved to talk. He was too dumbstruck.

“So is that an Armani you are wearing?” she enquired. “Oh God! At last something to talk about. Let him not answer in one word. Why did I ever get into this. Who am I trying to be? What am I trying to prove?” she was talking to herself.

“Yes it is. You may wonder why I’m not wearing one from my own collection. To tell you the truth, I think stink at designing. How great does it feel to parade and strut around in your Armani. The feelings awesome”, he bragged.

“I think I’m talking a lot. Shut up now! Or else she’s going to get out of the car and walk out.” But he did not listen.

“You look great. The pearls bring out the color of your eyes”.

“Thank you”, she blushed, she did not know why. “It never happened with Andy”, she thought.

“You Moron! You should have told her that as you walked in the apartment or at least as you entered the car. Now it looks as if you are complimenting her just because she talked about your suit. You are a complete fragment of crap, sent by God. Only he can save you”.

“The traffic is real bad, these days isn’t it?” he wondered.

“Tell me about it. Yesterday afternoon I was driving from queens. It was one helluva drive. I never thought I’d reach Manhattan.” “This is interesting isn’t it. We’re talking to each other. Who am I kidding? This is a total disaster”, Jenny wondered quietly.

“You want to listen to some music”, he said this as he put on the radio. It was rocking a beautiful number of Bryan Adams, “have you ever really loved a woman”. “What happened to all that you wanted to talk about. You did not sleep last night remember. “I am saving it for dinner. What’ll we talk then. I am not that dumb” Pete was fighting with himself.

“When will we reach the restaurant? I think he’s taking me to a restaurant in France not the French Restaurant. God! Why is it taking so long?” she thought. Both were so busy with their thoughts that they forgot to talk to each other. Both had an interesting conversation with themselves and they finally reached the restaurant

to be continued...

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The unsaid part 14

Here is part 14. Don't forget to catch up with the other parts to proceed. I had fun writing parts 11 to 15. Infact part 15 is my favorite! its to follow this post obviously!

The Unsaid part 14

Jennifer was looking forward to the date, in her own unique style. This was her first date with anyone else other than Andy. They had been together ever since, she could remember. She had forgotten all about the date in her excitement of the movie, but Pete’s call reminded her. Jennifer wanted to look casual and natural. She did not want to give him any ideas or any signals, that she was interested, though she really wanted to.

She first dressed herself in low cut strapless evening gown.

“No, that’s too formal and showy Jenny and it does send out all the signals. Makes me look like am all needy! Naa.. You are not going to an opera, and you look too revealing in this dress, she told herself.

She did not understand why she agreed to go out with Pete. She finally decided on a knee high Versace skirt in beige, with an embroidered blue tunic. She chose to wear her pearls; she felt she looked elegant in pearls. But to tell you the truth she looked ravishing and drop dead gorgeous. The pearls brought out the color of her lovely blue eyes. Jennifer had a good dress sense. One must admit that she was pampered and her natural instincts made her choose the right kind of clothes. She had this gift from her father. He was always impeccably dressed for any occasion. The phone rang, she picked it up.

“Hello Jenny! It’s Steve. I just called to check if you were ok?”

“I am sure. You know what I’m going out for a date in another half-an-hour. So, stop your mawkish statements. I’ve to get dressed you know.”

“Oh! So when you get a boy friend he steals you away from me. I am going to kick that guy. By the way, who is it?”

“I’ll tell you, after I get back. Wait a minute, why should I? it’s none of your business to poke your nose into my personal things, Mr. Peeping Tom” “Good bye” and she hung up the phone.

“Man! These girls”, Steve said as he slammed the phone down.

Jenny was all set to go. It was almost eight-thirty and the buzzer rang.

“Hi Jenny.” “Come on up Pete”. After a few minutes, Pete walked in. She had opened the door. He was amazed to feel amazed. She looked great & it look he was star struck.

“You look great!”, he uttered hesitantly.

“Thanks”. Do you want a drink?”, she queried. “No thanks. Shall we?”, he offered his hand.

“Let me just grab my jacket” she said.

to be continued...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The unsaid Part 13

Its almost thirteen parts now and I can't believe so many of you are reading this story!
I recently installed neoworkx blog tool on my blog and I am kind of hooked to it these days. It gives me a detailed list of visitors with the city name and state and also the flags are displayed in the side bar! Its quite a neat tool. Thank you people for visiting and perusing through my blog.
Read the previous parts in the sidebar under The Unsaid or check the previous posts in here's what you just missed!

Happy reading. I think I will follow The Unsaid with my next novel if I still have people left around to read on...

The Unsaid Part 13

Pete could not believe what he read and then he read it again. Then he picked up the phone and dialed Jennifer’s number.

“Hello, can I talk to Jennifer Please?”

“Ya! Speak up. It’s Jennifer.”

“Good morning, this is Peter Willard I don’t think you’ll remember me. We meet in your party last night and...”.

“Oh! I do remember you" she said and bit her lip. "now why did i do that?", she wondered. but he still stood out from the crowd and she still remembered he had asked her out.

'I’m sorry I was such a jerk. I came late and I did not know anything about your fiancé. I am sorry.”

“Oh no! you don’t have to be sorry. It was not your fault. Really, Don’t embarrass me by saying sorry again”, and they chatted on for some more time. A few days later they bumped into each other at the laundry and were yapping away. Jenny began to think that this guy is ok and finally after a few weeks he summed up the courage and asked her out. He called her in the afternoon,“Ok, so are we still on tonight?”


“Then I’ll come to pick you up at 8.30 in the evening.”


“Bye. See you then”.


************** ************** ***********

It was seven in the evening when Allan returned home.

“Boy! What a day” he exclaimed as he sunk on the couch.

“Pete, are you in there”, he shouted.

“I’ll be out in just a minute”, he yelled back.

“Tell you what, Pete, people are more excited about Feb. 14th, than the wedding. I should have had my wedding on some other day. “We just got the cards and posted them”.

Pete came out, looking dashing in his Grey Armani suit.

“Hi Allan!” Allan turned around and let out a loud whistle.

“Whew! Pete. Gotta hot date tonight. You never wear your Armani, unless it’s someone special. Who’s the lucky girl?”

“I’ll tell you later.”

“Cool it man! I am getting married. I’m not going to steal your girl, I have my Irene and I am totally happy.”

“No offense Allan. But I’ll tell you about her very soon. I hardly know her.”

“Okay. But don’t forget my thousand bucks”, he pointed out at him.

“Okay. I won’t but I think we ought to sit and talk about it and now is not the time. Anyway, I gotta go now.”

It was 7:30. He checked himself, groomed his hair for the last time in front of the mirror and left.

To be continued...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fall Foliage White Mountains,NH-Weekend getaway

The Pemigewasset River
Originally uploaded by

Yes yet another travelogue! This time I had been to the white mountains in New Hampshire! Paradise on earth I would name it. I did miss this place at the peak of fall,am very sure it would have been gorgeous ,no harm done still managed to catch the final glimpses of fall as the leaves are blown away by the wind. Not a sound but the rustle of leaves under your feet or the occasional chirping of the birds with the Pemigewasset River running in the backdrop its like the perfect place to be! I guess I say this about every place I visit! Can't help it Nature is marvellous. I have always been obsessed with fall I don't why may be the red,orange and yellow colors or the cold breeze or the gentle rain or the soft rustle of leaves under my feet...I could go on..the list is exhaustive. I am simply a die hard fan of fall thats all.I did write a poem abut my visit and am following it up with this post. As usual if you click on the photo it will take you to flickr for more!

All aboard at 7 am in the morning, a group of 16 of us set out in 4 cars to this place. As we crossed into Vermont, the drive was totally beautiful. It was foggy and we steered into clear roads with the sunlight peeping through the golden yellow leaves of fall, kissing the grass blades drenched in dew drops. It was a wonderful drive to get to another awesome place. The strangest thing was all our cell phones lost signal soon as we entered vermont!

Entering New Hampshire, we took the NH 118 route which was scenic. We made a lot of pitstops by teh stream, by a lake, and on the road and clicked a lot of pictures. Took a bunch of them as I was driving the car. The roads were all paved with gold. The fall leaves withered away and were ornately set on the curb and shoulder on the road giving it a very rich glow of yellow.

Reached Lincoln drove a bit on the Kancamagus Highway and took lunch on the Hobo Rail road along the Pemigewasset River. Fall colors on and off this place was a real treat as i kept clicking away with my camera as the train moved much to my annoyance! This picture on the post is one such painful effort!

Took the Franconia Notch trail to visit the Flume Gorge(a one and a half hour trail that totally tires you out but the roads leading to no where, the little cascades here and there, the fall foliage, the cold river water...this place was just magical. There were lots of little waterfalls along the trail in the Gorge.

Came back to end the journey with a visit to the Basin. I clicked some shots here, tried to imitate some wallpapers was not so successful!
Tired after a long day, we drove happily into the sunset after gathering a lot of glimpses and memories to treasure and cherish for our entire lives, along the long winding road to reach back home.

Goodbye Fall, Will miss you but...I am looking forward to seeing you again next year.

The unsaid part 12

I got feedbacks saying am posting one too many posts and people are not able to catch up with the story...duh! its always here on my blog and you are welcome and read through it and then there are some who tell me that I should not make it yet another soap opera...must wind it up
ASAP. Paying heed to any of these requests I decided to post as often as I can and stretch the story as much as I can!!
Read on and don't forget to read the previous parts
Part 9 (has links to all the other parts)
to catch up with the story coz it will abs. make no sense to you if you don't read that and don't tell me i did not warn you, it wouldn't make any sense even if you get back to this post after reading the previous ones too! Am tired of this dialogue now..will come up with something else!!
The Unsaid Part 12
It was late, when everyone left and Jenny was too tired to clean up the mess. The girls went to bed and Steve camped on the couch. It was a very unusual situation for him, but all the day’s incidents made his eyelids heavy. The three of them were too tired to get up, when the phone rang the next day. But Jenny got up and picked it.
“Hello”, the voice on the other side.“Ms. Jennifer Rodricks please”.
“Yes, this is her”, she said.
“ I am calling on behalf of your agent to tell you that your story was selected. The producers are very happy and they would like you start, whenever you are ready”, he said.
“Okay. Tell them I’ll get back to them very soon,” she ended the conversation.
Pete woke up, only to realize that it was not a dream. He couldn’t believe that he had a date with Jennifer Rodricks. He was excited. There was something about her that excited him. He had not slept till late in the morning. He was so excited, that he could hardly get to sleep that night. He kept thinking about what he would say to her, what they would talk about. Where they would be going, how she would look and every possible thing he could think about. He had never been so excited about seeing a girl before. He never understood why?

****************** *************** **********
Jenny was happy that her story had been accepted and she decided to start on it right away. She had told them if they liked he story, she would pen the dialogues.

She called her agent “Hello! Margaret, Jennifer here”.

“Hello Jennifer. Did you get the news? I am so happy for you dear”, she was a 45-year old woman, who was a very congenial and successful agent.

“Yes, tell them I’ll start right away with the dialogues. By the way ask them about the casting and tell them to talk to me tomorrow”
“Sure” and they hung up.

“Hey, you bunch of lazybones. Wake up”, Jenny tried to wake her brother.

“Steve, I’ve got something to tell you. You know I’m writing the story and dialogues for a new 20th Fox Production. Can you believe that?” Steve was not moving. He would rather have his sleep.

“Jenny, leave me alone. I have an awful headache. I gotta get some sleep, or else I think my head will explode.”

“C’mon Steve. This is big. Are you deaf or what?” She went off to take a shower, as Steve did not show any signs of getting up. She was whistling, “Pretty woman”, and was enjoying her bath. She got off the shower, dressed and took her laptop.

“Let me finish the first scene and then make breakfast. Oh my God! Its almost lunch”.

***************** *******************

Pete got up early, it was true no dreams for an insomniac. He got up and took the paper. He was flipping through the pages and suddenly something caught his eyes, even though he was not interested in reading the paper. It was just another ritual in he morning like getting up, brushing, having a bath, eating breakfast.
It read like this, it was an earmark titled Media Buzz.

"Late fiancé shows up at Jennifer Rodricks apartment. It was a complete fiasco. Will she make it to 20th Fox Pictures? Keep your fingers crossed. Will she write again?"
To be continued...

DON-The chase begins again

Sitting in the last row, the middle seat(best place to be to watch a movie and well if its Shahrukh on screen in DON, there's nothing more needed. I watched the movie wide eyed and agape like a small kid having a fascination for something. ). Shahrukh is just awesome. Been long since I saw SRK in all his glamor,class,style et all after Main Hoon Naa. I remember driving to watch Kaal with my friends just because SRK was doing the one dance. It was worth it. Have always been an ardent SRK fan and he has done justice to the role yet again. He is so sexy and stylish in the movie and felt so good watching SRK in full form. I watched the movie hearing mixed reviews that it was good, sheer waste of time, not like BIG B , etc., but all said and done am always an SRK fan, no matter what and he is simply superb in DON.

Farhan Akhtar has done a good job with the direction and the cameraman is WOW!! the scene where Arjun Rampal walks with his son over the Petronas connecting bridge...Two Thumbs up! really nice shot and the editing is great too! also like the part where Boman Irani opens his briefcase and they show three different angled shots in one scene...The story is with its usual twists and turns and keeps you guessing. I watched the DON of BIG B a long time back and completely forgot all about the movie so I believe I enjoyed this movie better!

They have dressed up SRK as himself and not tried too hard to make him look like Amitabh! That brings out the director's touch in the movie. The graphics by red chillies(I believe SRK and Juhi own it!) is pretty decent. Priyanka Chopra and Isha Koppikar have done a good job. I did not like Kareena doing the helen item no. "Yeh Mera Dil" .Don't know why it turned me off! The intro song of the Vijay character is foot tapping once again Shankar,Ehsaan,Loy have proved themselves. Alisha has sung "Aaj Ki Raat" wonderfully well.

The typical Don dialogues adorn the movie.

Big B is always the Don of the 70's no doubt about that but now its SRK!!!

pssttt: Thanks to wikipedia for the movie photo!

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The unsaid part 11

Read the previous part part 10 to get links to all the other previous ones. Have a happy
diwali all of you all!

The unsaid Part 11

It was Andy standing in front of her."Happy B’day Jenny. I am really sorry for all that has happened.” He kissed her and took her in his arms.

“I was a crazy lunatic. I did not know what I was doing? I must’ve lost my mind to tell you all that crazy stuff.” She shrugged him away and went in.

“Andy! Why have you come back? I think you have made it a point, or rather your job, to see to that you hurt me in every possible way. You disappeared after Sep 11th. I thought you were dead and cried my heart out. I shut myself from the world. Shunned every thing in life. I could not sleep, eat, I was going crazy. I thought my life was over. Then my brother tells me its time to move on and I thought he was right and plan to start a new life in the New Year. Then Bang! You call me up and tell me all that crap. You think I bought all that! I am not that dumb Andy. You feel you can step in and out of relationships just like that. Your crap, talk, I am ashamed to admit it, but its true, made me think if we were really meant to be. I started facing life with a whole new perspective. I am thankful to you for that. We were never meant to be. Then just when I had made my peace, you came crawling back, and once more try to wreck my happiness, by showing up on my birthday, why can’t you leave me alone?”, saying this she ran out to the balcony.Andy was dumbfounded.

He never imagined that his Jenny would react in such a hell of a way. He never thought she would get over him.

“It’s ok Andy. She’s just terrified, and what’s all this calling? Have you already talked to her. If what she has said is true. Then I guess you must leave”.

“Yes, Steve and I think its best for the both of us that I should just leave.” And he left.

Steve went to console Jenny. It was too cold outside.

“It’s freezing out here Jenny. Come on in. Don’t ruin your birthday for some Andy, you don’t care about. How come you never told me all this?” and he ran in, and came back with a jacket.

“Here, put this on”, and she did.“I did not want to ruin your day, Steve. I was happy” and she started sobbing.

“Now, stop that. I don’t like to see you cry. You have got it off your chest and now come out and have some fun. I’ll see to that he never bothers you again.” He managed to convince his sister by his usual magic and charm, and they came back in.
“Listen up people,” Steve caught the attention of everyone.“Now that we’re here why don’t we have some fun? It's a birthday party not a funeral! I’d like to propose a toast to my wonderful sister. Jennifer who’s turning, oops!! I can’t sat how old she is she’ll kill me if I did, that’s why cake has only one candle, of course multiplied by infinity, on the icing. She’s the best sister you can ever wish for. She’s also a terrific writer. Though I admit, I personally don’t like her series, people still think she’s great. Just kidding. She’s the best ever. Let’s hear it for the award winning Jennifer Rodricks. Cheers!!”, and they all raised their glasses for the toast and the party began.

Pete had been invited to the party as Vicky’s friend, but he was hesitant. He thought about it for a long time. Allan was not home. He was busy with arrangements for his wedding and he was planning to meet his folks.

“I think I must go. I am not sure. I’ll buy some flowers, not the purple orchids, na… they are unlucky.” He bought a bouquet, trying to be polite. He went into Jenny’s apartment, unaware of all the incidents that had happened earlier. He was unlucky once again. He went up to Jenny, and introduced himself.

“I am Peter Willard, a fashion designer”. “Ya! I’ve heard about you. But how come you’re here? My brother just adores your designs”.“I am a friend of Vicky’s”.

“I should have known, only she gets all the great looking guys in town”, she said this in a cautious tone.

“We’re just friends. Not what you think,” he said .

“This is unbelievable. I can’t believe this is happening. Some body pinch me”, thoughts just whorled on in his mind.

Jenny was not drunk, she thought, “Why am I flirting with this guy, when I’m not drunk?” She had no answer.

“I’d like to take you out for dinner some time Ms Jennifer. Oops! I forgot. Happy Birthday” and he handed her the bouquet.

“I don't know about that but may be sometime definitely”, she said.

“Sure then.” he walked on. “Okay”, she said. she did not know why but this guy was different and he stirred up feelings inside her.

"Am I so cheap then? That I fall for the next guywho comes and flirts with me??" she shrugged it off thinking it was just a rebound.

To be continued...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The unsaid Part 10

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The Unsaid Part 10
The snow was heavy and it took a long time to clear the roads, even though they were working day and night. Steve was an attorney-at-law. He was in the best firm in New Jersey and was held in high esteem for his many successes. Both the Rodricks kids were successful in what they were doing. They couldn’t be happier for their kids. Steve like his father was an attorney. He idolized his old man. When he had told them about Charlotte and introduced them to her, they were very happy. They had always supported their kids in what they did and encouraged them to develop their own outlook in life. Jenny always showed interest in writing. She was the editor of the school magazine. One of her columns in the paper earned her fame. Then she thought, perhaps she could give a shot at writing stories and thus her career began. She never looked back after that. Andrew Adams (Andy) worked for the fox department in the WTC. He was a year senior to Jenny at school. He was Steve’s best friend and they were classmates. Andy’s folks and the Rodricks were very close friends. Initially when Steve knew that Andy was interested in Jenny, he was upset and would run havoc in the house.

"He’s a good for nothing. He’s Crazy”. He would go on like this endlessly. But later when he realized they were not goofing around and were really serious, he dealt with it. He was happy for them, what more could he do?

“This traffic is driving me crazy. You could have taken a cab, Steve and saved me all the trouble.”

“At least on your Birthday can’t you be nice to people!”

“Do you call yourself people?” I just love that series. It’s not like yours Jenny. They are original And Creative.

“Ok Steve, at least on my B’day can’t you give me a break or is it really too tough for you”

“Stop it. Don’t get so serious” I swear your series is the best in the whole wide world. Enough”

“Got you didn’t I?” and they started laughing again. They were really close to each other, even though they kept pulling each other’s leg, whenever they got the opportunity.“Do you remember your 16th B’day Jenny?”

“How could I forget that! It’s the best memory of my life. I wish I would live that time once more in my life”.

“Ya! What a great time we had, so tell me Jenny what is the business with this new roommate? Is she pretty?”

“She’s an angel. She’s really cute, but I don’t think she’ll fall for a loser like you. She’s smart, you know. Her name’s Victoria. You’ll meet her soon”.

“I am delighted to see you happy Jenny.”

“Stop that yapping, Steve I am already mad. This traffic’s driving me crazy. It takes me just half-an-hour to drive from Queens to Manhattan. This is really sick, I hate you Steve, you made me go through all this.”

“I’m sorry Jenny. I think it’ll be worth it, when you reach home.” They finally reached Manhattan and they reached Jenny’s apartment. She parked her car in the garage and they went up to the apartment. She put in the key and let herself in.“It’s strange. Why is it so dark there? Vicky, are you there?”, she said this as she switched on the lights.“Surprise”, they all yelled out.“Happy B’day Jenny”, they all yelled.

She blushed with joy. The doorbell rang and she went opened the door and there was a garden of flowers, lots of balloons and she was searching for a face amidst the balloons and purple orchids.“Happy B’day Jenny. This is my gift to you”, Steve yelled from behind her. There was a shocked expression on her face...

To be continued...